Targa Addons

targa.3do_EXTREME light version (14.85MB)
Cut off 8000 objects from the light-online version ( no more vehicles, half of the people, half of the bushes, less houses and trees and others), halved the resolution of the curved sections, flattened all the parts with more than 500mt. of the front view, some other tweaks. Resulting in evident pop-ups and not pleasant effects, where things that should be hidden are not and vice versa but is surely playable on weaker systems. No chances for voodoo cards.
note: Do NOT use this version unless you really can't manage the light-online version

targa.3do_light-online version (17 MB)
This is a targa.3do to use if the system can't handle the standard version, it has less polygons and less objects around pits area and in the villages; not so many objects are missing, mainly vehicles.

Horizon files with a very low resolution, only to use if there are still performance problems.

targa.3do_standard versionNOsound (18.8 MB)
A targa 3do same as the standard version but without sound. It may give some better performance but with all the objects and the same resolution than standard.

targa.3do_HR_versionNOsound (22.3 MB)
A higher polys than the standard gives less blocky curved sections, it doesn't have sound implemented; it can always be added later.

targa.3do_HR_version_WithSound.7z ( 23.7 MB)
As the above, a higher polys than the standard gives less blocky curved sections, with sound added; top performance systems needed.

calta_rock_HR, -- Cronotower_HR, -- targa_horiz_2048x1024_HR
Series of 3 independent High resolution files to improve the look of the track if you have enough power.

GPL_Targa_SERVER version installer.7z
The installer is specifically for the server version with the bare minimum included a page0 ad hoc ;-)


That's it, I'm done.

Super cool experience! Double thumbs up!!!