As a beta tester of the Targa Florio circuit, from almost its very begin- nings, I have driven most all of the development versions along the way. Let me tell you, it has been a long and arduous process of construction!

When my first cautious attempts at navigating the sinuous track layout with the standard GPL 1967 F1 cars produced frustra- ting crashes, I knew that a more "tame" steed was needed. As, I was obvi- ously over-cooking the '67 cars into almost every curve or turn after trying for the best speed on the in-frequent straight parts, I began using the '65 Mod cars.

Dino on winding roads

This was a dramatic im- provement - and my frus- tration level immediately began to decrease. I found myself able to get into a rhythm for long stretches of track and actually began to enjoy the driving experience as the track approached a very close to final layout structure. With the beau- tiful scenery and track- side objects being added, I felt myself being im- mersed in the Sicilian countryside.

What was missing?

Driving cars of the actual type that competed at the Targa on the Little Madonie Circuit!

I had been testing the Ford GT40 and Ferrari 330 P4 that Rory had allowed me to drive. What amazing progress he had made in getting the closed-bodied cars into GPL. Awesome!

But the Ferrari
P4 on the
GPL '67 312
chassis was
more than I
could handle. It
was even more
difficult as I now
had to learn turn-
in points and
apexes without act-
ually seeing the front
wheels (or front corners
of the fenders).

How about dropping back to the '65 Mod, again?

Well, the idea came to me that I'd done some- thing similar back with the Real Monaco '67 car- set. There, I had brought the '65 carskins into the '67 sim. Why not bring the Ferrari 330 P4 carskin into the '65 Mod? With a bit of testing, that is what I did.

Now, from reading about the Dino 206S (and 206P) from a few books off the shelf, I learned that the Dino in 1966 and 1967 was basically an F1 car with closed bodywork.

I used my modest skin painting ability to trans- form the 330 P4 into a

Dino 206S - all on the '65 Mod Ferrari 1512 physics chassis. Even though this version is still a work-in- progress; as you will see with some body clipping and some detail switch- ing, it is a glorious way to experience the drive through the Sicilian

This is the
car which I
have done most
all of the last
few years beta

I hope that you enjoy
this Dino carskin for
your drives around
the Targa Florio.

Greg Liebzeit


Get the Dino

over here.

Lee shows us the way!

Because this Targa Florio  is just so long  it would be impossible to learn it all at once, Lee has made a wonderful track trainer. This allows you to

start the car in a variety of places. We also get to hear a few samples of Ginetto's voice to let us know where we are going to start from. Enjoy learning the Targa Florio but be careful of the gorgeous scenery. You can get   Lee's Targa Trainer from HERE.

Standard resolution download link

Above is the link to the standard resolution download package. Most  current systems should be powerful enough to run this.

Enjoy the fantastic experience of Targa Florio

Preview movie downloads:
Targa small file
Targa large single file
Large file split into parts:
part 1, part 2 and part 3

Outtakes / deleted files

Targa Addons download link

Here is the link to the   addon download packages. It still gives you the awesome Targa Florio experience, just with a little less or more eye candy, depending smoother ride on

on the specifications of your system. No absolute recommendations can be made so it's a matter of trial and error to find which combination is best for you.

You've been waiting for a long time. Now it's here, in all its 44.73mile, 71.98km, 567 turns GPL glory.

Ladies and Gentlemen - start your engines and enjoy the Targa Florio...

This track was made possible through the various (great or small) efforts of:

(in alphabetical order)


Mauro Alcamisi
John Bradley
Jay Beckwith
Shaun Collins
Richard Cooke
Bill Cooper
Phil Flack
Mauro Licciardello
Greg Liebzeit
Sergio Loro
Carsten Meurer
Richard Neville
Nigel Pattinson
Jim Pearson

Remy Roesz
Svend Seegert
Paul Skingley

Ferdinand Sommederer
Paul Thurston
Stefano Zampredi
Robert Zeugin

and many Beta testers


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