Ferrari entering a fast lefthander

Finally, after years of anticipation by the fans and drivers, and long hours of sweat hard work, and possibly tears in some cases, the Grand Prix Legends version of the Targa Florio has been released.
It is with great pride and joy that the tiny group of very dedicated artists of the programming and hacking, 3d editing, con- structing and painting type present to you their

latest, and quite probably greatest, offering to date.

Mountains had to be moved (in a 3d vertex sort of way), limits had to be pushed, then overcome, then pushed even further up to the point where what was thought to be impossible became pos- sible and - eventually - a reality.
Some of the limits over- come during the re-creation of the Targa

Florio are combined in what has come to be known as the LTP, the "Long Track Patch".
It allows for the creation of tracks with almost no limits in length and also up to 12 different ambient sounds, offering a way more immersive acoustic backdrop than ever.

Click here for more on the Targa Florio.


Driving the Targa Florio, or just "Targa" as the drivers call it, is quite an experience no driver will ever forget. The course, situated in the mountains of Sicily, features tight passages through moun- tain villages, sweeping bends and some high speed stretches going up and down following the geography of the island. The hardest part for any driver is to memorize this 72 km long course - a task where even the 25 km "Green Hell", as Sir Jackie Stewart calls it, of the Nurburgring pales in comparison.

Driver J. Surtees com- ments

"This track is so enor- mous, my head is spin- ning just trying to remem- ber it all"

to which another driver, wanting to remain anony- mous, replies

"I can tell you, it's not only his head that is spin- ning either. You really have to watch out for him, especially early on".

Racing this legend is definitely a challenge for any man & his machine.

Stunned driver taking an odd approach

Dino in a sweeping lefthander

Recent reports have it that a so far unidentified Dino is making the rounds. Our team of spies caught Dino #198 red- handed as it was roaring in what appears to be an uphill lefthander in the mountains above Paler- mo. We are told that the red Dino is indeed going through the last testing

stages of setting it up to participate in this years Targa. The car seemed ready to take on the tour de force that is the "Targa", our source says.
So will we be seeing the first public outing of the Dino soon?

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So since the 1965, 1966 and 1969 mods have been patched already, when will we see the one patch most anticipated by the Grand Prix Legends community - the one of the original 1967 season?
Is it part of the package or will it follow at a later date?


You can now get it here.

Car # 186 being refueled

Many a map was studied, many a picture was zoomed in on trying for that little bit of extra detail. Myriad of pixels have been pushed and shoved this way and that way only to be re-arranged again and again - and then some more. Almost endless amounts of vertices and polygons had to be created, then textured, then re-done un- til the result was satis- factory.
No animals were harmed during the creation of this masterpiece - it has to be said though that quite a few mice were put under

endured giant amounts of stress and strain, sig- nificantly shortening their lifespan. Luckily those mice were of the elec- tronic breed.

One of the many maps used

Chaparral going through a village

Here is the story of Ginetto - one of the major artists behind this re-creation of the Targa Florio and what he has to say about the process:

"It has been a huge effort on my side. I worked on it for more than 4 years and the last 1,5 or 2 on my own because Sergio con- sidered his work finished, got married and built a new house. In the mean- time I was working on the track, changing, fixing and re-doing textures, 3dos and layout so many times that it became a sort of nightmare. I could not think of anything else - everytime I turned the computer on, I started thinking about the track and how I could make it better. A couple of times

Tifosi cheering as the cars race past them

I decided to stop and say 'It's done, finito, basta! no more work on it!' but then people on the private forum started saying 'Oh it's a pity that this feature isn't implemented yet and that that could be better, that this doesn't show up as the movie...'. So I always went back to work

in it some more.
Now I am very happy and glad about the result and I have to say thank you to all the members of the forum who really helped out a lot, materially and with their positive spirit. They made me do the right thing - Thank you to all of you guys!


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