16th February 2002

Gringo Hairpiece has been an extremely busy chap in the last couple of weeks. Covers for Park Independiente, Ring Dursland, GPLV Founders, Nicotom & Rio are proof of this. He's also made me feel guilty enough to start making some maps again, so keep your eyes out for them. A first for the Compendium, as well. Guest helmets. The mighty biker_jim has produced a couple of helmets that had been requested (Innes Ireland & Wolfgang Von Trips). They will be appearing on the helmets page soon.

Thommo would like to thank the GPLEA for their masterful cars. Different class, fellers.

Thommo's looking forward to: 1965/55 mod (carset is not a good enough description), Berca's Cooper & Lotus skins, West Ham being put out of their (& my) misery by relegation.

7th January 2002

Happy New Year, everyone. Gringo Hairpiece has produced a cover for Gingerman to get the ball rolling this Year.

Gringo and, with his first contribution, Jammer have produced menu background sets, for the F2 set and the Ferrari including the box art, respectively.

Thommo's looking forward to: GPLEA Cooper, 1965/55 carsets, 4th round of the FA Cup.

25th December 2002

The Compendium returns, refurbished & refreshed. The programme covers are now laid out alphabetically, click on the "Programmes" button above and you will be taken to an alphabetical choice screen. The categorisations are not perfect, so do have a look around.

Rather than just have the maps attached to one (or more) set of covers, they are now separate entities, so a mix & match ethic is now in progress.

Glad to be back, and thanks to Paul, Gringo and YG for their patience.



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