GPL Night Mod
 What is it about? It's a graphical modification of some of the original Papy tracks, some addon tracks, along with the GPLEA and 65 cars and of course the wonderful lights by Rory Gibson. (Thanks Rory!!) There is no modification to the physics so all your  setups will work with this mod. This release has the non-Papy tracks.

You will need to have a GPL install that includes GEM+ installed as it includes features used by GEM to get it all working properly. By using GEM you will also be able to switch between your "day" cars and tracks and these night tracks and cars very easily.

You will also need to have the GPLEA cars (also included in the 2004 Demo) and the '65 Mod that parts of this mod are based on. (The Night Mod will not work with an installation  that does not include the GPLEA cars and the '65 Mod!)

The night tracks that are included in this download are: Belle Isle, Hockenheim, Machwerk, Sebring and Watkins 1948. Click the following names to follow the links for Kyalami, Mexico, Monaco, Monza, Nurburgring, Rouen Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps, Watkins Glen and Zandvoort (these tracks that are not included in the Night Mod download require the original CD tracks to be installed for them to be able to install.).  The newest tracks that have a separate installer that don't need the original cd are Avusnite, BirminghamNite, Brno 49, Glenzlandring, Gothnite, Jopsnite, Ridgenite  and Wiesnite. (To get the latest season ini for night tracks, when a new one is released, click HERE. This is placed in your season folder and used within GEM+)

 As well as the tracks you will find the Nite67 and Nite65 cars are included in this download. All these are only available in this download. To get the Night Mod working you must install this download.

What does it look like? It's dark, very dark. This mod is a different kind of challenge for GPL enthusiasts.

What you will not have expected is the feel of it. It really is a fun experience to run this Night Mod, but I would recommend running it at night with the lights dimmed or off, or with your curtains drawn as only then will you truly find yourself getting thoroughly immersed into the darkness of the Night Mod.

While you are downloading the Night Mod (~100Mb) please read the installation guide so that you may ensure a proper installation.



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