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1971 Can Am Ai For Laguna Seca (Laguna67)

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#1 JMF


    Denny Hulme

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Posted Oct 16 2013 - 06:35 PM

Here's updated AI files for the 1971 Can Am mod at the Laguna67 track. Unzip to your laguna67 folder. Backup your files if you're inclined but I'd just overwrite the files that came with the track originally.

I'll start with the bad aspects of these files. Brown crashes almost every time. Siffert crashes too much also. The cars accelerate faster than I think they should. The entrace and exit to the corkscrew is a little slow. Cars on the inside entering the turn 9 hairpin still force the outside car into the haybales at the entrance to pit lane. It's once or twice at full Can Am distance now which is much better than the files that originally came with the track. The cars don't try to pass on the inside braking before the corksrew where there is room. They want to pass on the right where there is no room. The overall passing could be better. Sometimes one of fastest cars takes too long to get around a slower car. The attrition rate from accidents is too high compared to historical.  

I haven't tried or tested these files on any of the other mods. They make work well with some of them.  

The good : At an npt of .95 the fastest two cars qualify at close to actual results (58.78 poletime for Revson)on the pro and Can Am race settings. At .95 npt the attrition rate is close to actual results. 9 of the drivers in the Can Am mod actually finished the race and these Ai files are close to average on full Can Am. 13 of the drivers in the Can Am mod were actually running after the 33 lap distance on the Pro Long setting. These files do a little better than that most of the time, sometimes much better. The reasons for attrition doesn't match history well though. On full Can Am at .95 npt the race average is usually about 108 mph. That's slower than the actual 109.23 mph. The fastest lap will be close to the actual 1:00.66 (Revson). On the Pro Long setting the fastest lap time usually beats Revson's benchmark and the average race speed is higher than actual which should be expected.

Hopefully these files are fast enough for the best drivers. My best lap is 1:01.3 in a M8F so these files easily pressure me at .95 npt on Can Am and Pro setting. .85 npt on Novice is faster than me and these files will run at .81 on Novice with few accidents. I haven't run these files any faster than .94 on Can Am so I don't know how bad the attrition climbs. I haven't completed a full Can Am race. I ran about 70 laps once. I got bored and lost my concentration because Revson, Hulme, Stewart, and Andretti all dropped out while leading and I was in second place. I made improvements in attrition after that. I don't think these files will qualify the cars any faster than about 57.7 seconds.

I also think this track may be a little slow in GPL. I can usually beat or get close to the benchmark on most tracks. I'm 2.5 seconds slower than the benchmark. That's likely my worst rank on any track in any of the fastest cars.

I hope everybody enjoys these files and I'll probably revisit them each October to commerate the anniversary of the 1971 Can Am race at Laguna Seca to make improvements. I need to learn more about the track, the actual 1971 race, and the preferred passing places of the era to try to make any significant improvements.  

JMF - GregT Attached File  laguna67_71CA_lp.zip   99.95K   118 downloads

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#2 davef


    Denny Hulme

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Posted Nov 28 2013 - 01:37 PM

These Ai perform much better ! Thank you JMF for this. :up:

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#3 Fat Rich

Fat Rich

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Posted Apr 08 2014 - 04:24 PM

Big improvement, many thanks! :bravo:

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