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Pc Wheel

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Posted Sep 05 2012 - 05:36 AM

This is a bit of a long post, it’s a few posts I did from my local league forum. A little back ground, I was asking people advice on it lead me to the Logitech G27 and Thrustmaster. I wanted a modern F1 style wheel.

Just thought I’d update this now I have got my Logitech G27, SRW-S1 wheel and quick mounting kit all installed. I’m still using my V1 Fanatec Clubsport pedals.

Before I started I tested everything to make sure it worked, and I was quite impressed with the SRW-S1 wheel, it actually works quite well as it is. It’s obviously not going to replace a G27 or similar, but it did a decent job of giving you control of car.

The SRW-S1 wheel is very well made, it feels great in the hands. The buttons on the face of the wheel feel nice, with a good positive feeling to them. The shift paddles are good too, there is perhaps a little too much movement in them for my liking, but you do get use to it very quickly, and they are so positive with a nice click, I look forward to changing gears. The other paddles on the wheel are also very nice, really smooth travel, I’ve yet to find a use for them but they would be perfect for a clutch, I wish we could replicate the 2 stage clutch that current F1 cars use. The SRW-S1 is smaller than the T500RS F1 wheel, I will take a pic of them together so you can compare.

Installation of the quick release system.

I’m not very good at DIY, or electronic stuff in general, I can work my way around it with some help, but it doesn’t come easily for me. I am grateful for all the help that maker of the quick release system has given me, he was very good at giving me instructions and help. I followed his youtube videos of installation, and I’m not going to lie, it took me ages to get it all sorted, but someone with the required skills and know-how, it would probably take 30 minutes. There is nothing hard in the installation, it’s just time consuming and if I can do it then pretty much anyone will be able to get this working.

At the end of the installation you’ll have 2 USB cables coming from the Logitech G27 base. One is the standard G27 USB cable, this needs to be plugged in all the time for the force feedback to work (and the buttons on the standard G27 wheel). The other USB cable is for the SRW-S1 wheel, and this will only need to be plugged in when the SRW-S1 wheel is attached. With this wheel attached you’ll have 2 different controllers detected within Windows, the G27 and the SRW-S1. The SRW-S1 is still fully working also, that means that when you move the wheel the motion sensors still work, and can still be detached by Windows and sims. I did have one problem when iRacing detached only a SRW-S1 wheel and not the g27, but after a quick recalibration within iRacing meant it was OK.

Setup and read to race

Posted Image

Quick mounting system

Posted Image

And without any wheel attached

Posted Image
Using the new wheel is, in one word, fantastic. It’s much better than I thought it would be. It seems very small compared to the standard G27 rim, but when compared to each other, they are more or less the same size.

Posted Image

It is lighter than the standard rim, and it makes it lighting fast. It is so easy to drive any car with the SRW-S1, I tried cars that I didn’t think it would be suited for, like the Mazda in iRacing and it was perfectly suited to it. The other interesting thing that I noticed was that the force feedback is stronger when using the SRW-S1, maybe it’s due to the lighter weigh of the rim. The buttons are well thought out, almost all of them are within easy reach. The only downside is that the dead zone that you get with a G27 is more pronounced than ever, I think the lighter weight highlights it a little more, also maybe, if I was being very critical you could also say it makes the G27 a little more coarse.

I wish that the lights on the SRW-S1 steering wheel worked in every sim, but the only one that I can currently get working is Simraceway. If anyone knows of any mod to get them to work in other sims, please let me know. I also couldn’t get the SRW-S1 to work in Grand Prix Legends, the sim sees the G27 and SRW-S1 wheel, but not mu pedals. I think it might be because of my USB order, but I don’t think that the SRW-S1 would be suited for GPL anyway.

Changing back to the standard G27 rim is simple, it takes about 2 seconds. It can be done within a sim, but the button mapping won’t work, as it detects the different rims as different controllers. If the sim allowed you to have multiple buttons to do the same jobs, i.e. Joy1 button 1 and Joy2 button 1 both to change gear, it would be OK.

Posted Image

I’ve only used this for a few hours so far, so everything might change, but I’ve liked this so much more that I thought I would. The quick release system is fantastic, even without the F1 style rim it would still be a nice system. It is well make, it locks together very solidly, it’s a good price and the support I got from the maker was brilliant. With the F1 wheel it transforms the wheel, it becomes even quicker, stronger feedback, more precise for me and gives you so many options with the buttons and paddles. I’m interested to see how the Trustmaster F1 compares.

I have now been using a Thrustmaster R500 with the F1 rim for a number of weeks now so I thought I’d give this thread an update. Quick answer is I prefer the Thrustmaster to the Logitech and SRW wheel, but that’s not the whole story.

I didn’t try the Thrustmaster with the standard wheel, so I can’t comment on that, apart from it being quite a bit larger than the Logitech’s standard wheel and it does feel well made. The Ferrari F1 wheel is larger than I thought it would be, it’s quite a bit bigger than the SRW wheel. It’s completely plastic, and the plastic is OK but nothing great. The buttons on the wheel face are again OK and they have stickers on them. The worst part is the moulded in dials, I just don’t like them, they look awful. The gear selector is nice, and about the best thing on the wheel. Overall I am a bit disappointed with the F1 wheel, it feels a little cheap and worse still it looks cheap too. I hope that Thrustmaster bring out a Pro version, which would be a higher price one that looks more like the real thing, i.e. have real dials where they should be, even if they don’t do anything and are just for looks. In my opinion the SRW is made of better materials and much better made, it feels much better in the hands too. The switches and buttons on the SRW are better too, the only thing on the Thrustmaster version which is a close run thing is the paddles, and even then I slightly prefer the SRW version.

Installing the F1 wheel required a quick firmware update, it didn’t take long and Thrustmasters tools did a good job of making it painless. Installing the physical F1 wheel easy but a bit odd, you need to undo a screw and then you can unscrew the wheel hub from the base unit. It’s made from a polymer type material, and it feels nice but I wish they made the hub from metal.

Starting the use the Thrustmaster and I feel right at home. The feedback, forces etc. all feel great and subtle at the same time. It feels like a more grown up version of my Fanatec 911 wheel, I think if you where going from a 911 wheel to the Thrustmaster then you’ll feel right at home. The forces are stronger in the Thrustmaster, but they feel quite similar, also I think that the Thrustmaster does a better job with the feedback side of it, it gives you more control. Now compared to the Logitech G27, I would say that they are quite different. I prefer the feeling of the Thrustmaster, it’s smoother for me as I found the Logitech forces quite notchy, as if you could feel the gears working.

I will continue to use the Thrustamster with the F1 wheel installed. I like the way it feels and how it works, but there are a couple of things I don’t like about it. I wish it had a quick disconnect on it, but that’s not a huge deal, and my main issue is with the F1 wheel add-on. I really hope that they release a collectors edition, or something similar which is made from better materials, had dials where is suppose to be dials and looks better. I would go as far as wishing that the SRW wheel could be fitted onto the Thrustmaster base, as a F1 wheel, it’s a better wheel. I will probably move between the Logitech and the Thrustmaster wheel, my only real issue with the Logitech is the slight dead zone in the middle.

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Posted Sep 05 2012 - 12:51 PM

Anyone have a link to the quick mounting kit mentioned above?

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Posted Sep 12 2012 - 09:28 AM

View Postvoda1, on Sep 05 2012 - 12:51 PM, said:

Anyone have a link to the quick mounting kit mentioned above?


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