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Project Cars! (Slightly Mad Studios)

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#1 SwiftyOne - guest

SwiftyOne - guest
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Posted May 02 2012 - 06:52 PM

Hello all :)
I Just have to tell everybody(very excited)about a New racing Sim in the making by Slightly Mad Studios called, Project CARS ;)

This is a very new concept in Race Simulation making, this being the Internets "First" ever Community funded Race Sim, from the same people that gave us "Need For Speed" and "Shift Series" that also had a hand in the making of "GTR" and "GTR2" They are Slightly Mad Studios :)

Being Community Funded, WE/US can help develop pCARS to the way WE/US would like OUR race Sim to be, WE talk, and work with the developers to make pCARS what WE want! ;)

Project CARS is shaping up to be the Best Racing Sim I have ever seen! Not just me either, we have a FORUM of over 25,000 Members!  :)
take a look at in game video's here, watch in HD:      

Yes! In game footage NOT rendered Not tidied up in any way, (REAL in game footage)
Keeping in mind that, pCARS is still a WIP, (release 2013) and at this early stage only offer Pre-Alpha builds to play, the latest Alpha build is version 0.202. This is certainly a project to watch or maybe get involved in? This is certainly a project worthy of your support :) Over at WMD(World of Mass Development) they are working very hard with pCARS to complete a final release...Read Here: http://www.wmdportal....com/  It's Free to register at the Forum, where you can read some amazing Threads and Posts, from the developers themselves :)

(see you over at the FORUM http://www.wmdportal.com/ Where all the fun is JOIN IN THE DEVELOPMENT NOW, BECOME A MEMBER, AND YOU CAN BECOME INVOLVED IN THE MAKING OF pCARS.... You Could even earn money too, when pCARS gets a final release!
(For PC....Then Porting to PS3/XBOX/Wii)

Cheers...For reading this, and hope that this post is of interest :) Just take a look...Your GONNA be "AMAZED"  ;)

Swifty (Manager pCARS)

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#2 SwiftyOne - guest

SwiftyOne - guest
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Posted May 02 2012 - 07:10 PM

Hello :)

With Build 197: pCARS Introduces American stock car racing: :)

Alongside plenty of other fixes, improvements and features, with this build adds the 1990 Caper Stock Car to Project CARS, allowing members to experience some good old fashioned American stock car racing.

Hope that gets your attention ;)

"Lets Go Racin" HD Video: Project CARS Build 197 -1990 Caper Stock Car @ Heusden. New helmet camera added (Cockpit view) ...Note:Just plain Cars no Skins/Paints yet :)

#3 SwiftyOne - guest

SwiftyOne - guest
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Posted May 02 2012 - 07:53 PM

Hello :)
Brand new pCARS Trailer :)

Enjoy in HD...;)


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#4 sky


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Posted May 03 2012 - 01:29 AM

hi swifty,

i've been part of the "team" there for some time now and it is interesting to see at what rate they can develop and how much detail they can put into the cars. i agree that it looks absolutely stunning, just take a look at the latest set of screenshots in their community gallery (#17?) and check out the pic of the red '49B.
my gripe with it, at this time, is the actual cars. the cars are all modelled with great detail and are just incredible to behold. however they are from all over the board, there is not much in the way of a racing series there. it's mostly a single car per class now, which would make it spec races, kinda like what i'm told iracing is. so i'm hoping they are going to take up the idea someone posted of a GT1 carset or similar, for all series.
to me it's about the old lotus cars and all they could probably get as well, with the cooperation to classic team lotus, and probably some of the vintage aston martins (awww yeah), thanks to the classic aston team, plus the touring cars and LMP prototypes. cars like the formula a & b (f1 & f2), the various caterham and ariel atom versions plus the bac mono hold little to no interest to me.

oh and lastly, i would really appreciate if they would eventually get period tracks for the cars in game. now with most 90% of the cars being today's stuff, contemporary tracks make a whole lot of sense, but when i drive a 1968/9 lotus 49b around a armco'd up zolder, le mans, imola, monza, laguna seca or rouen - that just doesn't fly. especially with the processing power harnessed in that engine you could go nuts on the trackside litter as seen in the 1966 grand prix movie. that's what i want.

all of these are of course my own personal wishes only, but in general i love the way things go and how you can influence the future of the title. also i'd be happy to hear about their opinions on user created content, read mods (tracks, cars and physics for the latter). oh and besides, it's build 204 now, just not for the "public" ;)

/edit some random spellies replaced with better ones :P

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#5 M Needforspeed

M Needforspeed

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Posted May 03 2012 - 03:32 AM

Yes, I am with sky on his analysis .

So far, imo there was bugs on all the tentative to create coherent sixties carsets with period tracks to go with those cars in all others platform than GPL .
I had hope in GT Legends, but the tracks with their modern safety and surroundings, their large room to escape, aren't sex appealing.Once on a track, that 's rather a feeling that a thinking, but the immediate thing that come to mind is : "there is something wrong" .It looks rather like today countless historic series that flourish everywhere in the world, with old well being drivers coming to the modern racetracks with all the marketing around, only  for entertainement and trying not to push too far their precious machineries.

  R Factor, as well as I racing didn 't overcome the target to propose coherent complete serie ( Track, cars, physics) for sixties and to a less extend seventies era.
  Maybe is it because there aren't , after all, strong teams with enough modders to focuse on a complete project.
  Recently ,I racing tried to promote a beautiful achievement : the Lotus 49.But what will come with this car ?

  I hope that Slightly Mad Studios can put together a team that won 't be distrayed to concentrate on a sixties or seventies F1 or WSC or USAC carset with  modders working in parallel with correct tracks  and ambient to welcome the cars.  
  Thanks for the info on what 's going on, and to keep us up to date with Project Cars evolution.

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#6 SwiftyOne - guest

SwiftyOne - guest
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Posted May 03 2012 - 05:11 PM

Hi guy's

@sky: Already a member eh? You use the same user name sky? ...Funny you should mention the community gallery #17 AND the red 49B I actually have that same pic as my DT wallpaper ;)Love them cars :)
I do kind of agree about the cars being all over the board, and no, not at this stage there is not much in the way of a racing series in there YET. But, (and I do hate keep using this statement, but true none the less)most people (that includes me too ;)have never ever seen first hand, the making of a game, ANY game Sim or otherwise, unless of course, your a Developer. Now, over the months being involved with this project, have learned that, certain things go in order, in a Racing Sim specially, Licenses have to be sort, for tracks, and cars :) Keeping it simple (without giving TOO much away)pCARS is still very much a baby,(Pre-Alpha) that's hard to believe I know, given the fact how "Wonderfully Spectacular it is already" ...But there are many, many, great additions to come, although some will not come, sadly. But what we can do, as the community is, push and push hard, to have what WE want...We do have some very, very, experienced developers in SMS(Slightly Mad Studios)we have to rely on them, to do what they do best,...At the end of the day, we will all have a Race Sim with at least 98% of what people want :) And yes, I know, I sound like I'm preaching pCARS (I do actually play other Sims too ;)

@M Needforspeed: Can only repeat the above really :) You last statement about Modders, I hope you meant, the modding community? I am very passionate about that, and feel that Game/Sims would not have lasted so long if not for Mods made by the community, for the community, and I too really hope that, pCARS will be OPEN to mod..If that is the case the community will finish pCARS after SMS has finished making it, and then add on to the Game something REAL SPECIAL :)

Nice to have had a conversation with you guy's :) even if I sound a preacher ;) It's a great Sim in the making this, I'm just very excited to be involved :)  


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#7 sky


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Posted May 03 2012 - 05:24 PM

well for us gplers that is the problem. we would prefer a "game" with cars and tracks from our period, handling like we expect them to, judging by our experiences with GPL. i think there are hardly any tracks left that actually have this feel of the 60s so we might be in for a tough one. however my hope here lies with the cars. if they can get a believable set of physics for the cars they are going to ship with the game, something we would describe as "realistic" then that is all we really need - if the game is modable. looking at the way they create tracks - i have tried lofting tracks myself before - has a lot of opportunities to go off on. so if it is moddable we could have our ways with the tracks and get the 60/70s vibe going.

re the physics, i don't qualify to comment as you know i'm mostly still driving with the keys as hooking the wheel and pedals to my editing rig and clearing the desk is too much of a hassle for a quick few laps for me. anyway, what gives me some sort of confidence is that some manufacturers are already involved in the project. and just today another 3 or 4 were made public with the allure of having a set of pagani's cars in tomorrows build. now it is said that they (SMS, the studio) are going to work very closely with the experts from pagani themselves, amg, brembo and pirelli to get realistic physics. i should hope they will get the same inputs from classic team lotus.

now of course, as i said, a set of spec racer series would suck. however licensing is the key. you could theoretically add other manufacturers and do (close) approximations of their cars - as usually happens, soccer (football!) games using random thought-up names for players or car names like "kuma" or whatnot in GTA4 to just about disguise you're driving a viper, lamborghini (infernus? lol), etc.. i have seen a promising build of a brabham bt26 (i believe) kit get cancelled because of licensing issues. even GPL did that - mursama, coventry anyone? but those could probably mended my modders later on as well ;)

as for your hopes michel, i don't think they are going to do a dedicated team for 60/70s racing. if you check their threads you see the same people pop up all over. doing a model of an old formula car and then following it up with a nascar stock car (that i have absolutely NO interest in whatsoever). also for tracks licensing could be an issue again, hence most of their tracks are called stuff like "loire" (le mans), "heusden" (zolder), "besos" (circuit de catalunya), "sakkito" (suzuka), etc...
i think some modders may be standing by to see what is going to happen. depending on what they see. those using 3dstudio will, depending on how they built the cars, probably be able to port them to pcars eventually, possibly having to upgrade the details on the cars in the process.

well anyway, this is a lot of speculation right there. i will contine to grab any build i can get my hands on and test it. tomorrow after work the latest build should be available, including the pagani :) and a newly improved version of le mans...

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#8 SwiftyOne - guest

SwiftyOne - guest
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Posted May 03 2012 - 06:58 PM

Here's an exciting piece of NEWS for pCARS, Late coming as I've been asleep ;):  http://www.wmdportal...ce-partnership/

Community Gallery #17 Late again Swifty? : http://www.wmdportal...ity-gallery-17/

Talk again laters..Zzzzz



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#9 SwiftyOne - guest

SwiftyOne - guest
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Posted May 04 2012 - 01:19 PM

AND!! If you are interested in joining in with a "Junior Tool Pack" (20Euros=$13) You have now got the opportunity to download and play the very latest Build.

Pre-Alpha Build 0207 (Junior+)is now ready to download....
Here are the Build 0207 release Notes:

Known Issues: Artifact appears on the steering wheel of the Zonda when in a high speed crash.

Updated Fanatec CSW device ID and flipped operation of RPM lights to match latest version of the wheel
Added adjustment of aerodynamics influence while vehicle is in the air
Update various new profile defaults
Added new Bathurst HUD map
Stockcar_1990: All exterior mapped&textured, CPIT windscreen created, normals flipped,UV2 mapped, reflections texture added, user flag set .Some materials updates
Leonus 68 more robust driver back in(GT_classic) , changing gear animation added, roof camera position modified to show more of driver hands
Pagani Zonda R: pushrod positions matched to CAD. Fixes broken weight jacking effect of caster changes
Palmer JPLM: new suspension geometry for physics based on the model and photo references
Stockcar_1990: springs (front, rear) added
Pagani Zonda R: added custom liveries
BAC MONO: new liveries added
Added Zonda R
Stockcar 90: checks/fixes + prepared export with finished chassis textures
Pagani logo added to splash screen
News ticker updated with Pagani info
Derby: Balanced textures to not look so washed out
New Stockcar export
New Derby exports

Have fun..


#10 SwiftyOne - guest

SwiftyOne - guest
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Posted May 11 2012 - 10:17 PM

Meet The Pagani Zonda R in Project CARS:

Our talented member PLM5 has put together a stunning trailer video, showing off the Pagani Zonda R.

Make sure to not miss out on the great video and watch it by following the link below:


Cheers all..

#11 tjc


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Posted May 12 2012 - 04:35 AM

Nice work Swifty... :)

#12 SwiftyOne - guest

SwiftyOne - guest
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Posted May 12 2012 - 11:45 AM

Thanks tjc :)

Not forgetting.... Even MORE great pictures..

Project CARS Community Gallery #18


Cheers all...Have a great day ;)


#13 benzman


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Posted May 12 2012 - 03:01 PM

I have gone to the Project Cars website and trawled through the screenshots in all of the galleries and a couple of thoughts spring to mind.  For how much longer will we be able to regard GPL as being the King of the racing sims?  I think we all agree that the physics of GPL are what makes it so difficult and satisfying to master, but I think we also realise that graphics-wise it is showing its age.  Are we so fiercely loyal to GPL just because it is the only sim that well represents our favourite era of racing?  I also feel that it must be rather depressing for mod team members.  GPL mods take such a phenomenal amount of work and time to complete that there is a real danger that by the time the mod is ready for release it has already been made obsolete by some other sim.  Without mentioning any names, I feel quite sure that some of the GPL mods either mooted or in development have already been well surpassed by existing mods on other sims.  And now I will sit back and wait for the flames to arrive!

#14 SwiftyOne - guest

SwiftyOne - guest
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Posted May 12 2012 - 04:09 PM

Hi benzman :)
I know exactly what your saying :) Although I have never played GPL, my first and only real love for me, has been and always will be, Papyrus Nascar racing 2003 season :) That's not to say I don't play other Sims GTL, Race07 GTR, GTR2,..Each Sim I play, is like getting into a different car, each Sim has, it's own character and physics. But always, after a hard day, about 2 hours before I switch off my PC, I will give that last 2 hours to Nascar2003 :) And as long as I'm around, I can't ever imagine myself never doing that, that last 2 hours with Nascar is like a ritual for me ;)"Go on Laugh"....I suppose what I'm saying is, it's not a dishonor to anyone or any Sim, to play one Sim over another, one can, and one should embrace and play many Sims, so long as your happy and carry on getting enjoyment from each Sim, why give up any? Play all that makes you happy :) Well, that's just me, and my opinion ;)


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#15 dangermouse


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Posted May 13 2012 - 02:25 AM

View PostSwiftyOne, on May 12 2012 - 04:09 PM, said:

Although I have never played GPL, .......

You should give it a try as it only costs £5.10 inc p&p. There are 599 tracks to try in the different mods for free. You just might have loads of fun. ;)

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