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Porto 1958 - Grand Prix of Portugal

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Posted Nov 20 2004 - 05:28 AM

He asked me to post this thread for him, so here you go:

Porto - Circuito da Boavista - 1958


Track Location: Porto, Portugal

Track Type : Street Circuit
Track Lenght : 7.427 kms. - 4.615 mil.
Track Num. Turns : 15
Track Year : 1950-1960?

Track Editor : Sergio Loro

Special Thanks to :

Robert Zeugin, he envolved on this project 2 months ago, all the logo mips, lamp posts,the wall to the right of first turn, the Portugal's and Porto┬┤s city moving flags, the walktrough mip and some other I forgot was made by Robert, he is some kind of magician and quality of track change a lot with his textures! THANK YOU ROBERT

Jonh Bradley, he made a wonderful cover for this track :)


The moving flags 3dos and mips (except the Porto and Porto City flag) was made by J.Basara, uses under permission, thanks John!!

The vans 3ods and textures was made for Oversteer (Avus 50's author) and uses under permission, thanks Oversteer!!

Most of the trees 3dos and srb was made by Jim "King of editors" Pearson, uses under permission, thanks Jim!!

Note I :  Maybe the AI need a little bit more work. Like my others recent tracks you can use rpytolp program!.

Note II : I used a few mips, 3dos and srb files from others tracks, the full credit its for their authors.

Note III : If you have some FPS problem you can use the porto58.3do (place in porto_lowfb.rar file). just unpack it at sierra/gpl/tracks/porto58

All textures max 256x256, most of it  4-bit, some 16-bit (i can not convert it to 4-bit with out loss quality ;), so i decided keep it 16-bit)

Also Thank to

GPL Mirror Zone for hosting this track.

GPL Repository gplr.speedgeezers.com

All people who made the tools to create tracks, 3dos, mips, lp files, altitudes, etc, etc.

All Gpl Community!!!

to Racesimcentral forums

www.m4driving.sm for host my previous tracks.

www.gplpp.com for let me know about the latest gpl news

to the GPL Track Database and his manager Magnus... visit trackdb.d2g.com and submit your rating!!!!


Year Winner
1996 J.Villeneuve (Williams-Renault)
1995 D.Coulthard (Williams-Renault)
1994 D.Hill (Williams-Renault)
1993 M.Schumacher (Benetton-Ford)
1992 N.Mansell (Williams-Renault)
1991 R.Patrese (Williams-Renault)
1990 N.Mansell (Ferrari)
1989 G.Berger (Ferrari)
1988 A.Prost (McLaren-Honda)
1987 A.Prost (McLaren-TAG Porsche)
1986 N.Mansell (Williams-Honda)
1985 A.Senna (Lotus-Renault)
1984 A.Prost (McLaren-TAG Porsche)
1967-1983 - No Race -
1966 J.Dubler (Brabham-Cosworth)
1965 R.Banting (Cooper T76-Cosworth)
1964 RC.Kerrision (Ferrari 250 GTO)
1961-1963  - No Race -
1960 J.Brabham (Cooper-Climax)
1959 S.Moss (Cooper-Climax)
1958 S.Moss (Vanwall)
1957 JM.Fangio (Maserati 300S)
1956 - No Race -
1955 J.Behra (Maserati 300S)
1954 JF.Gonzalez (Ferrari)
1953 J.Nogueira-Pinto (Ferrari 250 MM Spider)
1952 E.Castellotti (Ferrari 225S)
1951 C.de Oliveira (Ferrari 340)


VIII Grande Premio Automovel de Portugal
24 August 1958 - Oporto: 371.35 km (7.427 km x 50 laps)

1  2 Stirling Moss  
2 22 Mike Hawthorn  
3  6 Stuart Lewis-Evans
4  8 Jean Behra  
5 24 Wolfgang von Trips
6 10 Harry Schell  
7 14 Jack Brabham  
8 12 Maurice Trintignant
9 28 Carroll Shelbly    
10 16 Roy Salvadori      

Fastest Lap:
Mike Hawthorn
Ferrari, 2:34.9, 172.609 km/h on lap 45

Did Not Finish
    4 Tony Brooks
   20 Graham Hill
   18 Cliff Allison
   32 Jo Bonnier
   30 Marie-Therese de Filippis

Did Not Appear
   26 Phil Hill
   34 Casimiro de Oliviera

Starting Grid

Stirling Moss
Mike Hawthorn
Stuart Lewis-Evans
Jean Behra
Tony Brooks
Wolfgang Von Trips
Harry Schell
Jack Brabhan
Maurice Trintignant
Carroll Shelby
Roy Salvadori
Graham Hill
Cliff Allison
Jo  Bonnier
Marie-Therese de Filippis


Enjoy it drive...


Sergio Loro

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Posted Nov 20 2004 - 07:06 AM

I'll try this in an hour or so when I've had something eat :)
Can't wait!

#3 Quattro


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Posted Nov 20 2004 - 07:28 AM

Sweet !!  Just received my copy of Porto and really looking forward to blasting around this course after how many laps of just admiring Sergio's & all others who helped
him out as I'm sure it'll be topnotch as is the way Sergio does things! :thumbup: Excellent short write up thanking everyone involved and some history too!
So many thanks to you Sergio for your work in the past and in the future and of course for Porto - Circuito da Boavista - 1958 .
So time for a morning cup of Java and a tour of Porto. :thumbup:  :thumbup:
Cheers Quattro :wave:

These arrows showing turn ahead are helpful :lol:  :thumbup: and the tarmac is greased lightning for me! B) So I'm looking forward to many hours of fun trying to tame this course!

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#4 Paolo Selva

Paolo Selva

    Mike Parkes

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Posted Nov 20 2004 - 08:05 AM

Bloody good news!
Thanks to Sergio and all involved (BAPOM included)  :thumbup:

#5 pirenzo



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    Enjoy many motorsports as well as football and a passing interest in a dozen other sports as well.
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Posted Nov 20 2004 - 08:40 AM

Wow, its fantastic!
Firmly a favorite of mine already :thumbup:
I can't really string more than a couple of laps together without crashing at the moment, I keep putting it in the straw bails in the esses section, but boy is it a blast! :woot:

#6 Stunter71121


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Posted Nov 21 2004 - 04:47 AM

Many many thanks Sergio  :thumbup:

#7 gilas


    Chris Irwin

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Posted Nov 22 2004 - 01:07 AM

Thanks a lot Sergio.
Pics are fantastic
You are great!

Mauro Traversa

#8 Rocket III

Rocket III

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Posted Nov 28 2004 - 04:49 AM

Thanx Sergio and Robert for all of your hardwork!!! :thumbup:  :thumbup:

I remember seeing the early versions and thinking there was an enormous amount of work to do to bring the track to life. I know for Robert's part it has been sheer dedication to this great track.  :cool:

#9 Phap


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Posted Nov 28 2004 - 10:47 PM

Many many thanks Sergio and team, specially Sergio for this incredible amount of great tracks released within so short gap of time..!
Simply amazing !


BTW  Quattro , where did you got those nice Cooper SKINS ?

#10 antmota


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Posted Feb 18 2005 - 06:13 PM


This is my first post but I'm a GPL fan for a long time now.

I live in the "Porto-58-Circuito da Boavista" area and I drive on the actual roads every day, it's not very different today.

I want to congratulate the producer for the excelent job.

I want to inform that this July-2005 it will happen the re-edition of the "Porto-Circuito da Boavista" track, it will be a major sport event here in Porto-Portugal.
Here's the link:

Is there anyone who wants to make a race in this track one of these days? Send an email please. antmota@hotmail.com (messenger also). I drove the Ferrari 312 for months but now changed to Eagle.

Antonio Mota - Porto - Portugal

#11 scotty


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Posted Feb 18 2005 - 10:26 PM

This really has to be one of the most visually stunning tracks around.

FANTASTIC Sergio!  :thumbup:

And Thank You!  :wave:

#12 M Needforspeed

M Needforspeed

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Posted Mar 11 2005 - 03:43 PM

fantastic Sergio  another  great track!

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