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Falkenberg 2002 Hallands Grand Prix

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Posted May 12 2009 - 11:23 AM

Falkenberg  2002   Hallands Grand Prix
Country:  Sweden
Circuit Type:  Club Circuit
Track Type: Real Track
Track Author:  Martin Granberg, Jonas Mattson, Fredrik Nornemark
Released:  February 23, 2002
Turns  8
Meters  1833
Miles  1.139
Track Folder Name:  falken
Track State  (FINAL)



This is our representation of the Falkenberg track.

Most of you probably have no idea about the Falkenberg track in real life, so first a few words about the track.

Situated on the west coast of Sweden, Falkenberg is Sweden's fastest track, but despite that it hasn't got any really long straights. It was built in 1967 and is today mostly used for Swedish and Scandinavian touring cars, sports cars, Formula Ford, F3 and motorcycle races.

Falkenberg is a short track, only 1833 meters (1.19 miles) and laptimes are around 41-43 seconds. The GPL version of the track will present you with an average speed of around 160 kph, and top-speeds at around 260kph. These figures are for F1-cars, however the layout of the track should suit F2/F3/FD great and provide some close racing.

The layout we have recreated is the modern one. Those very few of you who have raced on the circuit in real life will notice turn one isn't exactly as the real track. The unusual camber of that corner in real life isn't supported by GPL's track/physics model so we have made the camber more traditional. We have also made it slighty easier to make it suit 1967 Formula One cars better, specially when the camber could not be recreated correctly.

Graphics are all 4-bit except for the sky and two textures on the pit building.

A handful of tree textures are carry-overs from Fredrik's work on Castle Combe. The rest are all original to Falkenberg.

We've tried to make the track look and feel like the club circuit it is. There aren't very much objects around the track and it is a bit 'home brewed' in terms of appearance like any club circuit not yet defaced or manipulated by the maFIA.

The aim of the textures at Falkenberg was to carry on the weathered and used feel from Castle Combe to create a nice atmosphere and realistic feeling about the track. Once again the goal was to stay clear of a squeaky clean, sterile, straight-out-of-the-box kind of track.

We hope we have been able to recreated that feeling.

Ooh yes. One more thing...

For those of you who might lay sleepless nights on end wondering whether or not we can now confirm it - yes, the infamous bathroom mat and sofa fabric are used as bases for many of the textures here as well ;o).


After Anderstorp was released about a year ago Martin started to work on the track layout for another Swedish track, Falkenberg. He choose this track cause he had been there several times watching races.

He hasn't driven there in real life though. Yet :)

Martin finished the track layout but when he started to have a look at all the other stuff involved in doing a track with reasonable quality he got tired of it all and put the project on ice.

In November 2001 Martin came to his senses and started work on Falkenberg again, this time with a more modest level of ambition. However, Martin's discovery of OneTwo3DO has made it possible to raise the ambition level again with the same amount of work involved.

Martin and Fredrik worked together with Jonas Matton on Anderstorp so it was fairly natural for them to team up again. Fredrik joined in in December after he finished Castle Combe with Michael Cotchin and has made the textures, lots of various other stuff for the track as well as the website.


Thanks to the following people who in one way or the other have helped us making this track.

First and foremost big thanks to Phil Flack, without whom GPL might just be a memory to us all now.

Also thanks to GPLEA, Jonas Matton, Nigel Pattinson, Peter Prochazka, Christian Wohlfahrt, Paul Hoad, Klaus Hörbrand, Joachim Blum, David Noonan, Michael Cotchin, GC and last but not least - all of the guys helping out testing the track. :)

A couple of the 3DOs and the groove.mip used on Falkenberg are borrowed from Castle Combe. These were made by Phil Flack and Doug Ellison.

Once again - thank you :)


So what else do you need to know? Not much really.

It comes with a nifty installer which places two replays in the replay folder as well as sorts out the season.ini entries.

There is only one version avaliable as it is heavily optimised and will work almost as well as the original tracks. You may notice a very small performance hit in comparison to the originals if you are using a very low end machine.

Graphics are all 4-bit except for the sky and two textures on the pit building so Voodoo users shouldn't have any problems at all.

GPL have a maximum of 128 lap in a race. We've set the GP number of laps higher than that to get the number of laps correct for Short and Long races.

The default F1 setups are mostly based on Andreas Wilke's setups for other tracks and the default F2 setups was made by Anders Andersson. Visit Anders F1 setups site here. It's well worth the effort.

Please observe: Do not use tweaked 'gpl_ai.ini' files with this track, they don't like it. If the AI misbehaves on the track, try restoring that file from the original CD-Rom.

Known issues: If you have all details in the mirrors turned off, the mirrors will present you with a plain green background.

GPL have a maximum of 128 lap in a race. We've set the GP number of laps higher than that to get the number of laps correct for Short and Long races. This means that if you try to race a GP distance GPL will stop scoring laps after lap 128.

A couple of the testers have reported that the AI cars can be very slow. Normally they should run around 42-43s laps. If your are much slower, change the following line in the track.ini for 'falken':
dlong_speed_adj_coeff = 0.97500

Increase this value to get faster AI-cars.

Attached File  Falkenberg_for_GPL.zip   3.22MB   1873 downloads


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Posted Apr 02 2010 - 02:59 PM

Everything that can be said about Castle Combe applies to Falkenberg. Both tracks share many of the same mips so this update could have been done by a well trained monkey. The identical armco at both tracks seemed more than coincidence so I changed it here. Falkenberg is a dream when it comes to frame rate. This Repository horizon is a pretty decent match for the track about 2/3 the way around. To the west the real horizon drops off to the sea.

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