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Avus 1967 Grosse Preis von Berlin

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Posted Aug 01 2006 - 02:30 AM

Country:  Germany   Circuit Type:  Road Course    Track Type: Real Track
Turns  4   Meters  8315   Miles  5.166
Track Folder Name:  avus67      
Track Author:  Oversteer and Eric B and more    
Released:  May 3, 2004

As m4d are gone you can now find this track here. This file includes all the different versions ie hires, asphalts, 3do's, etc. (or you can get the individual files below).


Avus67AI files.zip  -  AI by Jaques Bossy


found from his release thread at m4d(RIP):

Eric Bourgouin, on May 2 2004, 08:06 PM, said:

Well she's here!! Oversteer's super accurate Avus 50's track is ready for all to lap.
There are 2 main instal zips : The hires and the normal zips,as well as a bunch of goodies for all you fine folks out there.Here's a short description of the choices:
Hires instal : for those using OGL,this version is a lot clearer.Features 256 X256 max textures,very low sub images.set for 1600 x1200 screen res.
Normal version ; same as above,but with normal sub images.Preffered for Voodoo users and those who find the hi res version to be too sparkly.
4 bit version by Snake will follow shortly

Both zips contains 3 3do's that when renamed will revert some objects to 1937's specs

Various main 3do's : downgrades the draw ahead and seen objects to improve fps..We wanna make sure that even propane operated PC's can handle this track.

Asphalts : There are 3 asphalt sizes (256 ,512 ,1024) available in 2 tints,regular (dark) and light.

Program covers: extra zip with alternate choices

WR replays & setups by German Aliens WelfMan & Jurgen Schunke

Movie : crack open the popcorn and download a quick clip of the 1959 Grand Prix in color!!


We are happy to throw in,as an added value ( there's more for your bucks at Oversteer & Co!)
This track is basically the same as Avus50's,but the sudcurve hairpin is a much tighter one!This track has a lot of armcos around it as well ,and a few graphical differences with the avus50's

The choices are pretty much the same as with Avus 50's ,with the exception that the movie clip is actually from 1964. NB:The asphalt zips posted above also works for avus67.

I hope you like what we came up with for both tracks and that you have a great time racing on it.

-Eric & Oversteer

NB: These tracks and any work related to these tracks cannot be sold in any form whatsoever.The only places that these files are to be obtained are through Speedgeezers Network and M4driving.They may not be part of any CD-R or sold or distributed for money.Same goes for any work that bears my name on it.Anyone not respecting this will get me really pissed off and God knows what the h**l I will do..

From the readme.txt :

Rather than a representation of a particular year, this version of the Berlin AVUS is generally  modelled after the shortened 5.3km layout used during the 1950's decade; when the track was reactivated after WWII. Most features are modelled after the 1959 German GP though, due to the greater availability of information and photographs from this event.        


Main textures, atmosphere guy and all-round orchestrator: Eric Bourgouin

Additional textures by Paul Jackson (asphalt base), bob_hund (adverts), Oversteer (vehicles,people,tower)

AI and flag 3do's by John Basara

Groove by Paul Jackson

Program cover by bob_hund, program inner pages by BAPOM.  Alternate covers by RaulV, bob_hund, Eric Bourgouin.  

Things stolen from other tracks: Most evidently the banner flags from Hockenheim 30's,s/f banner from Andre Streu ...  too many to list. If you see your textures,we simply forgot where we stole them from! Sorry :)

Beta testing by WelfMan,Jürgen Schunke,Mybroga Racing League

F1 setups by WelfMan, F2 and F3 based on F1 setups.  
Replays by WelfMan and jschunke

All the things that went wrong: oversteer

Special thanks:

JCT_HYPA and bob_hund, location scouts extraordinaire, for inadvertedly causing me to redo the track more than once.  Good going guys, blame all delays on those two! :)  

John Basara, banking specialist, and for sorting out the difficult bits.

Paul Jackson and the Speedgeezers network  and m4driving  for hosting the track

The GPL online community at RSC and M4driving.  Thanks to all who posted or sent me pictures and clips:   Arturo Pereira, S.Beuchert, Stewart Fisher, Will Brequin, Scott Przybylski, Mark Beckman, Dibey, BigArv65, Axel Linther, fast Tommi, Jo Fransson ... too many!      

The Nostalgia Forum at AtlasF1 and Yesterday forum at F1Welt; in particular to  McRonalds for a great picture collection.

Lost track of all the websites, but some of the most important:  

Leif Snellman's golden era of GP racing:

8W and Forix:    


Deutschland aus der luft:

LAT photo:

British Pathe:  

MSN group site:

Ebay Deutschland:

Thanks also to Scott Przybylski for having the most difficult last name I've ever heard, and for his first version of AVUS.  


Hats off to the folks who made the editing tools!

GPLTrk (Peter Prochazka)
TRK23doF (Guru)
OneTwo3do (CW Engineering)
GPL Track Editor (Paul Hoad, Phil Flack)
3DOEd (Paul Noonan)
TrackKam (Stefan Magnusson)
WinMip (Klaus Hörbrand)
MipMan, SRBMan, Sciss, GTKMaker (Phil Flack)
txt2gtk (Phil Flack, Peter Prochazka)
DooDat (DoubleD software)
GPL TrackInstaller (Martin Granberg)
3doClass (Alain Bosco)
Groove Editor (Randy Riggs)
Mipchecker (Nenne)
Whoever they were who made the alt-height and section help excel sheets!


The Automobil Verkehrs und Ubungs-Strasse was first conceived in 1907 by the Automobilklub von Deutschland (AvD) as a test track for the motor industry and for the sport. Money was short and it took six years before work on the amazing circuit began. The money ran out and the First World War caused further delays although Russian prisoners were used to do the building work. Despite this the track was only half-finished when the war ended and the post-war economic problems meant that it was not until 1921 that Hugo Stinnes financed the completion of the circuit. The facility opened in September 1921 and five years later AVUS was the site of the first German Grand Prix -- for sportscars -- which was won by the Mercedes of Ruedi Caracciola.

The following year the new Nurburgring was built and at AVUS it was decided that the banking at the North Curve should be increased to a startling 43 degs. Despite this AVUS was in the shadow of the Ring throughout the 1930s. Contrary to popular belief, It was economic reasons and not the division of Berlin after WWII that caused the track to be cut in half; but it was not until 1954 that the circuit was revived with a new unbanked south loop being built. This cut the track to 5.15 miles. The non-championship F1 Grand Prix of Berlin resulted in a Mercedes 1-2-3, with Karl Kling leading Juan-Manuel Fangio and Hans Herrmann. In 1959 the Formula 1 World Championship returned to Berlin but the meeting was overshadowed by the death in a supporting sportscar race on Saturday of French racer Jean Behra who spun his Porsche RSK in damp conditions and was thrown from the car into a flag pole. The Formula 1 race ( a curious affair with the result being an aggregate of two heats) was a Ferrari 1-2-3 with Tony Brooks winning. Herrman was fortunate to emerge unhurt after he suffered a brake failure on his BRM and went off at high speed the car somersaulting dramatically and Herrman being thrown out but without serious injury.

Thereafter the track hosted little more than international Formula Junior races, although German national events continued to visit each year. The north bend was dismantled in 1967, but the character of AVUS remained as it always had been with two fast straights. The track was still used for touring cars until a major accident in the 1990s which led to the death of British driver Kieth Odor.

German GP
Aug 2, 1959

60 Laps, 8.3
The German Grand Prix had moved from the Nurburgring to the Automobil Verkehrs und Ubungs-Strasse (AVUS) facility in Berlin. This was little more than a piece of motorway with banked loops at either end but it had been in operation since the 1920s,  political and economic circumstances meant that the track had to be shortened and a new unbanked south loop had to be built over a turn previously used in motorcycle racing.

Because of fears that there would be tire problems it was decided to run the race in two heats. Ferrari was back in action after missing the British GP but Jean Behra was gone and the team was running Tony Brooks, Phil Hill, Dan Gurney and Cliff Allison. Behra appeared in a Formula 2 Porsche. Cooper had its usual crew of Jack Brabham, Bruce McLaren and Masten Gregory with private entries from Rob Walker for Maurice Trintignant and Stirling Moss. BRM ran Harry Schell, Jo Bonnier and local hero Hans Herrmann while Lotus fielded Graham Hill and Innes Ireland as usual.

Saturday was overshadowed by Behra's death in a supporting sportscar race, the little Frenchman spinning his Porsche RSK in damp conditions and being thrown from the car into a flag pole. He died instantly.

Formula 1 qualifying resulted in pole position for Brooks with Moss, Gurney and Brabham with Gurney alongside on the 4-3-4 grid. Behind them on row two were Gregory, Phil Hill and Bonnier . Brooks took the lead in the first heat while Moss was quickly out with transmission trouble. Gregory led briefly but then Brooks was ahead again but he had to battle with Gurney and Gregory, although the latter would retire with five laps to go with an engine failure, which promoted Hill to third and McLaren fourth.

The second heat featured a grid made up of the finishing positions of heat one and at the start McLaren took the lead but he was quickly overtaken by P Hill, Bonnier, Brooks and Gurney. Brooks quickly got to the front and Bonnier dropped back to give Ferrari a 1-2-3. Herrman suffered a brake failure on his BRM and went off at high speed in the South Turn. The car hit hay bales and was launched into a series of somersaults and Herrman was thrown out but escaped serious injury.

When the aggregate times were worked out it was a Ferrari 1-2-3 with Brooks ahead of Gurney and Hill.

1  4  Tony Brooks  Ferrari D246  60  2h09m31.600s   1  
2  6  Dan Gurney  Ferrari D246  60  2h09m33.500s   3  
3  5  Phil Hill  Ferrari D246  60  2h10m36.400s   6  
4  8  Maurice Trintignant  Cooper-Climax T51  59    12  
5  9  Jo Bonnier  BRM P25  58    7  
6  18  Ian Burgess  Cooper-Maserati T51  56    15  
7r  10  Harry Schell  BRM P25  49  Clutch (pushed Over Line)  8  
r  2  Bruce McLaren  Cooper-Climax T51  37  Clutch  9  
r  11  Hans Herrmann  BRM P25  35  Accident  11  
r  3  Masten Gregory  Cooper-Climax T51  23  Engine  5  
r  1  Jack Brabham  Cooper-Climax T51  15  Clutch  4  
r  16  Graham Hill  Lotus-Climax 16  10  Oil Radiator  10  
r  15  Innes Ireland  Lotus-Climax 16  7  Gearbox  13  
r  17  Cliff Allison  Ferrari D246  2  Clutch  14  
r  7  Stirling Moss  Cooper-Climax T51  1  Gearbox  2  
ns  12  Jean Behra  Behra Porsche-Porsche     Fatal Accident In Support Race  16  
ns  14  Wolfgang von Trips  Porsche 718    Withdrew  17

MAIN LINK :coming soon when Paul finishes the page

and from Oversteers post:

Oversteer said:

I hope you like it,  it's not perfect (my fault!) but quite a bit of work went into it.  Many thanks to Eric Bourgouin, Paul Jackson, John Basara; it wouldn't have been possible without their considerable help.  

It's a bit "large" for the 65 cars, innit?  :D  Suits the 67 machinery a bit better.   Some stuff is still coming, like the 4-bit textures.  What we have right now is:

- Hi-res version, long drawing distances and 0 subimage mips.
- "normal" or as I rather prefer, Voodoo5 version with lots of subimages. Long drawing distance.

Note: When you unpack this track, you get three optional objects from the late 1930's that you can copy in your AVUS50s folder; they are the toll gate building, a different start straight and a monolith atop the banking.  They don't really belong in the 50's but hey! I like them a lot  :D   You need to rename them by deleting the "1937_" part for them to show in the track.  Delete or rename again to revert to the more realistic default objects. Please  Read the readme  :D

You also get a sort of excessive but excellent collection of alternative program covers; both real and originals courtesy of bob_hund, RaulV, Eric Bourgouin and yours truly.  Many thanks all of them (except to mr. truly because the ugly ones are his!  :rasp:  )

- Medium 3do: Slightly reduced corner  resolution and drawing distances; hope it helps with fps.

-Light 3do:  Blocky corners, shorter drawing distance.  I guess this would work better on the fps issue with the upcoming 4 bit mips.

-Extra-light 3do.   I'm trying to run this in my P2 with mixed success; Will hopefully be part of a "Colin Chapman edition" with bare minimum textures and objects  :D  

-The high track 3do comes default with the track really.

-You also get Paul and Eric's now customary 256, 512 and 1024 super high-res asphalt mips; together with their lighter-tint conuterparts  for those who dislike dark asphalts.  Excess is the name of the game; we aim to please!

-A replay and extra setup courtesy of WelfMan; who also did the '67 setups.

Oh yes, continuing with the excess theme; there's a bonus track there somewhere   ;)  

Enjoy; don't fall asleep on the straigh and mind those flagpoles!  Now bring on the insults

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