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Lura04, public roads/fantasy racetrack, Norway

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#1 Simbear


    Denny Hulme

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Posted Jul 01 2005 - 06:55 AM

Lura04, Real public roads/fantasy racetrack, Norway. Update v2 01.07.2005

Attached File  Lura04_south_back.jpg   36.15K   270 downloads

This is a very narrow track; some places only one lane in the direction. It's real roads! The track layout is special for GPL. These road junctions are well known by most people in the region. It's an expansive trade and shopping area.

Length 4.15 km. Lap time 2 min. Max speed more than 280 km/h. Pit lane is in the street and very narrow to the race line!

This roads are modelled for reference use, and 250 meters of this track is real racetrack. First turn is a part of (real) Rally Stavanger Ford Kverneland Circuit SP1 http://www.rally.no/stavanger// (the only street rally in this country. Note: Norwegian language and the video is in regular traffic) where the curbstone is harmful. If you think the GPL Lura04 is narrow, I can tell you the rest of the little rally circuit is many times narrower!

Update to v2 01.07.2005:
This was my first track released 15.10.2004. Now the track is heavily updated to a standard nearly equal to my final track Tasta04 and include:

-All graphic textures based on my own pictures.
-Painted lines and crossing walks added.
-Asphalt surfaces improved.
-Public signs now doesn’t rotate, and it’s backside signs too.
-A lot of new 3d objects added.
-Pitline moved to start of straight to improve the security a bit.
-AI is very difficult to improve, but a little bit better now anyway.
-Most buildings are still 3d walls. Some buildings are now modelled as 3d objects to match correctly where the track sections doesn’t.
-Sky is a bit improved (some paint effects removed).
-TV-cameras improved.

The driveable track is not altered and will not affect the GPL-rank.
Extract the V2 update files and copy to the Lura04 folder. If you have downloaded the v2 install (23.08.2005), you don't need to update.

:thumbup: Download the update (v2) here: Lura04_V2_update_2005-07-01.exe (7.5Mb)

(You can download a v2 full install over HERE.)

Please report problems related to this track.

Don’t forget to vote in the track database!

If the frame rates are not at top all the time, try the lite versions here. Note; only for updated track to v2-version! Max512tex indicate the original 1024 pixels textures are reduced to 512 pixels.

:cap: Lura04 v2 Max512tex  Attached File  Lura04_v2_max512tex.zip   903.83K   235 downloads

:cap: Lura04 v2 Max256tex  Attached File  Lura04_v2_max256tex.zip   2.28MB   261 downloads

:blink: Lura04 project description
Info page that including map of the track and the real rally circuit, some pictures from the rally and the rest of the track where a race should be very fun. I don’t need to explain why a real race newer can be acceptance. That’s why GPL have to simulate it!

Attached File  Lura04_project_description.pdf   210.37K   218 downloads

Bjørn L Finnestad 01.07.2005 edited 24.08.2005

#2 scotty


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Posted Jul 01 2005 - 10:30 AM

Hey Simbear!   :wave:

One of the funnest tracks around.  :thumbup:

Thanks for the update, bud!  :clap2:

Looking forward to the future updates..... :yeah:

Edited by scotty, Jul 01 2005 - 10:31 AM.

#3 Simbear


    Denny Hulme

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Posted Jul 04 2005 - 08:17 AM

Thanks again to GPLMZ for hosting the files! :thumbup:
Now the track is more like the way I want, and most of the early graphic restrictions are now solved.

:clap2:  Note: The 65-mod is wonderful to drive here too!  :clap2:

Bjørn L Finnestad

#4 Kenny


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Posted Apr 27 2010 - 12:49 AM

I've never tried any of Bjorn's tracks until now. Excellence in graphics accuracy and in the fun factor impress me a lot. These 3 roadcourses are the first I've seen since Targa that have every mip as an original by the track author. Bravo! The horizons get 10 out of 10 from me. If you looked up beautiful in the dictionary it would be justice to have a screenshot of one of these tracks.

These tracks also are my prime example of why I resize large mips because sometimes good things can result for the owner of a less than a top of the line computer and video card. Tasta is the least demanding of the tracks and when tried unaltered it gave OK performance with my Athlon 2.2. Minor fps hits going into the turns but not really a big deal. Lura is more demanding and the same computer provided me with less satisfaction. Out of curiousity I tried Tasta on my old P3,GF2 rig and as no surprize the results were horrible,as in unraceable. Stuttering down the straight with no traffic and video freezes in the turns lasting 2 to 3 seconds,waiting for the CTD. Maybe I can salvage something by simply resizing the mips? As if by magic the old P3 computer now handled Tasta pretty well,some fps hits going into the turns with traffic and then 36 fps on the straight in the clear-if this rig was all I had I'd consider this track raceable against the A-I.

Switching to the Athlon 2.2, performance is just about flawless after the mip reduction. I'm glad I did it and maybe this will answer a couple of PM's I've received recently asking why do I bother with reducing mip size. I'm all for nicer looking texture but not at the expense of frame rate. There ain't no modern PC and video card looming on my horizon. These updates/mip resizing are first and foremost for me and my computer to be able to enjoy every GPL track possible. Next I like to share what I did for any other member in the same boat as me.

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Edited by Kenny, Apr 27 2010 - 01:30 PM.

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