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Gpl Reinstall

08 Aug 2018

So, at home having a day off work with a heavy cold and have decided to do a complete reinstall of GPL. There is probably little wrong with my current install, but the oldest files are probably 15 years old and it is now over 19GB (with another 3GB stored elsewhere). It has started to do some funny things, similar to other posters, as my computer has been progressively upgraded (now Win10, i5 7500 CPU, AMD 7800, 16GB RAM).

I backed up the old install first (twice in fact) in case something goes wrong and deleted completely the old install. My approach is to bring nothing over from the old install. I am using the current GPLPS Installer (1.08).  I have tested the installation so far, running a few laps of Watkins Glen in a Lotus 49 at 36fps. So far, so good! I am now slowly working my way through the raft of mods and patches, particularly those recommended in Stefan's Easy Installation Guide. A few problems with my wheel (Logitech Momo, also getting up to 15 years old), but these are probably to do with the wheel's software, not GPL,and should be resolvable.

I don't really expect any issues but any words of advice would be appreciated.


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Fairshift View

09 Aug 2018

The view of Fairshift Game controller appear cutted on my PC.Someone know the way to enlarge the picture?
On the bottom is partially visible the name of a third device.

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Gem+ Troubleshooting With Windows Locale

12 Aug 2018

GEM+ is known (but not by many) to malfunction under some non English like windows locale (such as Japanese/Chinese/Korean), and it's one thing that keeps away people from playing GPL. Common error such as "GEM+ can't find or recognized gpl.exe", "GEM+ or GPL crash".

Here is some troubleshooting that I gathered and tested, hope it helps.

First, guide on how to change and test windows locale setting (anyone can do this, whether it's a English version windows or  Japanese version or French etc.):

In Windows XP:
Go to control panel, find "Regional and Language", open and select "Advanced" tab, under "Language for non-Unicode programs", select a language you need to test, then press OK and restart computer.

In Windows 7/8 (win10 might be similar):
Go to control panel, find "Regional and Language"(win7) or "Region"(win8), open and select "Administrative" tab, click "Change system locale".

PS: If you have a perfectly working GPL and GEM+ setup and using English or similar windows system, and want to test this whole locale thing, just do the following:
1. Change your locale to either Japanese or Chinese (as both are reported most), then reboot system as asked.
2. Go to your GPL folder and remove any previous exe that created by GEM+, such as gplc67.exe
3. Start GEM+ and hit green button to run GPL.
4. Check the troubleshooting section below for reference.


The following issues would probably happen when using GEM+ under various locale setting:

Attempt to install GEM+ in a non English locale system such as Japanese/Chinese/Korean:
1. something like "code 123" or "Error 123" error (fail to create or move file) while installing, though installation can still be completed.

Assume GEM+ is installed and "GEM.ini" doesn't exist in "GPLSecrets\GEM+" folder:
1. Upon launching GEM+, you will be asked to locate gpl.exe folder. However after click "Add" in "GPL Installation Maintenance" dialogue and select correct gpl.exe, an error pops out as "An error has occurred from which GEM+ cannot recover...", and then GEM+ hangs. Click "Search" button will result the same error once it finds the exe.
(iirc some older GEM version won't create "GEM.ini" after installation. Newest version do create "GEM.ini".)

Assume GEM+ is installed and ran at least once under English or similar locale, or having correct "GEM.ini" file, then start GEM+ in a non English locale system such as Japanese/Chinese/Korean etc,
1. GEM+ will start normally.

2. Click green GPL button will generate a new (corrupted) exe. By running this exe (gplc67.exe in my example), one of following bugs may happen:
a. Field of view is broken (very low fov, see screenshot in this post http://srmz.net/inde...?showtopic=7824), adjusting the number in GEM+'s "Field of View (Dergrees)" has no effect.
b. Game will crash as soon as you on the track.
c. Car has little to no power, throttle useless, whether with "Throttle Help" or not.
d. Car cannot move, cannot shift gears.
(As always, before generate a new exe in GEM+, don't forget to delete any old exe that created by GEM+, such as gplc67.exe)

3. Attempt to "Add" other gpl.exe in "GPL Installation Maintenance" dialogue will return "Exe not valid as a GEM+ base exe" error.

4. There may be other errors too, such as this: http://srmz.net/inde...?showtopic=8242

5. This post (author from Japan seems) also confirms the locale effect on GEM+: http://srmz.net/inde...=30#entry132888


There is no real workaround that I know, sadly. The only option is to switch system locale to English while using GEM+.
The big downside is, requiring system reboot everytime locale is changed, and running system daily under a different locale is not an option, since it will break a lot other non-English program.
However exe that generated under English locale do work under other locale. So it's a good idea to generate exe once in English locale, then switch back to your default locale.

PS: I have tested "Microsoft AppLocale", but proved no use. This topic had brought up a few times many years ago, but couldn't find those original posts. Please let me know if anything missed, thanks.

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So What's Going On In The Gpl World Lately?

10 Aug 2018

All seems a bit quiet here! Let's not forget its 20th birthday next month :)

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3D Motion Sensor Tracking Stuff

09 Aug 2018

Posted by John Woods in Your rig or Manufacturer's stuff
Interesting, entertaining page.
It's about VR and gaming tech.

Hotlinked here:



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