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"improving" Engine Reliability

08 Apr 2021

I've always felt that you could wring (not ring :)) the hell out of motors in GPL with very little chance of them blowing it up.  There is no sense of rewarding drivers for keeping care of their equipment or penalizing those who were hard on their equipment.

Also, there seems a lack of randomness to the BHP your motor put out on any particular race.  There is no sense of "the boys back at the shop gave me a great motor today" or "power was off just a bit off today".

Seeing what Olaf Lehmann has done with engine power in his DirtgearPatch, got me thinking how it might be possible to better simulate how hard drivers ran their motors back in the day.

Any thoughts?

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Dundrod 1955 Update To Build 1.1

Yesterday, 03:00 AM

My apologies for creating a separate thread. I just don't want anyone who has the first build to miss this improved version
No changes to the layout, just graphics.

Fixes include.

- Improved horizon textures in TV Cam views.
- Smoother draw distances transitions which should reduce lock ups especially with high poly cars over Deers Leap.
- Eliminated a few very distant graphic pop ups.
- Added a few new 3do's and improved the random distribution of others.
- Added an Option on my download page for "Simpler Grasses" which should assist improve frame rates for those who wish to try that. Reversible.
- Added an Option LITE track 3DO which eliminates Track Sounds, all Field / Track side Grasses and all Hedgerow Plants, taking 15,500 objects out of the track to improve frame rates for those having trouble running the Full version. Reversible.
- Added an Option to eliminate the invisible wall LHS at the Hairpin for use in Training and / or On Line. Not suitable for racing the AI.
- Added a SERVER set of files for On Line Administrators.

All Zips containing these files have explanatory Readme's within.

The Full Build 1.1 Installer will be live soon, but in the meantime, anyone who already has the first build can download the UPDATE Patch which will make your existing version into the FULL Build 1.1 version.



My thanks again to

Stefan Roess for hosting the installer.
Greg [ Gliebzeit ] for his detailed contributions to refining draw distances.
Ginetto for his suggestion to reduce the complexity of the field grasses.
Pavel for testing and for suggesting I do something about the invisible wall at the hairpin.
TomJ for testing.

Have fun.


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Gpl Random Engine Health ?

Yesterday, 02:25 AM


Does anyone know for sure if GPL randomly gives engine "health" capabilities at the start of a race?
I mean: Do we all have a new/100% engine at the start of race ?
With different characteristics for each team (ie Honda broke more than Repco for sure, it's another problem...).

I ask this question because I have noticed that sometimes my engine breaks for no reason, without over-revving or shock.


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Tracks For The Usac '73 Mod

Yesterday, 10:18 AM

Posted by Elijahroberson in rF-General Discussion
I know topics regarding rFactor tracks have been brought up here in the past, but I've sort of run into my own problem. While some of the websites given as an alternative to rFactor Central have a lot of goodies for F1 and the like, I haven't really been able to find much in the way of tracks for the USAC 1973 mod. I am looking for tracks like Texas World, IMS, MIS, Milwaukee, etc. rFactor Central has all of these, but it seems track downloads no longer work. I created a fresh account and when I went to the download track button, well, nothing happened. I can download mods okay, but nothing track wise. I considered even checking out some of the paid tiers, but found a review saying that you can't cancel after you give them your info. The site also seems to contain a lot of spam and other questionable behavior. Does anybody know where I could get some of these tracks, or what is up with rFactor Central?

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Can Do You Do A Race With No Ai?

07 Apr 2021

I would like to track results from my training sessions from stats output from GRLRA Race Results.  So I want to do my training session in race mode with no AI.  I think I can do this in Multiplayer mode but would prefer to go through Race mode in GEM+ so I have greater control of the race length.  Any suggestions on how to trick GPL to have zero AI?



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