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Igor Willow Server Open Practice Training Sessions

online on-line racing practice training igor learn to drive track experience

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#1 John Woods

John Woods

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Posted Jan 24 2019 - 10:05 PM

Rookie, Novice, Average, Advanced, D1, D2, Pro Class Drivers Welcome


67 F1 Cars 36fps

3PM CST US/Canada/Mexico - 10PM Germany
1500 CST US/Canada/Mexico - 2200 Germany

For those who have never been on track on-line:


1. Click on iGOR desktop icon installed with GEM+
2. The iGOR Racelist opens
3. Select/highlight the Willow server

(Must have featured track installed)
4. Click "join" (top left) and driver dialogue opens
5. Confirm info and at bottom click "join race"
6. Grand Prix Legends opens in multi-player mode

Now menu screen looks the same as when driving with AI.

7. Click the green button to enter the paddock screen
8. Click the "chat" button if chat is not in view

Note from here you can view other cars on track and switch among driver in-car views to watch on board some of the best pilots in Grand Prix Legends.


9. When track spacing seems about right, (use pit lane view), click the green button and get in your car

10. Use Pribluda driver position board to find other cars on track and then allow some room between you and others as you leave the pits

11. Check track position, confirm track spacing, notice where cars are on track, check mirrors, comfort in seat, think about it...blip the throttle a few times, engage 1st and wuhoohoo get on track

12. Pay attention, practice and training is not a race, yield to faster drivers, pace yourself, slowly build up to racing speeds as tires warm and track position offers opportunity to push your limits

13. Drive as you normally would against AI, watch Prib to see where other cars are on track, do not make sudden left or right moves as cars come up from behind, stay on the line you are driving and let driver behind decide how and when to pass

14. Read the Help Section on iGOR before getting on track first time

15. Welcome to real racing!

See you there!


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#2 fajanko


    Jani Posta

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Posted Jan 27 2019 - 04:54 AM


11. Check track position, confirm track spacing, notice where cars are on track, check mirrors, comfort in seat, think about it...blip the throttle a few times, engage 1st and wuhoohoo get on track

Ah I love this feeling :D I like to experience these things every time I got back to GPL - or rather into GPL mode :)

#3 Stefan Roess

Stefan Roess

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Posted Jan 31 2019 - 06:28 AM

Thank you John for setting up a permanent server! :thumbup:

To those who never have raced online...
You will love to race against human drivers.

I will never forget my first online experience many years ago.
It was around 2003/2004 when the 65 mod was released.
Late at night I joined a server that hosted the US track Road Atlanta (by David Noonan).
Only one guy (I don`t remember his name) was on the server. We had some nice laps (he even waitetd for me when I crashed) and a little chat.
He told me that he knows the real track as he had raced there with his Porsche at track days. :)
That was pretty cool. Racing with someone at the same time on the same track, while we were sitting in front of our PCs at the other side of the world, plus he has even been to the real track. That was so cool. :D :cool: Well, today it is normal, but not back in 2003/2004, at least not for me.

After some more pickup races the next days I searched for a German (or at least European) online league and found GPLRACER.
I think I was the 7th member and it didn`t take long and I became admin.
And since 2004 GPLRACER is doing an anual 1965 mod cup. With new mods released we also offer new mod cups.

But back on topic....John`s WILLOW server.

Join the fun with real people! It does not matter if you are slow or an alien.
I am not much into the original 67 cars but I would join when I see some drivers online, even so it will be late local CET time for me.

Let`s go racing! :drive1:


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#4 John Woods

John Woods

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Posted Feb 03 2019 - 11:03 AM

All of my fantasies about being a semi-capable driver were shattered completely by the reality of having to prove it online. Everything seems different when, first time out, everything you do is there for all to see.

Takes a bit while the initial nervous uncertainty fades and confidence reduces fear of unknown to an anxious level of reasonable comfort while on track.

Anyone online during my first several days wandering around there likely thought some of my chat comments were at the same time both silly and sad. In retrospect that was my opinion but no chance in chat to edit comments later. Some may remember my rambling apologies days after.

Fortunately GPL online drivers are among the most polite, welcoming, and helpful of any that anyone could imagine. All kinds of pressure until figuring out...there is no pressure.  

This is too much fun!

Takes awhile to re-program your brain and fix bad habits locked in from years of racing Ai. Then learning good habits can and will help make you a better driver.

A few weeks have gone by, now feeling kind of accustomed to some of the world's best drivers close behind in mirrors, (whew!), and better at letting them pass without issue.

Way better at the critical and essential good habit of maintaining focus, not daydreaming along and forgetting where the car is on track. Learned I cannot race while listening to talk radio.

Now very happy to have finally entered a whole other world of Grand Prix Legends.

Another best part...as others have mentioned recently, great to find SRMZ members known for years alongside on track and maybe get a few minutes off track to say HI in the driver's chat room.

Pit Out

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#5 Pedro



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Posted Feb 03 2019 - 12:35 PM

Welcome to the online herd John :drive1:

Those beginner nerves are addictive.

#6 John Woods

John Woods

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Posted Feb 07 2019 - 06:38 AM

Pedro, I am hooked.

A few days ago on the Willow server between practice sessions there was a six driver fun race.

Noticing the first three positions were very close together and all very quick, asked in chat what the WR is for the track.

The top three on the grid were within 1sec of the record!

Just a moment in time, hanging with the world's best.


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#7 John Woods

John Woods

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Posted Feb 17 2019 - 08:40 PM

Went to Interlagos today and raced with GPLBRASIL
My third race.

At the start the plan was to not crash, try to stay away from other cars, let things settle, make it around the first lap, get through T1 the second time with some space between the car ahead and the one behind.

Try to stay on track thru the second turn then flat out down to T3, that falls left off the slope of a hill and falls immediately into T4, closing onto a short straight before the first roundabout loop.

By the third lap cars nearby had given up challenging each other and for several laps we stayed close and maintained a steady pace. Followed two cars, one of which had let by rather than fight for position early in the race.

Both of them, just my big head opinion, would be passed without having to press. Of course there was no way of knowing what they were thinking about me, which could have been there was nothing to worry about.

But it did seem my car was slowly catching them.

Somewhere in the middle of the race a faster driver up ahead had some incident, maybe involving another car, and the three of us passed his car while he recovered and was then behind me.

Within half lap he had caught up so somewhere on the back side let him pass. Now he was inbetween me and the two cars I was hopeful of passing.

My guess was, they would yield to the faster driver or crash while challenging each other, so held back and tried to keep pace. He got around and again it seemed my car was very slowly catching up.

Then somewhere up in the curves the car in front spun off track to the right.

Braking hard, went way left and the other car came back across the track in perfect instant tangent alignment with the nose of the Lotus. Later, after the race, forgot to apologize to the driver for picking the exact wrong escape route. I should have gone right and missed him altogether.

The thump sent the off line car out of view while my immediate worry, after stupidly blowing the engine in the previous race, was about having to explain two consecutive DNFs.

The Lotus was still running and not damaged enough to keep it from rolling, so after some quick handling analysis and checking Prib for position got back on it and tried to focus once again.

About this time the phone rang. And rang.
Let it ring and it stopped.
Then it began again. Let it ring again.

The doorbell began ringing as well.
Someone was calling on their phone from outside my door.
This went on for at least one full lap.

Finally on the front straight glanced over toward the phone and while coming down off the big slope before the S/F line de-immersed myself enough to find the correct button, clicked it to pick up on speaker, then dropped it while trying to set it back on the table, right about the moment T1 was coming up again.

Made it though that and began yelling at the floor, "GO AWAY - I AM RACING! DON'T CALL AGAIN! GO AWAY! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!" Then the phone started off-hook beeping and kept that up for at least one lap before going silent.

Still, there were two cars in front it seemed were within reach without pressing beyond realistic mode's limits. As each lap passed the car was closing in, and the three of us were closing up.

At the bottom of one of the loops my car caught up with the car in front just in time to see it spin, then get down under it and once past exit push for a few seconds distance between us before he got going and we regained racing pace.

Now only a few laps remained. There was still one car in front it seemed possible to catch if there was enough time and distance.

It could happen.
Anything could happen.

For a lap or so the car behind stayed near, then faded slowly. At one point got very close to the car in front, coming through T3, the big sloping turn off the side of the hill, thinking it was about time to pass.

But going into T4 the car went wide, off track for several yards, and by then the car ahead was down the short straight and with less than three laps to go, was too far ahead to catch and pass.

The car behind had settled into its pace, so with no danger of it coming up, the practical goal became to finish the race and do not let up and miss an opportunity, or get lazy and give up a top ten finish on the last lap.

Maintaining focus and force of habit after 40mins of racing sustained the brain for the last round, with the car finishing on the same lap as the winner, 1:55xx behind.

Started 10th on the grid and finished 8th. Two top tens in three races of rookie season. Complete surprise to me to finish at all.

So altogether, great hosts, great drivers, great time, too much fun...great race.

Race results:http://www.freeleo.h...&race=201902170


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#8 Pedro



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Posted Feb 18 2019 - 01:38 PM

Big smile !

So only the cat didn't spill your drink, you wheel didn't come loose from the bureau ;)
My father in law rings me aften while I am racing, and now he does that with you too  :P

Nice to read how much you enjoy racing John, and so recognisable to.

#9 Killer Miele

Killer Miele

    Jackie Ickx

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Posted Feb 20 2019 - 10:30 AM

hallo new gpl driver

  this is a letter to all who are thinking about driving gpl but don't dare the
  first step to take
- i know a lot of gpl drivers and everybody is aware how difficult this simulation is
  and no matter how fast the driver is, nobody wants to drive alone - that's why he's happy
  actually everyone when new drivers join gpl
- i have been driving this simulation since 2006 and can't do it without seeing a new driver.
  I always talk to him by name and hope he wants to talk to me.
  in this way i have already had great conversations that have also brought me humanly further
- when i started with gpl i drove with F10 so the view was behind the car
  at a lanparty i met wolfgang my first gpl trainer who taught me in 1 year in a car
  sitting down to drive that is necessary if you want to drive a race because there you can drive over
  the mirrors
  can see where the opponents are running
- he himself is a car mechanic who has worked on ancient alfa romeos his extensive
  know especially with setups he has passed on to me and taught me a lot his racing name
  McWolf- I'm very grateful to him.
- this is also the reason that when new riders show up they get any support
  to send to you
- I am almost every day in the Igor on the road and train, this is necessary because I lie in some
  drive to improve my constancy and time

- all this should show you love newbies it is worth it gpl to drive there are like-minded people who
  look forward to you it is a small step for you but it can bring you a whole lot
  my racing name is killer miele, but in reality it's frank.
  i am looking forward to you please speak to me even if i am faster than you i will help and support
  that's what I wanted to tell you.
  See you on the track.
   bye miele

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

an neue Gpl fahrer

  dies ist ein brief an alle die sich überlegen gpl zu fahren aber sich nicht trauen den
  ersten schritt zu machen
- ich kenne viele gpl fahrer und jeder ist sich bewust wie schwierig diese simulation ist
  und egal wie schnell der fahrer ist , niemand will alleine fahren-deswegen freut sich
  eigentlich jeder wenn neue fahrer zu gpl hinzu kommen
- ich fahre seit 2006 diese simulation und kann nicht mehr ohne  wenn ich einen neuen fahrer sehe
  rede ich ihn immer mit namen an und hoffe er will mit mir reden
  auf diese art habe ich schon tolle gespräche gehabt die mich auch menschlich weiter gebracht
- als ich mit gpl angefangen habe bin ich mit F10 gefahren also die sicht hinter dem wagen
  bei einer Lanparty traf ich auf wolfgang mein erster gpl trainer der mir in 1 jahr beibrachte  im auto
  sitzent zu fahren das ist notwendig wenn man rennen fahre möchte da man dort über die spiegel
  sehen kann wo die gegner im rennen sind
- er selbst ist ein automechaniker der an alten alfa romeos gearbeitet hat sein umfangreiches
  wissen speziell mit setups hat er an mich weiter gereicht und mir viel beigebracht sein rennname
  ist Mc wolf- ich bin ihm sehr dankbar
- dies ist auch der grund das ich wenn neue fahrer auftauchen ihnen jegliche unterstützung
  zukommen lassen möchte
- ich bin fast jeden tag im Igor unterwegs und trainiere, das ist notwendig da ich in einigen ligen
  fahre um meine konstanz und zeiten zu verbessern

- das alles soll euch liebe neulinge zeigen es lohnt sich gpl zu fahren dort sind gleichgesinnte die sich auf euch freuen es ist ein kleiner schritt für euch aber es kann euch eine ganze menge bringen
mein rennname ist killer miele der aber im wirklichkeit frank heisst
ich freue mich auf euch bitte sprecht mich an auch wenn ich schneller bin als ihr ich werde euch helfen und unterstützen
das war was ich euch mitteilen wollte
wir sehen uns auf der rennstrecke
bye miele

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#10 John Woods

John Woods

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Posted Feb 21 2019 - 08:47 AM

With only two posts in several years, Frank Miele is maybe not so well known to SRMZ members who do not race online or follow league action.

Everyone who races online knows Killer is one of the very best pilots, and know also he is often online, is happy to share the knowledge and technical skills he has developed over many years of racing, and is sincerely interested in helping others reach their goals as racing drivers.

A few days ago in iGOR chat he said a few things about what it was like when he was a newbie driver, and thinking his words could encourage others to join the online circus, asked him to contribute here on the Willow server thread.

There are very few who know more about how to make any Grand Prix Legends car go fast.

When he tells you, for example, to use 2nd gear on Turn 3 or 4th gear through the esses you should do that because, prove it to yourself, he's right and you are wrong.

At least, that's been my experience a lot.

But it is easy to suffer through being wrong so often when the result has been a recent series of new PBs.

Really annoying when someone keeps helping you get better.


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#11 John Woods

John Woods

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Posted Mar 11 2019 - 09:20 AM

Sometimes its just good enough to have been there...

Yesterday on the oAo server, while the rest of us wandered around Bathurst hanging out having fun, Robert posts a WR time in the Eagle


Nice one Robert!

Another amazing day on-line

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#12 Iestyn16


    Tom Pryce

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Posted Mar 11 2019 - 04:25 PM

On that note (Amazing time by Rob! :o), I remember when Aleksi Elomaa started livestreaming ten years ago on a website called Justin.tv. He did a Monaco Lotus WR while doing so. It was a new idea at the time and I remember watching for the first time.

5 years ago (now called Twitch, the original gaming section of the website), it is bought by Amazon for $1bn. Now the 30th most used site on the Internet, Microsoft suggests that gaming hours watched will eclipse gaming hours played. So I can relate to being there and seeing history in the making :).

PS. I've seen it and you were on track in the WR replay ;).

#13 John Woods

John Woods

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Posted Jul 22 2019 - 11:59 AM

Really bozo'd out at the GPLBRASIL Tripoli race.
Absolutely no excuses.

So this is just a little hopefully helpful explanation and little commentary on why stupid driver's race.

Had been training for the race on iGOR about three weeks, early morning and afternoon, two or three sessions a day, maybe an hour altogether.

So, maybe 20hrs of training?

Sometimes, like last Saturday, spent a few hours on track including a 14 lap run in the Eagle on 18 laps fuel. At one point the Friday before posted a 2:50xx. Pretty much figured on a very close grid and a race with position challenges on every lap.

Sunday morning was on track early, glad to see friends and a few laps under 2:52.

Then a fruit and protein shake and making sure to stay hydrated.
This has been a special problem lately due to an incredible heat wave here.
Feels-like temps around 110F.
This is when necessity scheduled building a big wall lamp structure in the over-heated garage.

So after the morning session went out to get it done.

Sort of. More like two steps forward, one or two back, then off to the hardware store hopeful a better idea will get it all back to even.

Been at it a few days, holding on in brief sessions until persperation soaked clothes thru, which signalled time to take a break.

Around 1PM a friend showed up. Sitting around in the heat mentioned thinking I needed a nap. By two o'clock he had left and by 2:20 had decided it was imperative to rest and maybe even sleep a bit before the race or otherwise there would be no chance of thinking clearly and finishing the race.

Must have fell asleep in about two minutes.

At 2:59 woke up, stared at the clock long enough to focus on it, jumped up, realized I was still asleep while stumbling out of the bedroom and across the hall into the race room, fell into the seat and clicked the iGOR icon seconds before the password showed up on chat.

Whew. Made it. Didn't over sleep.

Am I awake? Oh well. Too late now. Time to qualify!

Got a few laps in and settled on a 2:51xx and second place at the start of qually. By the time it was over that got me 6th (I think).

Almost a full field.

Fajanko showed up! We were glad to see him.

Alex GPL67 showed up after a long absence. We were glad to see him too.

Pedro Ramalho set pole with a 2:47xx. Amazing. It was good friends and old friends having fun.

Lots of BRMs on the grid, suggesting lots of drivers going for bonus points. Think that means they fear a very competitive season?

Renato Jungle sat behind me in a BRM, only a few fractions slower than me in the Eagle. He is typically at the front, so I never race with him.

But now with more top end my guess was if my car could stay ahead off the grid he would be left behind on the long straights where I could peak the Eagle at 201mph.

Got out safely at the start and held on between Killer Miele in front and Renato behind. Made it thru T1, slid over the hilltop turn and sure enough, put some distance between me and Renato while the guys up ahead seemed to be slightly pulling away.

Made it around the first lap, staying safely inbetween with a hundred yards or so either way to another driver.

At T1 watched as Alex hit the miserable dip midway through, slid off up the slope and out of the race. A little panic there but made it through with everyone else, happy to be still racing and hopeful I was not still asleep while still having trouble waking up.

Left Renato on the back straight. But knew well that he would come in close at the end as we headed into one of the weirdest turns in Grand Prix Legends. Sorry I am not a fan of it at all.

It might not bother me so much now if I had finished the race.

Instead, chose to go brain dead somewhere after entry and suddenly found the car heading too far inside, tried to correct that and dang it all added too much brake, maybe, overcorrected steering, maybe, hit the sand bags and lost the left front wheel!

What the heck? Again?

Duh-uh. Race over...

Which brings me to the reason for this post.

Two DNFs to start the season is not a great start.
It does give one the opportunity to think about it a lot.

Thinking about it takes a similar path on each occasion.

First, an immediate de-brief exercise in the form of a rapid wandering walk around the house back and forth from room to room to sluff off simmering rage before it reaches the point of breaking something or making promises to myself that won't be kept. This takes several minutes before smoldering off-and-on for several days.

Now, after a total of five DNFs, the routine has narrowed down to a quicker and quicker resolution. Actually, yesterday's tragedy really left no wake at all compared to a 3rd place wipe out in old town Weisbaden a few months ago.

There is no good answer to the question, "Why am I an idiot?"

The only answer is: It does not matter, just keep going. The sooner you once again figure that out, the better chance of a better long term outcome.

The point is to help create the story.

It is qually and getting to sit there on the grid waiting for the flag. It is taking in the whole picture and setting it all in memory. It is not just the race or whatever result.

Most of all, and more than anything else, it is the reward of being there.

Joining chat and touching base with friends from around the world, sharing the track during practice and training sessions for days before the race, getting out there for qualifying, watching the grid form up...all of this very great fun makes any result worth the effort even when the effort was not the very best.

Just an idiot no doubt. But, the more races entered, the less significant these last two will be. And despite the losses, maybe a few good finishes and earning some bonus points will help the season?

You don't quit because you didn't win.

You don't quit...because being there is way way way too much fun.

You race to stay in front of the driver behind and to catch the driver ahead. It is the same at the back of the field as the front. Beyond that you have no control over what happens beyond your own capacity to stay on track.

Or in some cases to wake up or stay awake.

What you can control is how you deal with not finishing.

That depends on your point of view. There is no point in lamenting the past if the whole point is to look to the future.

So, in the near future look for a particular idiot in a BRM, Cooper, or Honda sometime soon, hopeful of bonus points and finally finishing a race this season.

Pedro won, Killer came in second, Renato finished third.
That's just part of the story.
Grats to all.

Next up: Bathurst!
Practice and training daily on the Willow server unless there's an upcoming oAo or GELI track there briefly.

Onward thru the fog!

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#14 Pedro



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Posted Jul 22 2019 - 01:48 PM


Thanks for the (recognisable) read.

I guess you are a race-sim-driver in your spare time, and a shrink in real life :up:

#15 fajanko


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Posted Jul 23 2019 - 02:08 AM

Cheers mate!

I was having huge fun around this pre-war track, but sadly I had to leave early...

After hundreds of online race you will wonder how strong memories you have from your early races, if not from all... While I was eating Joao's dust in the BRM I was lamenting about HGPLM top drivers, who always drove this beast due to car credit restrictions: Szegletes Gabor, Kiss Richard (check GPL Rank for their skills). Some might remember their names. HGPLM was closed in 2011...


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