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Gpl On Twitter

Yesterday, 09:29 AM

Don't know if any of you do social media and Twitter.
Is there anything for gpl on Twitter ?

Only thing I can see is @gplrecently which hasn't been posted to since September.



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Formula B 1968

Yesterday, 11:20 AM

I would like to make a Formula B carset using the F2 67 mod.
For that I would need pictures (1967 or 1968)


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Recommendations For New Wheel

Today, 07:52 AM

Posted by GrandPrixYannick in Your rig or Manufacturer's stuff
Since I started driving Grand Prix Legends I have always driven a MOMO Logitech Steering Wheel and it has been a great steering wheel for me.

Lately, however, I getting pretty bothered with the pedals, because once every couple of months they require cleaning because the throttle goes only 90% at times.
I presume it's a part of maintenance. It's fine if it happens once in a while. But lately it has been getting problematic.

I feel it may be getting time to invest in a more modern steering wheel.
It is a great wheel, but it kind of is from a previous era of gaming.

I have been looking around and have a few in interest. For the steering wheel I have a few requirements:

- Good comfortability
- Little maintenance required (mainly the pedals!!)
- A good amount of buttons
- Includes stick shift
- Though I do not use a console, I share a preference towards Xbox rather than PS, but it is not essential.
- Money is not an issue.

Personally I'm leaning towards the Logitech G920. But before I make the decision to buy, I'd like some recommendations from you.
Which wheel would be your choice and why?

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Questions About Some "lost" Tracks

16 Oct 2017

Posted by Millennium in GPL Request Area
I was scrolling trough all the topics on this forum today and saw some tracks mentioned of which I had never heard before.

1. Rouen Winter/ In Space
- I've only found one screenshot of the winter version. Both of the tracks are unavailable though.
Are they lost or were they never really released?

2. Mosport At Night
It took my a while to realise, but is this the only Papyrus track of which there doesn't seem to be a night version?

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Trouble When Leaving Gem+2 With Windows10

14 Oct 2017

Posted by Prost was the best in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Hello all,

Since I have installed Windows10 on my new computer, I get this error message when I leave GEM+ 2 :

Path/File access error in UpdateExe

It seems GEM+ tried to delete gplc67 (or gplc66, gplc55 ...) to create a new version but it can't do it due to lack of access rights.

When I reboot my computer, everything is OK.

I tried to start GEM+2 as administrator but nothing change.

I searched on GPL forums but found nothing related.

Any idea ?


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