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Phillip Island 67 Final

Yesterday, 06:50 AM

Posted by db312 in GPL-Track Database
Hello everybody :)

Here is as the title says a final version of Phillip Island, a track very well known for his bikes races, but also used with cars, and which is definitely very very fun !

Okay, I know that some of you are expecting some other tracks, but rest assured, they will be released soon !

Anyway, the idea to make it final has been proposed by Stefan Roess, starting from the beta version created by docroberto in 2004.
A great thank to him for this initiative, and of course also to docroberto !
Stefan and Pavel has gave us some nice pictures and videos from the sixties.
As usual “Dottore“ Ginetto has made all the hard work... A special thank to him !
Gliebzeit also participated, and Sergio Loro gave me a helping hand.

A huge thank to all these gentlemen, without whom this version would not have been possible !

You will find after the installation some detailed informations in the folder, and also some alternate files.

But there is a recommendation :
If some of you have the beta version already installed, it is better to remove it before to install this one !
Normally, you won't be too much deceived...

And now, all you have to do is try it ! ^_^

Some screenshots...
Attached File  phillip_island_67.jpg   136.74K   61 downloadsAttached File  phillip_island67.jpg   112.38K   71 downloads

And the thing...
Attached File  Phillip_Island_67_v1.0.rar   17.53MB   53 downloads

Ps : When releasing the track, I forgot to wait the addition of the sound files made by Gliebzeit...
Here is my error corrected by him... Thanks a lot Greg ! http://srmz.net/inde...48

And the adventure goes on... :drive1:


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Older Racers: Do You Suffer Pain While Racing?

13 Apr 2019

I've not really raced for a couple of years and only started up again the last couple of months and I notice my shoulders are absolutely buggered. I don't know if it's the wheel size (I'm using the T300 and it's fairly small, but I've no idea how to make it larger. Yes you can buy replacement wheels for it but that's not doable financially.)

Just wanted to see if anyone else gets pain from racing. (Other than mental. HAHA!) I mean I'm messed up anyway. Nerve damage in my feet from medical issues in 2010 causes issues but not pain, and my back has been hosed for 20 years so I'm used to that, but this shoulder thing is new. I've lowered the rotation of the wheel to 320 but I'm debating going back to the original 270 of my first wheel to see if that alleviates anything.

Anyone got any thoughts or ideas? It's bad having to take painkillers just so I can drive.

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Where Do I Start?!

11 Apr 2019

Hi everybody! My name is Aaron and I am completely new to sim racing. I literally just stumbled on to Grand Prix Legends the other day, reading this article from 2005 about the game. I've been poking around SRMZ, and I am amazed by your community's passion and dedication. It is really amazing! I'd like to get started, but I have no idea how. In 2019, what is the best way to acquire a copy of the game? Are there any plans to publish an anniversary edition of the game, with all the mods and improvements included? What kind of hardware do I need to run the game well? I'm assuming I don't need a high-end PC, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking forward to getting more involved with the GPL community!

Aaron (OkieSimRacer)

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Trying To Find A Gpl Track I Drove Possibly 15+ Years Ago.

10 Apr 2019

Rather than continue to derail the other thread I figured I'd start a thread here as suggest.

Okay, I'm 90% certain I raced here in LOPEN, which I think I left in 2005, so it's likely 2005 or older. The details I can remember:

It was a street circuit, that went past a town hall. The building was on the left, after some trees. Not just a few trees, but a lot of trees. There may have been railings in front of the building. It was light colored. It was on the left either on a right hand turn or just after the exit of a right turn. Relatively quick too, not a tight turn or anything. (Think lift off rather than slam the brakes on) I THINK the building was very... Pointy. It definitely wasn't a flat, square type building. Floors? Definitely higher than two stories. That's about all I can remember. Oh, my brain keeps telling me it's a Swiss track, but that can't be right given their ban on racing, surely?

So far I/we have ruled out: Varosliget, Watkins Glen 48, Thornham, Parco Valentino, Pau. (I'll add to this as I eliminate tracks.)

Is there anywhere I might be able to find old race schedules for LOPEN from 15 years ago? I imagine not, but that'd be one way to hopefully find it.

I'm going to keep digging through the track database to see if I can turn anything up. If I ever do, I'll for sure post.

If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know.

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Pc Gamer On Grand Prix Legends

11 Apr 2019

PC Gamer celebrating great games features Grand Prix Legends with article reprint from 2005.



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