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Looking For F2 Setups

Yesterday, 06:42 PM

Posted by FruitEatingBear in GPL-Setups/Replays

I'm just getting back into racing after 15 years away, and am incredibly happy that GPL is still supported. Thanks to this site I've reinstalled it, put in a few mods, and loved it. As I'm an oldie now F2 is about my limit, so I'm on the lookout for a whole ton of F2 setups. I'm as useless at setting up a car now as I was back then. Would someone care to share please?

Great to see the names of some of my old racing friends on here too.



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Lesser Wrong Direction Dqs

Yesterday, 06:35 AM

Posted by Olaf Lehmann in GPL-Misc' Addons
Here is a patch which prevents unnecessary and nonsensical disqualifications.

On some tracks it is impossible to return to the track after a mistake without driving in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, gpl disqualifies drivers if they drive faster than 7km/h in the wrong direction for a certain time. A blatant example is Dundrod. We had two disqualifications there last season for this reason.

This patch has the effect that disqualification only takes place if the speed exceeds 100km/h.
The patch works offline. Online, the host is decisive. Only if the patch is on the server does the changed speed limit apply.

This is an xml patch like there are already many.
Just put the xml file into the GEM+/Options folder and select it in GEM+!


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Texture Problem On The Original 1969 Mod Matra

02 Mar 2021

Posted by Argyle1968 in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Here's one for the car editing guys.

I'm trying to adapt a paint scheme from a modified version of the Matra (pic 1 below) to the Matra included in the original 1969 mod (not the Xtra mod).  My attempt resulted in the car shown in pic 2.

Obviously there are some issues.  I've got the MIPs correctly named.  The driver's name is McNicol, so the MIPs are named mcn4a, mccwing, mccfwng, windjm1 and windjm2.  For some reason when I hex the "ste7a.3do" extracted from the original 69 mod murasama.DAT and save as mcn4a.3do I'm getting the default Matra without numbers.   So I tried using the Mcn4.3do from the "Matra" shown in pic 1 with the Matra car (murasama.dat) from the 69 mod and ended up with the car in pic 2.

I'm assuming the air intakes are the ***spon MIPs, which are included in the driver 3DOs on the 69 mod car but are not included in the 3DOs of the modified Matra in pic 1.   That's problem number 1.  Problem 2 is that the wings default to the Matra "Elf" wings no matter what I hex the names to in the mcn4a.3do (and rename the corresponding MIPS of course)--that one has me totally stumped. And finally, I need to get rid of the high wing struts, which I'm going to assume is the mtrpole.mip file.

I'd really appreciate some input with this because I just haven't been able to figure it out.

Thanks in advance!

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Just Installed Gpl Using Disc But When I Click On The Gpl Icon The Screen Goes Black

01 Mar 2021

Just installed GPL using Disc but when I click on the GPL icon the screen goes Black and nothing, it just sits there Black?.

Over the years since 98 I have installed it about 4 times previously no problems .

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Bargains - Fanatical.com Sale - 'dirt 4' Dirt Cheap, Pc2 On Sale Too.

01 Mar 2021

As the title says, if anyone likes to try out alternative sims when they're on sale, Fanatical.com are currently having a spring sale. The two items which caught my eyes are:

Dirt 4 (CodeMasters) currently on a flash sale for £0.74 for the next 20 hours.

Project Cars 2 for £6.74
Project Cars 2 Deluxe for £10.49
Both of the offers above are for the whole 9 days of the sale.

I'm definitely going to get Dirt 4, and I will probably get PC2 Deluxe as well.

It's not that I'm greedy, it's just that I think it's fair if I crash everybody's cars. ;) :D

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