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My "hidden In The Furniture" Rig

Today, 09:43 AM

Posted by Peter Perfect in Your rig or Manufacturer's stuff
Hello all,
finally I took some pictures of the current version of my rig. I hope the pictures can inspire someone, enjoy them!

The cabinet is a modified IKEA Besta that we are using as TV bench in our attic. The left part of the cabinet contains a laptop, the dvd and a wii, all connected to the TV. The central part contains the wheel, shifter and pedals, while in the right part (where i removed the back panel to let th air circulate) there is the driving PC.

The wheel is a Logitech G25. Wheel and shifter are installed to a shelf that can be fixed to the top using 2 clamps.

I removed the pedals from the original casing in order to fix them in my preferred position. They are fixed to a shelf so they can be removed from the cabinet if needed.

Hope you like it!
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Problem With The '67 Sportscar Extra Mod

Today, 05:33 AM

Posted by manatarms in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"
It appears that this mod has a graphical option for the LOLA car but for some reason, I get the MKIII (red) car even if I choose the MKII (white) graphics.
I tried installing this mod on a fresh GPL install but it still happens. Any idea about what I should do?

Thanks in advance.

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F268 New Tecno 68

Yesterday, 01:09 PM

Posted by KARTM in GPL-F2 Mod
here it is the brand new Tecno 68 ,no not completely new ! its of course the Tecno of( theGrand Prix Legends 1968 Formula 2 carset, by Jonathan Abbott (username JonnyA at SRMZ)/.with some improvments far from perfect , . this upgrade include a new player skins and 3do,a new Clay Regazzoni skins and 3do ,and  new Pedro Rodriguez kit 3do and skins who will become  operational with the  late68 season .ini kit that will be release soon . the 3do was reshape ,including the engine and many glitch in the cockpit were fix , but if you want to get rid of the lotus gearshift  you have to put  the gearshift mip (who come from the tasman dino)in the lotus file too theres an engine mip (an edited 69 mod lotus mip )too who goes in the lotus file, all the other mip and 3do goes in the C08 file incuding  the new GEMPIC ,and the pedro pic  pbf goes in the layout file  .KARTM

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F268 Late Season Kit And Cars

Yesterday, 01:14 PM

Posted by KARTM in GPL-F2 Mod
Here it is , its a late 1968 formula 2 season,  many drivers career end in 68 some died some were hurt badly , Clark of course ,but mike Spence too at indy , two F2 regular  disapeared, Jo Schlesser  and Chris Irwin , so i  did replace them with Brian Redman  on a Lola t100 of the david Bridges racing , the player will still have the choice of using  Surtees colors  or D,Bridges colors , the INI include Jackie Stewart ,so i did include the stewart kit prevously released , and the INI will trigger the Pedro rodriguez kit , so you will have to download and install the "new Tecno68  " kit too, there some update for the lotus too i call them sunny lotus  , with brighter colors like it suppose to be on a sunny day (all my track are sunny i did my share of race under the rain i hate it) .the INI goes in the GPL file, backup  your actual  dr68F2.ini or rename it, other mips pbf  ect goes in there respective files,KARTM

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Wheel Compatability

15 Jan 2020

Posted by twinpotter in Your rig or Manufacturer's stuff
Hi everybody

You may remember sometime recently? that I had a thread on here, regarding my issues running a newly purchased Logitech G29 wheel, with my old Windows XP OS.

See: http://srmz.net/inde...topic=13207&hl=

This saddened me and frustrated me to no end, and I was left to using my old cheapskate Logitech wheel. Which was bearable, but not satisfactory 😠

I really wanted and was desperate to experience GPL and other racing games (on my Windows XP) with a decent wheel. I was therefore determined to find a solution and consequently find a decent wheel that I could run on my system.

Well I can say that finally I have succeeded in doing so. I just wanted to share here my joy here and how it as happened. It all came about the other day, when I looked on the boot sale app Sphock, and suddenly I spotted a nice G27 wheel and advert. I eventually managed to snag it for £70 UK pounds, with also adding £20 on for fuel collection. So a total that rounded up to just under £100 pounds sterling for a nearly new wheel.

What I got was a G27 wheel set, just out of its box, and as I found out on collection, used once or twice, then put back in its box. The wheel set, with pedal base and shifter was in superb condition and just like new. It was so clean, unscratched, without any kind of breaks or cracks and operating as it should. All I had to do was to give it a wipe down with duster and polish, to wipe away the dust.

It then came the time to connect to my rig 😬🥵 and wow 😁✌️ was I surprised, to see it connect to my machine, get recognised in the control panel (with response) and also in the Logitech software programme.

Now I'm in SIM racing heaven. It's a fantastic wheel, with great response, fantastic driving feel and just adds to the enjoyment and enhancement of my gaming. I'm blown away with GPL on my wheel and it as not only given me a new lease of GPL life, but made my driving much better and improved so far.

I've installed GPL shift and that is working great and I am slipping through the gears and Hgate nicely. Couple of things though that I've noticed, is while driving, all I have to do is drop the revs and change up or down, by flicking the gear stick into the appropriate gear. I thought I saw something somewhere (GPL Laps?) where you had to use the clutch to select gears anf change up or down the box? By the way I downloaded the beta version of GPL shift. I couldn't download the updated version on the same page? From the same page and via GPL links. It seems to go nowhere 🤔

Also as anybody got any recommendations on upgrading the G27 shifter. I've been looking at something on 3drap:

Please look at some pics I've included on my new set up. Let me say that I am now (for a while anyway) ecstatic and doing cartwheels with GPL and other SIM racing games 😁😁😛😛

TP: 🏁

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