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AtlasF1 Legends League - GP Division Season 11

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#1 Arturo Pereira

Arturo Pereira

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Posted Aug 14 2006 - 09:24 AM

a. Schedule
, Day Track Race/laps Series
1 26/08/06 Monaco 40 65
2 02/09/06 Brands67 40 69
. 09/09/06 OFF . .
3 16/09/06 Sandown68 40 65
4 23/09/06 Clermont Ferrand 19 69
. 30/09/06 OFF . .
5 07/10/06 Castle Combe 50 65
6 14/10/06 Snetterton67 40 69
. 21/10/06 OFF . .
7 28/10/06 Monsanto 30 65
8 04/11/06 Zeltweg 36 69
. 11/11/06 OFF . .
9 18/11/06 Salzburgring74 40 65
10 25/11/06 Edmonton 40 69
. 02/12/06 OFF . .
11 09/12/06 Keimola 42 65
12 16/12/06 Reims 24 69
. 23/12/06 OFF . .
- 30/12/06 OFF - -
13 06/01/07 Spa-Francorchamps 14 65
14 13/01/07 Monza 34 69

b. Championship
Drivers will receive 10 points for finishing the whole race. If you do not complete all the laps, you will be awarded a percentage of the 10 points depending on the percentage of the race you completed. All drivers that start a race will receive their % of the basic 10 points, even if they finish the race in 9th position or higher.
In addition, the top 8 finishers will receive points as follows:

1st -10 points
2nd - 8
3rd - 6
4th - 5
5th - 4
6th - 3
7th - 2
8th - 1

We will be recording a 1969 F1 Championship, a 1965 F1 Championship and an Overall Championship, which will define the Overall Season 10 Champion. Drivers are encouraged to participate in both series.

Teams of 2 drivers are accepted. If a Team presents 3 drivers, only the 1st 2 will receive points. Teams' points will be equal to the total points received by the individual drivers.

If we have no teams conformed before the start of the season, points will be awarded according the the chassis used.

Best 6 out of 7 races of each series will count for the Championships.

c. Races
All sessions will consist of a 30m Practice followed by a race, as defined in the Schedule. If the server is available, we will host a 2 hours Practice before the Official one.

We will be hosting practice races in the OFF weekends. They will consiste of 2 Int/short races at the next 2 scheduled tracks with a 20 minutes practice before each race.

d. Startime
We will race on Saturdays, starting the Official Practice at 19GMT (14EST5EDT).

We will be using Intermediate damage for both Series, so SHIFT-Rs are available to all drivers on lap 1, anywhere, without any penalty. On subsequent laps all drivers that are forced to SHIFT-R MUST come into the pits for a stop&go penalty.

The driver should announce his impending pit stop with "PI" or "pit in", and his exit with "PO" or "pit out". The driver must make one pit stop for each shift-R. Pit stops can be served at any time during the race, but must be served before the final race lap. NO SHIFT-Rs are allowed in the last lap !!

A 40 second penalty will be applied for any missed pit stop, unless the driver did not have an opportunity to serve the pit stop before the final lap, in which case a 20 second penalty will be applied.

f. Chassis/Engines
We do not allow any modifications to the standard 1969 F1 and 1965 F1 chassis/engines combos, period. Any driver found using altered physics will be banned from the League.

g. Chassis of Choice
We know each other We strongly encourage the fastest drivers to use the heavy chassis (BRM and Lotus 63 for the 1969 Series, Cooper T77 and Brabham BT7 for the 1965 Series). The main target is to have all the 7 chassis represented in the races, right ?? However, this is not mandatory. Call it a moral request
All chassis options must be posted here BEFORE the start of the season. Only ONE change of chassis will be allowed after race 1.

h. Chat
No chatting is allowed after the official practice starts. Only 'PI' and 'PO' are allowed. If it would be possible, leave the 'sorry' for the post race comments.

i. Turn 1 incidents
They are very common and we would not like them to spoil the fun. All T1 incidents will be reviewed in detail and penalties will be applied if they are deserved. Be patient and keep the distance. No races are won at T1.

j. Post race reports
All drivers are encouraged to post his comments about each race, either positive or negative. However, we will not tolerate any flame war here. All protests about incidents must be emailed to me right after the race with a copy of the replay from the incident/s. No exceptions to this rule, period.
If anybody would want to discuss an incident in public, it is ok, BUT keep flames out of the thread. That discussion/analysis must be useful to avoid other incidents, not to find a guilty of charge.

If you have any doubt or question, shoot

All other AtlasF1 Legends League rules are in effect. We should meet at VROC's AtlasF1 chatroom (Atlas) that IS NOT passworded. All practices and races will be passworded. We will use the same password we used in season 10, except a change is required, in which case I will announce it 1 week before the change is in effect.

PM or email me for more information. We privilege Gentlemanly driving and, as you can see, our races will be around 50& of a full GP, so consistency is a must, NOT speed

You can visite our forums here at RSC

AtlasF1 Legends League forums at RSC

Just be sure you read our rules carefully and also this

Recommended Driver behaviour

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Posted Aug 15 2006 - 09:44 AM

Thanks for the info Arturo :thumbup:


#3 Arturo Pereira

Arturo Pereira

    Denny Hulme

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Posted Aug 15 2006 - 12:17 PM

dangermouse, on Aug 15 2006, 03:44 PM, said:

Thanks for the info Arturo :thumbup:



Hi Keith :)

Thanks to you for managing these first class forums  :)  I do not need to invite you, right ?? ;)

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