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Today, 06:41 AM

First-off, let me say howdy! It's been a long time since I've been around here.  The art that has been produced and continues to be is nothing short of amazing. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Now on to my question. In GEM+ there are carsets that are listed as 1967 FL, 1967 FD, 1967 FG, and 1967 FV. What is the difference between them? Even the 65s have two carsets, FD and FG.  

Thanks, Percy

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How To Install The Pitstop V2.0 Sc67X Tire Wear Xml Files

26 May 2020

How do I install the "read tire wear on cockpit gauge for the SC67x sports car mod" feature feature of the Pitstop v2.0 patch?

I was able to get the 77Je FP Tire Ware On F10 View Tach v.04.xml working by placing it in an options folder and selecting it in GEM+.

However, in the folder GPL/Mods/GEM+/gplSC/options, when I deleted 91.xml and pasted in
77Jf SCX LF Tire Wear On Cockpit View Water Or Oil Temp v.03.xml
91 SCX Tire Wear Gauges.xml

I saw no change in the Oil or Water gauges on the sports car dashboards.

I tried renaming
91 SCX Tire Wear Gauges.xml to

and renaming
77Jf SCX LF Tire Wear On Cockpit View Water Or Oil Temp v.03.xml
but that had no effect on the cockpit gauges.

What am I missing here?


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Question About Pit Box Board

25 May 2020

Hi All,
When pitting (To use Lee's refuel patch or similar) there are some tracks where the pit board doesn't appear until you are right on top of it, making a clean stop for fuel difficult. On other tracks it's visible as you drive into the pitlane. (Or at least in plenty of time to make a smooth stop).

Is there any easy way of adjusting the distance at when the pit board becomes visible at track level?

Thanks in advance


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F2 Online Racing

25 May 2020

Honest questions.
Does anybody know where I can find any Formula 2 online racing?
If not, please can someone help me set up an online server? I'm pretty technical so can follow any reasonable instructions. Pc and network bandwidth are fine and I'd love to be broadcasting live and uploading replays for everyone.
These little wagons are fun and it is a shame it is not easy to find any races.
Thanks in advance.

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1967 Extra - Do I Need This And What Does It Do?

25 May 2020

Posted by Tobodestroyer2020 in GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL"

I'm installing updates which I've missed over the last decade away from GPL and I'm curious about this one. Does it replace the original 67s? I have read that the physics are different so how does this effect my lap-times on GPL Rank? If I use this MOD, should I create a separate player or will it replace my default '67 player?

Sorry to have to ask but I would hate to upset my current, albeit outdated, GPL installation.

Thanks in advance.


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