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Thrustmaster Th8A Shifter Mods For More Immersion

Today, 07:46 PM

For all like to mod the TM TH8A shifter a little bit, to get more imersion, i can recommend on of the shifter mods available:

1. short shifter plate: https://www.ebay.de/...er/303349234123

Just perfect quality and look, and shortens the way in the gates. Plug and play, no calibration needed. Great value for the price and looks awesome!

2. "Klick-Klack" shifter mod, that gives you much better tactile feeling of the shifter running thrue the gates. You really have the feeling to engage a gear.

There is a cheap ebay version available: https://www.ebay.de/...ts/254473489015 - this is the one i am using. Great feeling, but the 3d print will not last forever.
"Clixbeetle" version, reviewed by SimracingGarage: https://www.youtube....=JuLTbi7OMBc&t= - available on ebay: https://www.ebay.com...RS/233496939426 - imo expensive, ships from Australia, but much better quality.
Do-it-yourself 3d-print version from "Peter Makes Things": https://www.youtube....=zjpHEQ71D44&t= - this is probably the best fitting version of this mod, Peter offers the files and links attached to the video. He is a great guy and i can only recommend his parts. Using his "Thrustmaster real quick release" (see his other videos) and everything is very well done.

Give it a try, this will raise the immersion to the next level!

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Special Event \ Gpl World Series

Today, 12:39 PM

Evening all.

This idea came about with last years championship race and is very much inspired by that race concept but not to be confused with the "masters & monsters" concept Rookie is working on these days. Also a great idea we hope see become reality.

Me and Andrè have been going a bit back and forth with the concept and here is where it stands as of right now.

In the same vein as Lange Ring Nacht we wanna do it all in one evening. The date is looking to be December 12th which is a saturday. It would start 5 PM local time (CET) and be done approx 12 PM. These are moveable times (1hour + or -).

The race concept would be 3 races of 1 hour each. With 1 hour qualifying sessions. Total of 6 hours plus a little time wasted here and there.

We will setup a prequal server on VROC locked to a single chassi and the 18 fastest drivers at deadline (early december ish) are qualified for the event. Track and chassi yet to be decided , its gonna be a medium long track most likely. Open for all running 24/7. Listed at our league site.

We will run 1 "regular" race in 60 fps. 1 race with Lee`s weather patch (the one with moving fog) and 1 race with Olaf`s dirtgear patch ver 8. (proposal , not nailed down)

Each qualified driver will have 12 chassi points available for the 3 races. The chassis are ranked : LOT = 7p , EAG = 6p, FER = 5p, REP = 4p, COP  = 3, HON = 2p and BRM = 1p.

The three chassis chosen must not exceed 12p in total for the 3 races , beyond that its up to the drivers how this is done.

One short track , one medium and one long.

Not sure how we score the event but Im sure we can come up with something before december.

The whole debacle will be livestreamed on youtube.

So , sound like fun?

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Gpl Night Patches V3.0

Yesterday, 12:56 PM

Posted by Lee200 in GPL-Misc' Addons
Here is a new set of Night Patches that adds a few enhancements:

1.  Fades and transitions are increased to 2 minutes each except for the Novice length race.  This was requested by Jake (GPLaps) to make the transitions smoother from day to night to day.

2.  A Light Switch is added to turn the lights on and off with the keyboard "L" key.  :)

For those who aren't familiar with the patches, they change the sky from day to night then back to day in order to simulate a 12 or 24 hour race.  They work during qualification and race for all mods, all country .exes, on and offline, with the D3D7v2 and OpenGLv2 rasterisers.

The most obvious use is to simulate 1967 Sports Car races that ran at night such as LeMans and Sebring; however, there is nothing wrong with using them for a 1965 F1 race at Monaco or a 1971 CanAm race at Road America.

There are five separate patch versions so you can choose how long you want to race at night:

1.  4 Hour Day To 4 Hour Night To 4 Hr Day--simulates a race which has 33% during the first day, 33% at night, and 33% the next day.
2.  6 Hour Day To 6 Hour Night--simulates a race which starts during the day and ends at night.  The first 50% of the race will be during the day.
3.  8 Hour Day To 4 Hour Night--simulates a race which starts during the day and ends at night.  The first 67% of the race will be during the day.
4.  9 Hour Day To 3 Hour Night--simulates the Sebring race which starts during the day and ends at night.  The first 75% of the race will be during the day.
5.  10 Hour Day To 2 Hour Night--simulates a race which starts during the day and ends at night.  The first 83% of the race will be during the day.

As usual, it's important that you read the Read Me for more information and instructions on how to install the patches.



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Great Video Contributions

21 Feb 2020

At first I just wanted to present you the new version of a video I published quite a while ago but I thought it was a bit navel-gazing and reductive.

There are a few topics here and there that talk about the videos made on GPL, there's also a new tab, for each track, on the GPL track database, which is dedicated to the videos but it seems to me that there is no topics dedicated to the best videos in general. In any case nothing recent or very active.

So, why not create one where those who want to can point out the videos dedicated to GPL and say why they are out of the ordinary.

To begin, I would like to point out the video mentioned above : it is a little "mano à mano" between Greger Huttu and Andreas Wilke in Spa. As the old version dates from 2011, it was time to make another one in 1080 :


The video if you want it as I got it :



The initial replay (.rpy) :


Part 2 -

Before reporting particular videos, I would like to first present the three channels that stand out from the crowd when you search the net for GPL-related videos.

- GPLaps


His Youtube channel dates from June 2008 and has more than a hundred videos, most of them dedicated to GPL. The most striking are those of the "Let's race" series started in March 2012 : around thirty races against AI, captured live and commented while driving. Really very inspiring.

- ErikGPL


His Youtube channel dates back to October 2007 but it is especially since June 2017 that he publishes a lot of video on GPL since his production exceeds 300.

- GrandPrixYannick


His Youtube channel only dates back to October 2016, but it is already about 150 videos that he offers us.

- On my own, since August 2011, I propose about 150 videos as well, most of them focusing on the comparison of the track's looks between their release and a recent period when they were improved by addons.
I don't have the video making talent of the three above mentioned, but I try to bring my contribution.


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Gpl Night Patches V3.0

Yesterday, 12:57 PM

I've posted a new set of Night patches here:


Be sure to turn on the lights!  :)


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