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1955 F1 Mod Sounds And Skins

Yesterday, 12:43 PM

Posted by slipstream in rF-Cars and Car Addons
Hello, I wonder if anyone could help me find alternative sounds and skins for rfactor F1 1955 mod. I have searched the net with nothing but dead links. thank you so much.

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Gpl : 2560 X 1440 Or 1920 X 1080 ?

Today, 07:06 AM

how GPL displays with 2560 X 1440 compared with 1920 X 1080 ?

Does someone has tested the two solutions, and seen a difference, NOT regarding the gap on 27" monitors prices ?

I suppose it is by an interpolation that the pixels are rendered on such an old game as GPL.

thank you

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Max Rpm "the Redline" Reference

20 Jan 2020

i did search and i didnt find much ,it would be useful to have a  reference doc or subject  of some kind to know the reasonable   max rpm  to finish races (the redline)for all cars of all mods , i know the the Cosworth  limit was 9000rpm in 67 but in 68 -69 ?? in the game and in the GPLsetup theres the maximum power and torque rpm  but not the redline

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"team Info"

Yesterday, 07:00 PM

I have been enjoying GPL since it first came out and I have all the mods that are available. However, lately,  am having issues assigning axis with my Logitech Momo steering wheel, I keep getting "unassigned" a real headache to set up and calibrate.

My second issue is selecting a car to drive from the "Team Info" list. It seems to be stuck on just one car and won't allow me to select anything else. Does anyone know how to cure these issues?  These just developed recently for some unknown reason and I'm not comfortable toying around with the Registry if in
fact that is what it takes to fix these issues.

Thanks for any help you can render. BTW, I'm a guy, Sabrina is my dogs name. For convenience my email is pre36@cox.net

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Alternative Player Options For 55 Mod

Yesterday, 03:31 PM

Posted by Elijahroberson in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Hello, recently I have gotten back into GPL and have improved significantly since my earlier days of playing it to the point where I can be pretty competitive in races. Now, I know I asked this earlier on, but I cannot find the post I made, plus it was for a different mod. This pertains to the 55 mod. I am trying to change my Ferrari colors to those in the SIERRA\gpl\cars\cars55\c08\Player Options\FrenchNurburgring54 folder. I took the mip file in the folder and overrode the original number 4 mip (I made a backup of course) in the c08 folder. This has not changed the look of my car, and I am not sure how to use the feature. I like the Ferrari red, but personally I enjoy a good light blue. Does anyone know how I can use these player options? As many mods as this feature appears in, none of them ever seem to provide an explanation on how to use it in any readme, but perhaps I am missing it. Thanks in advance.

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