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Nascar Legends Installing Tracks Is Confusing

Today, 02:26 PM

You read the title. I dont get it. Its like some tracks work and other dont and way too inconsistent. I get trenton and it all works fine. but when I get smokey, i doesnt work. Im so impatient anyway because i cant find any sort of track .dat because all the sites are dead.

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Menu Letters-Images Distorded

Today, 10:34 AM

Hi,since yesterday that i upgraded my gpu to RX580 8gb i encountered strange menu letters-images.When driving everything
is fine,pribluda and all are fine.Didnt change anything in GEM or elsewhere.
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1965 Mod Too Easy

13 Jul 2019

In the 1965 mod for gpl, get the pole in every track by a huge margin and I use pro long and the fastest car. Any sort of patch or fix of this?

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Pov In 69-Extra Mod

12 Jul 2019

Posted by Nicky Ickx in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Edit: I found a solution :up:
see note down below...

On my Race PC  POV back & forward doesnt work for me in  69-Extra mod ( uses gplx69.exe right ? )

Strange thing ; on my working PC  POV back & forward works in  69 Extra mod .

Regardless  starting via exe directly or via GEM+ . Even using no letterbox or not ...

The move is slow and stuttering , but it works.

I can deal with up & down dont work at all.

general question : whats the reason 69extra mod do handle POV different to old 69mod ?

Is there a patch  or newer version of gplshiftt , or are the modders working on that prob ?

BTW : Both PCs run WIN10 Home on same update level.

Any idears ?

note: Solotion to me :

-troublemaker was the version of gplshift-patch  did run on my Race PC ,which was v0771 Beta
-newest version v0790 , as well both older avaiable versiions v0760 Beta ,v0781 Beta did not work either ( http://www.gplshift....shift/index.htm )
-But version v0732 Alpha did the trick !  Strangley this version comes under the exe file called simply  `GPLpatch `.  I found in my GPL main folder of an old installation , together with GPLshift ini & GPLshift configuration file , belongs to this version.

Installation procedure execution:
1. run GPLshift Patch as admin and let it unpatch GPL. ( should be in the main GPL folder )
2. delete GPLshift patch , GPLshift.ini ,and GPLshiftt configuration file. ( Best to make a copy of those before , to be on save side  ).
3. copy GPLpatch together with its GPLshift ini & GPLshift configuration file to the main folder of GPL.
4.run GPLpatch
5.configure GPLshift file to ya preferences and save it.
6. delete gplx69.exe  ( not sure if really needful , but guess GEM needs that to rebuild the changed exe right ).
7. run GEM  , jump into ya 69x car  and change the point of view to ya liking.

Contrary to the instruction inside GPLshift , the movements are done only via arrow keys without shift buttom at all !!!

Where to find that old gplpatch and its files ?

good question ....well I can collect mine in a 7zip and maybe Cookie could manage to make them downloadable here at SRMZ. I will ask him

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The Formula One Drivers (Aka The Quick And The Dead)

11 Jul 2019

Posted by JMF in Motorsport Chat
This is one I had not seen yet. I thought many of you would like it. It appears to focus on the 1973 F1 season. There is a lot of interesting footage. I don’t care much for the gruesome footage but it was the nature of the beast.


I loved this this quote,

“The Europeans have always been crazy about auto racing. The South Americans even crazier. The Americans are just crazy.”

That reminded me of GPL. I don’t have the passion many Europeans and South Americans do but that doesn’t mean I’m not crazy too. :)

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