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Which Tracks To Show To Impress Friends?

02 Aug 2020

Please write a maximum of 3 tracks which you would choose to show GPL to a friend/colleague who is not into simracing at all.

Spa 1967
Torino 1955 v3
Monza 10K

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Lbgpl Vs. Gplracer / 66 Mod / Zolder67 / 11.08.2020

31 Jul 2020

Posted by Stefan Roess in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"
Hello RACER!

Jean-François Bovy (Jieffe) of LBGPL (Ligue Belge de Grand Prix Legends) and Paul Skingley of GPLRACER have organized a new League vs. League race.

This is the race post for the Inter League Race between

The event will take place on the Zolder 1967 track, using the F1 1966 GPL mod (free car choice).

The race server will run at 36 FPS.

The races will run on intermediate settings. Each driver is allowed a maximum of 2 resets (Shift-R). In the event of a reset, irrespective of fault, no stop & go must be performed. Stops may be carried out in the pit lane, it does not have to be in your own pit stall. If you require a reset on the last lap you should complete the lap as normal & 15 seconds is added to your time.

Date: 11.08.2020, Tuesday
Time: 20:30 CET (German time) / 19:30 GMT (UK time)
Mod: F1 1966 (free car choice) http://66f1.gplworld.de/
Track: Zolder 1967 http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=zolder67
Qualification: 30 min.
Race: 45 min.
FPS: 36 FPS (please untick 60 FPS in GEM+)
Damage Model: Intermediate (maximum 2 x Shift-R, no stop & go)
iGOR Chatroom: #GPLRACER

A practice server is now hosting the track and mod 24/7 in iGOR. Please practice online.

On race day we all meet in the iGOR chatroom #GPLRACER
The password will be given in the iGOR chatroom #GPLRACER and posted on the forum for late comers.[/COLOR]

Points Scoring:
For positions 1-19:
30 - 25 - 21 - 18 - 16 - 14 - 13 - 12 - 11 - 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

Extra Points:
3 Extra Points for each driver who can finish the race, provided you do not finish more than one lap down. You have 2 resets – they may be worth using to score team points.

If we have an uneven number of drivers from each team the numbers will be evened up after the race. E.g. if we had 10 LBGPL and 9 GPLRACER drivers the last placed LBGPL'er won't count.

If you should have any questions, please ask.

Please post here if you want to race for one of the teams:

GPLRACER thread:

LBGPL forum:

SRMZ thread:

If we should have a total of more than 19 drivers, we can also run on two servers.
The results of both grids will then be combined to produce the overall winner (points from Grid A + Grid B).

Your GPLRACER admins


Drivers so far (list will get updated):

Paul Skingley (would drive for LBGPL if they are short of drivers to balance the grid)
Stefan Roess (would drive for LBGPL if they are short of drivers to balance the grid)
fajanko (not sure)
Uli (would drive for LBGPL if they are short of drivers to balance the grid)

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Gpl_Tel (Emetry)

30 Jul 2020

Posted by Olaf Lehmann in GPL-Misc' Addons

about ten years before now I have made a telemetry tool (I think it's the large scaled telemety tool for gpl). It's displaying such Things like throttle, brake, tire temps too - data which are not saved in replays...and the replay datas too.
As I remember correct I had post nothing about this tool here before.
In the last days I had updated it.
Here is an image ot the main (telemetry per lap) part:

Attached File  GPL_TelSK.png   156.43K   27 downloads

You see bottom-up lateral acceleration, steering, brake, throttle, gear, rpm, power (this was the red lines). The brown line above should be torque, the big brown one is speed. And very in the Background the track map of Monza is to see.
It's only a selection, much more can be displayed.

After the first loading it displays an overview about the tire temps over all driving laps like this:

Attached File  GPL_Tel_tire.png   202K   25 downloads

The red lines at the very top means damages (red is front left like you see in the Colour of the tire temps rectangles).
The lines above draws the tire temp values itself.
The lines in the middle draws outside - inside. You can use it to optimize chamber settings. If the coloured lines are near the white line outside and inside temps are equal. It they are over the white line the outside is hotter.
The four coloured lines on the Bottom are usable for optimizing tire pressuere. It draws center temp - (average outside+inside). When a line is over the white line the middle of the tire is hotter.

If anyone is interested, here is a quick instructions:


and here is the link to the tool:


BR Olaf

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Letterbox Whilst Online?

31 Jul 2020

Posted by Tobodestroyer2020 in GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL"
Do you race with or without he black bars top and bottom whilst online?  Do you make any other changes in order to improve frame rate and connection?

Thanks. I'm new to online racing.

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The Atmosphere Of The Classic F1 1998 Hockenheim Circuit

01 Aug 2020

Posted by Ralonso in News & Announcements
Hi Guys!

After a long time, here we are again, with a new interesting video!

Join my way into the atmosphere of the classic F1 1988 Hockenheim Circuit with Automobilista 2!

Watch me driving a 1989 F1 car from a 49 Field of View and Track IR! Feel the bumps on the long straights through the classic wood sections of the German Circuit and see how the good old F1 feeling of the 80's can be captured acurately by a real good sim!

And last but not least, listen to my GERMAN race commentary in the honour of Helmut G. Müller,!

Go here to watch: https://www.youtube....h?v=Z6MgfXqA6AM.


From Ralonso

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