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Bulawayo 1971

17 Oct 2021

Posted by mcmirande in GPL-Track & Carset Upload Zone
Hello ALL

A new track for GPL is here:  Bulawayo's Breedon Everard Raceway, located in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia in 1971).  It means that we add a new country represented for at least one GPL track :)

The idea started with a modification of Donnybrook that Brent Blackburn (Argyle68) made, to simulate Bulawayo's track.  As most of the (for me) most difficult work was already done (i.e. horizon and mip files) by Brent, I started to do the remaining things, which were rather easy when compared with previous tracks in which I worked.  Thus, results are already here.

I never went to any place in Africa, including, of course, this track, so maybe everything is improvable, Thus, we're open to improvements,

I want to thank Ginetto, Sergio Loro and Pablo Fernandez, given that I'm just putting in practice things that they patiently teached to me.

Thanks all this GREAT GPL-er community, that is the biggest support to all of this

Long-Live GPL!!



Breedon Everard Raceway (1969- ?)


Marcos Mirande & Brent Blackburn


Track Location : Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (ex Rhodesia)

Track Type : Racetrack
Track Lenght : 4.072 kms. - 2.5308 miles.
Track Num. Turns : 10
Track Year : 1969-1974  (this version)

History of Breedon Everard Raceway

Located in what was then known as Southern Rhodesia but what has since become known as Zimbabwe, Bulawayo's Breedon Everard Raceway opened in December 1969 as a replacement for the Kumalo airfield track, which was then the host circuit of the Rhodesian Grand Prix and Bulawayo 100 rounds of the South African Formula 1 Championship. The new 2.5235 mile long Bulawayo track was known by many locally as the Falls Road Circuit.
The new track took its name in honour of British railway engineer Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Breedon Everard, who had been the general manager of Rhodesian Railways from 1958-63 and was also briefly acting President of the country on several occasions after the proclamation of the Republic of Rhodesia.
The first event held was the 3 Hours of Bulawayo, which was the penultimate round of that year's Springbok Series for sportscars.  The Springbok series attracted many top drivers to Southern Africa from Europe, running during the the European offseason, and would return  to Bulawayo in 1970 and 1971, counting star drivers such as Brian Redman and Mike Hailwood among its champions.   In 1970, the circuit would host its first Rhodesian Grand Prix for Formula 1 cars, and the following year would begin hosting both the Grand Prix and the Bulawayo 100 rounds of the South African F1 Drivers' Championship until the Grand Prix itself would move to Donnybrook Park in 1974.
The complicated political situation in Rhodesia during the middle and late 1970's as Rhodesia transitioned to Zimbabwe meant that Bulawayo and its sister tracks in the country  faded from international view. The decision was made to shorten the circuit to 2.161 miles in the mid-1970s by cutting out one the loops, reducing it to just eight corners.   The circuit still remains open to various forms of club racing today.

Layout, maps, programme, AI and details by Marcos Mirande
textures and 3dos by Brent Blackburn

Thanks to:

Papyrus/Sierra for original game
Peter Prochazka for GPLTrk
Phil Flack for GTKMaker, TRK23DO, MipMan, SrbMan, GPLAnim, Sciss
Paul Hoad for GPL Track Editor
Christian Wohlfahrt for 123DO
Klaus Horbrand for WinMip
Anton Norup Sørensen for Graced
Strava for FB Adjust
Neil McCollum for gplconvert
Joachim Blum for TrkCAMEdit
Gplunk4ever22 for Barry Thompson aka Bertram
Francois Dubuc for GPL LP Editor
Nigel Pattinson for RPY2LP,camedit,racecon and AI tutorials
Martin Granberg and Bernd Nowak for GPL Track Installer
Richard Neville (Panchine) and Jackseller some textures
Ginetto for some helpful info
testings for Pablo Sosa
RacesimCentral forum
SMRZ Forum

Marcos Mirande & Brent Blackburn

Email: mcmirande@gmail.com

NOTE:  everything in the track may be improved. We believe in the collaboration of the GPL community, so feel free to improve this track.  If you need help or some not included files to recompile the track, just send me an email. Marcos.

EDIT October, 18, 2021:  After some comments by Brent and Phil Woodward, I add some fixes to the AI and clipping of some trees. Just extract the file "fixes.zip" in "bulawayo" folder

EDIT October 23, 2021:  After some magic and various help from Kellaa, I'm uploading the version 1.1 and hopefully FINAL version of the track.  The layout is the same than in v1.0, thus both versions may safely coexist in the same server.  I also upload a new "hishot" for GPL Weekly :)


Thanks all and Long Live GPL!!!!!!

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Logitech G25 Steering Wheel Is Forced To Middle (+- 5 Degrees Only)

Yesterday, 06:23 AM

Hello everyone out there!
I changed my well working G25 to a bit younger/ faster laptop to be able to run SPA (2014) (both running Windows XP).
Now i can't run GPL anymore, because it's not possible to assign the steering wheel (having tried to do that and starting a race, the steering wheel in the car jumps abruptly about 120 degrees left or right (brake, clutch and gas work perfect). The wheel turned to left, the car turns to the right and vice versa).
I tried the Logitech-Software: same problem - I tried to change some settings within GPL: same problem - a lot of restarts everytime: same problem. The steering wheel initializes completely as it should, but after that the wheel is blocked (force feedback is OFF). it's only movable about 5 degrees to the left and 5 to the right.
I did this installation several times on this and other computers; this problem never occured till now. Am I too blind this time, can anybody please tell me a (maybe simple) solution?
Thanks in advance for any help!

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No Puedo Entrar En Gem

Yesterday, 11:27 AM

Hola. Tengo instalado los siguientes modos:

  • - Gpl original con cd

  • - Gpl 2004, con los modos 1967 F1, 1955 F1, CanAm 1971 y Sports Cars, cada uno con un jugador diferente.

  • - Gpl 2020

  • Todo funcionaba correctamente, pero he cometido un error. No he jugado en unos meses y olvidé que Gpl 2020 no se puede activar desde GEM.
    Hice lo siguiente. Estaba dentro de GEM usando los modos de Gpl 2004. Para pasar a Gpl 2020 hice clic en Installs. Entonces aparece la pantalla donde empieza a buscar todas las direcciones de gpl.exe. Al seleccionar la correspondiente gpl 2020.exe apareció el mensaje “ No players found in GPL Install. Please start GPL manually and create a player before starting GEM+”

  • Y ahora si intento entrar en GEM no puedo, vuelve a aparecer el mismo mensaje.

  • He vuelto a instalar GPL 2004 en otra unidad de disco y el mensaje continúa. No puedo entrar en GEM.

  • Puedo ejecutar Gpl 2004 (1967 F1) desde fuera de GEM con el archivo gpl, pero no entro en GEM y no puedo seleccionar los demás modos.

Saben si hay alguna solución para arreglar este problema?

Un saludo,

Juan María Elguea

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Mod Uninstall

18 Oct 2021

How do you uninstall a mod specifically the 65 mod?

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Drivers Head Turned 45 Degrees At Goodwood65?

16 Oct 2021

Hi all,

I'm having a really odd problem which I've been investigating for the last few hours and I'm stumped.

I've been catching up with some of GPL's newer TotalRank tracks, driving the '71 Can-Am McLaren M8F to get some nice fast laptimes. I've recently done laps at Roswell (looks great!), B&Wwerk Collmberg-Rennen, Dundrod 1955 TT, Guaporé, Ain Diab, Alta Gracia 1998, and a few others.

However, when I reached Goodwood 1965 earlier today, when I went to the track, I suddenly found that my drivers' viewpoint was turned about 45 degrees to the left. I checked the "look left" and "look right" keys, and they correctly moved my view (further) to the left and to the right, so the keys weren't "stuck" in any way. I then left GPL, shut down GEM and restarted everything, and when I got back to the track the problem was still there.

I then tried a few other tracks, and the viewpoint there was correct. I then left GPL again, and repeated my tests using other mods like F2, GTs, original '67s, and they all behaved the same way - at Goodwood 1965, the view was turned left by 45 degrees, and at all other tracks the view was fine. This puzzled me even more, as I remember driving some test laps with the '67 Brabham and Lotus 49 back in April last year, when the track was first released, and there were no problems.

I then assumed that there might be something wrong with my Goodwood installation, so I moved all the files from "Goodwd65" to a backup directory, and re-ran the track installer. But the problem was still there.

I then started to experiment with settings for the "77E Head Movement V3.0" patch, in case a bad setting was causing the problem. The first thing I did was to open the original patch ZIP file and copy the original XML file into the "\GPLSecrets\Gem+\Options\" directory, and my "GPL Head Movement V3.0" directory where I installed the manager program. I then deleted GPLM71.EXE from the GPL directory, and restarted GPL. I first went to the new Monza67 track, and the viewpoint was correct, but the "Glance" feature was active, so as I drove the car my viewpoint was turning left and right. I left Monza, and then went straight to Goodwood65 without quitting GPL. At Goodwood, the view was also correct, but again the "Glance" feature was active.

I then quit out of GPL and GEM, and ran the Head Movement Manager program. Under the "Cockpit Viewpoint Movement" tab, I made sure that both head movement options were turned off, then I clicked on the "Save To Patch" button, and exited. I deleted GPLM71.EXE again, ran GEM, and went back to Monza67. This time the view was correct, and there was no head movement. However, when I left Monza and went directly to Goodwood65 again, the view was turned 45 degrees left again.

I then simply tried deactivating the Head Movement patch, and this seemed to fix the problem. Without the patch, all the tracks I tried and all the mods behaved as expected, with a normal viewpoint and no head movement. So the problem is connected somehow with the Head Movement patch. But I have been running the patch for a long time now, because I enjoy seeing the drivers' heads moving when I'm watching replays. So I'm puzzled as to why this problem has started today, and with only one track!

If there's anyone out there who can puzzle out what might be wrong, or who could give me some ideas for more tests I could try, please let me know.

EDIT: I should also mention the GPLShift patch, as this can configure controls to change the drivers' viewpoint. I realised that although I no longer use my broken steering wheel, I had left my base GPL.EXE patched. So I ran the patcher to get rid of GPLShift, and I found that this didn't make any difference.

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