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Grand Prix 3 - White Textures

Yesterday, 09:43 AM

Good day all,

Recently got back into (retro) simracing and tried installing GPL and GP3.
GPL is working like a charm and it is wonderful to finally enjoy this sim with a wheel after 24 years.

For GP3 I followed a guide by Ted Meat on how to install GP3 under Windows 10 but I always end up with broken white textures on the car and track.
In software mode the game runs fine but it looks like its in 8 bit color.
In hardware mode without dgvoodoo2 it looks fine but is very slow.
In hardware mode with dgvoodoo2 it gives me the white textures.

I tried registering on the grandprixgames forum twice but didnt receive any activation so i guess that forum, although still online, is pretty dead.

I hope anyone can help me with this, thanks.

Im doing this on a relatively new laptop, a lenovo ideapad 3 17alc6 with a Ryzen 5500u (2gb vram) and 12gb ram.

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Occaissional Lock Up On Practice Accelerate Time

24 Sep 2022

Posted by WytchCrypt in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Hey all,

couldn't find anyone already posting this so am wondering if anyone else has seen this.

I'll enter a race practice session and pressing "Accelerate Time" option begins counting up as normal then locks up before finishing and I have to hard exit GPL with task manager.  I've had this happen in both race & championship mode and on both the default and add on tracks.  Doesn't happen often but it's a real kick in the nuts after qualifying well then not getting to race because the practice session locks up.

Anyone have any idea what this is about?


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1.screen Lap Times In Training And 2.gplsm - Where Are Setup Files Exported To?

27 Sep 2022

Posted by quattr020V in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
1. I noticed today that the lap times for training  seem to freeze. This is on the Goodwd65 circuit

They appear initially, and are displayed for a few laps, but then freeze, and are displayed in white. No fastest sector times are highlighted.
The Pitboard shows when I approach the pits  but the displayed times when they are working are usually only updated after passing the start/finish line.

2. I have been using GPLSMv2.7.0 to edit the setup files, and have noticed there is an  Export option to send a text format setup file to somewhere else.
only problem is - I cannot find the txt files I have exported. I must say I have not investigated the format of the e.g. *.gm1 etc.They don't go to the Setups folder as in the basic GPL setup export process.

3.If I use the fine tuning button say for diff angles, an intermediate setting say 65/25 produces !!!!! in the appropriate field in the main program having used Gem to start it. It's inconvenient, as I the have to exit to look at setup manager. I cannot minimise the GPL window. If I press the Windows key, the desktop is visible, but not really accessible.

Any suggestions?

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Vroc Issue

25 Sep 2022

Posted by Prost was the best in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Hello all,

Since a few months, I cannot join a race on VROC...

All the tracks have a '-' before their name including papy tracks

for examples :


all these tracks are in my season67.ini
and the contents of my VROC.INI is :

Hopefully, I can join races online with iGOR  or by IP

Thanks for help

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Problem Going From Igor To Gem

25 Sep 2022

Posted by Bob Simpson in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
I’ve had a long time problem going from iGOR to GEM. When I hit the GEM button in iGOR I get a message “Failed to launch GEM+”.  Does anyone else get this or does anyone have an idea why it happens or have a solution?

I have GPLSecrets in C:\Games\Sierra Utilities\GPLSecrets and the folder and file properties look OK.

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