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  • Submitted: May 03 2009 - 07:10 AM
  • Last Updated: Oct 25 2009 - 01:55 AM
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  • Approved on: Feb 06 2010 - 05:23 PM

Previous Versions

  • 25 Oct 2009 Download Verifier tool v1.2b1 (for GTR2 & PnGv1.02 & v2.0 & v2.1)
  • 04 May 2009 Download Verifier tool v1.1b3 (for GTR2 & PnGv1.02 & v2.0 & v2.1)
  • 03 May 2009 Download Verifier tool v1.1b3 (for GTR2 & PnGv1.02 & v2.0 & v2.1)

Download Verifier tool v1.2b1 (for GTR2 & PnGv1.02 & v2.0 & v2.1)

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GTR2_Verifier v1.2 for GTR2 and Power&Glory files

NEW: this version detects one sneaky tyre hack (or problem if you wish) that you could have without knowing it.

The purpose of GTR2_Verifier is to verify the file integrity of the GTR2 and the Power&Glory (P&G) mod.


Compatible with GTR2 v1.1.0.0 (EN,FR,SP,DE,IT) and Power&Glory mod v1.02, v2.00 and v2.1.

This has been developed in a Windows XP SP3 environment and has not been thoroughly tested in other systems, but I have a good feeling it should work nicely at least with Vista and Win2000 (x86 only) systems.

This version does NOT need runtime files (VB or .NET runtimes or any other).  Small is beautiful.


Run the installer exe.  It will create shortcuts for you on the Start menu and on your desktop, unless you unchecked those install option(s) when running the installer.

Usage Notes

o  to change the GTR2 base path for verications, just click at the "sunken box" under the text: "GTR2 location" and use the popup browser to point it where you want it.  The sunken box normally contains the currently selected path.

o  if you are not using english GTR2, please select your correct language from the "Language of the GTR2" drop-down.

o  if you have reduced the size and functionality of your GTR2 installation pointed by the "GTR2 location" for P&G use ("slimmed down" as I have called the process), please remember to check the "GTR2 has a reduced file set" option on.  Otherway you will get a lot of unnecessary "missing files" errors.

o  "List all detected differences" option is for debugging or other special purposes and is usually useless option for normal operations.  It will show a lot of "errors" that are silently accepted as a normal, acceptable situation and not normally shown to the user.

o  if you want to include P&G files for verification too, please select the correct version from the "P&G files" drop-down.  Note that you can't verify only P&G files without verifying GTR2 files also.

o  true 64-bit versions are not available.  That doesn't necessarily mean, this won't work in a such system.

cheers.. C[_] aSa

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