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Tools--Nigel's new rasterizers

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Posted Apr 05 2009 - 07:35 AM

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File Name: Nigel's new rasterizers
File Submitter: Bill
File Submitted: 5 Apr 2009
File Updated: 5 Apr 2009
File Category: Tools

Replacement Rasterizers
Here are a pair of replacements for the D3D and OpenGL rasterizers. The main aim was to fix the bugs that exist in the current rasterizers, principally for D3D:

Not all polygons being drawn at high loads, resulting in cars being incompletely drawn on the starting grid.

Text corruption.

Menu flickering.

Driving screen showing as small box in top left corner or similar with recent NVidia drivers.

and for OpenGL:

Visible polygon lines in the sky with some drivers.

While I've done my best to make the rasterizers perform well, there's no particularly good reason why they should be quicker than the originals - they may be, but it's also possible they might be slower. It's worth trying both, and it's also worth fiddling around with the settings, particularly the ones that relate to draw method and Z buffer. A brief rundown of all the options is included in the readme.

To get it looking optimal the most important thing is the LODBias option, you may need a different setting to what you've used in the past.

The main limitations compared to the originals are that windowed mode isn't currently supported, and they aren't compatible with either version of Pribluda. Hopefully AK will be able to provide a version of Pribluda that works with these at some stage in the future.

I've concentrated on making them work with recent video drivers, if you have older drivers it's possible you might need to update them. If you're using OpenGL and Nvidia you need to disable triple buffering in the Nvidia control panel otherwise you'll get screen flickering.

The installer - many thanks are due to Bernd Nowak for the installer and for support and suggestions - should create backup versions of your app.ini and core.ini, but it wouldn't hurt to make a manual backup just in case. Unfortunately the options settings are incompatible with the originals, and the original '[ Int Profile Values ]' section needs to be either removed or commented out. My two rasterizers do however share the same options, although not all settings are applicable to both. In GPL the new rasterizers show up with 'V2' in their names, and the originals are still available to be chosen as they're not overwritten.

Paul Thurston has also added support for the new rasterizers into GEM - GPU205026.zip contains the updated GEM executable which you'll need to copy to your GEM installation directory.


Updated Gem executible Here
This is needed to use the new rasterizers in Gem

Click here to download this file

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Posted Aug 06 2011 - 03:24 PM

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