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Ai Siracusa And Brands (+ Lotus Dashboard)

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#1 Bernd Rosemeyer

Bernd Rosemeyer

    Ludovico Scarfiotti

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Posted Oct 03 2015 - 04:41 PM

I prepared a 64 season and now I'm racing all the formula 1 races of the year 1964 in a BT7. I'm using the race option "pro long" (? "Profi lang" in german).

Until now (Brands Hatch) I encountered three problems:

During the races in Brands Hatch and Siracusa the AI seem to change from race to practice mode: They enter the pits during one of the last laps... and return to the track after a short while!

And the third one: My driver.ini contains Clark and Spence in a Lotus 25 (which of cause is the 33). The dashboard of this Lotus went down! As a result there is a black strip between it and the windscreen; and the needles of the instruments are working above their cases.

Are there any updates for the AI? Does anyone know the problem with the Lotus 33 dashboard?

(I'm astonished at the performance of the BT7. I thought it may be a lame duck, but it's much fun driving this car using trail braking with setups allowing controled oversteer: My fastest laps so far (the real fastest laps by different cars in 1964 in parenthesis):
Snetterton 1:31,87 (1:32,8)
Goodwood 1:21,58 (1:21,0)
Siracusa 1:47,66 (1:50,5)
Aintree 1:51,16 (1:52,2)
Silverstone 1:36,30 (1:33,4) !? Much to slow!
Monaco 1:32,32 (1:33,9)
Zandvoort 1:30,97 (1:31,2)
Spa 3:43,59 (3:49,2)
Rouen 2:08,19 (2:09,6)
Brands Hatch 1:38,61 (1:38,1))

#2 Elijahroberson


    Don Branson

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Posted Oct 03 2015 - 07:56 PM

Quick question is this 64 mod somthing I dident know about or is it a mod in progress, I have never heard of it

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#3 maddog


    Graham Hill

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Posted Oct 04 2015 - 03:17 AM

I suspect a Season64.ini is being used with 65mod physics.  The cars must be running out of fuel at Brands and Siracusa.  The fix is to give them some more.

1/  Open the track.ini and rename it to track65.ini. Save as an extra track file.

2/  In your new track65.ini, find . . .  [ ai_track ] . .  and go to . . . brabham_fuel_load_per_lap = x.xx . .   Add some fuel to all 7 cars.  If cars pit at 90% race distance, add 10%.  

3/  Run a test race using only Ai.  Go fast forward towards the finish.  Slow down and check for thirsty cars that pit early. :beer:

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#4 Bernd Rosemeyer

Bernd Rosemeyer

    Ludovico Scarfiotti

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Posted Oct 04 2015 - 09:43 AM

Thanks, maddog, I will try it. Your solution seems more than reasonable. :thanks:

Hi, Elijahroberson, as maddog supposes, I'm using 65mod physics... and the BT7 as driver's car, because it represents a car of the 1964 season, even a fast car with Gurney driving it. Using this car the problem with lacking 64 physics is resolved. I created not only a 64season.ini, but also a driC64.ini and an ai_C64.ini; I'm using my own gem pictures, own mainmc64.pbf, credc64.pbf, hcc64.pbf, some new driver's pictures, for example hail64.pbf (Hailwood), own car's pictures, for example rc64.pbf is the BRP. It works like a mod64 with gem, but I cannot race a championship; gem offered in my 64"mod" only the races of the 65 championship (g65.ini), but of cause I can race the whole 64 season using the single race mode. The only really lacking thing is a carset, but I'm not able to create it :( ; I only did some minor changes: Helmets for new drivers like Hailwood and Taylor, car colors, for example the BT11 in light green, as it represents the BRP, I even put a BRM engine into this BRP-BT11...

A 64 carset will make possible a real 64mod without new physics, if the driver limits himself to the BT7. The good thing is, that only minor changes are necessary, becaus the cars of 1964, Ferrari, Lotus, BT7, BRM, Cooper, Honda, resemble the cars of 1965 to a high degree; and the BRP resembled the Lotus (?) to such a degree that the Team was forced to withdraw from F1 after 1964.

My driC64.ini reproduces the result of the 1964 season to a high degree: Running the Grand Prix mode (without driver) Surtees and Hill are fighting for the championship very closely with Clark losing only because of mechanical failures.

Last but not least: Does anyone has an idea regarding the dashboard of the Lotus? :confused:

#5 davef


    Denny Hulme

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Posted Oct 04 2015 - 10:09 AM

In regards to not being able to run a 1964 championship season, I created one and then when I want to run it, I rename the g65 ini
"g65-65 F1" and substitue the 64 ini renamed g65. The GPL newspaper even displays "-- World Champion for 1964" when the title is decided. When you are done with the season, rename it "g65-64 F1" and change the proper 65 ini back to g65. :)

Attached File  g65-64 F1.zip   718bytes   17 downloads

(If you are not using the spa67 track just remove "67" from the track directory for the Belgian GP. )

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