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Track Not Installed

Yesterday, 01:49 AM

Posted by Christian Dauger in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
When I want to enter a server with Igor, I get a message that the track is not installed!
Does anyone know what the reason is?

This is the 2nd time this has happened, I had already reinstalled gem completely and the message had disappeared, but it came back...!

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Win 7 & 10 In Dual Boot : Gpl & More

03 Dec 2022

I need your advice on a short term project.

This week my almost 12 years old PC gave me a big scare : the assembler near me changed the power supply which was dead but I plan to buy a new PC before it gives up for good.

As I like to have a foot in the past (my PC is in dual boot XP/W7) I would like an other dual boot PC with Win 7/10. Indeed, I only switched "completely" to W7 one or two years ago.

The assembler is therefore proposing me a configuration with second-hand elements that he has in his shop and others new elements that I would like him to put in.

-New :

.ASUS DUAL RTX3060 12GB graphics card (my wish).
.An SSD.
.A power supply, probably an ATX CORSAIR CV650.

-Second hand :

.Intel DH77KC motherboard
.Intel I7-3700 processor
.16 GB (4x4 GB) DDR3 Kingston RAM

The configuration seems to me unbalanced with a recent and rather large graphics card and, on the other side, a motherboard and a rather modest processor.

My wish with this new PC is :

- to be able to drive GPL with maximum graphics on tracks like the new Spa, Monza or Isle of Man which I can't do properly or not at all.

- to be able to play comfortably with recent games and in particular :

.Assetto Corsa

On the graphics card side I don't think I will have any problems with these games but what do you think of the processor and the motherboard ?

Will these two elements not be a problem, a "brake", for these games ?

:thanks: very much if you have some experience to give about that.

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03 Dec 2022

Posted by jchuillier in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Hello all,

I have a CSL DD with pedal attached to the unit (CSV3) and a Saitek X52 to play airplanes games.

Of course when I launch GEM+ and then GPL I have the steering but not the pedals.

In the windows  (not fanatec) I have 3 controllers with the X52 in "pole" and 2 fanatec, the one in the middle is the sterring and pedals, the one on the bottom has nothing when i go in the testing mode.

In GPL I have 15 axes and of course most of them are from the Saitek, the actual steering in on axis 7 but I don't have brake, accel or clutch.

What are the common solutions for this ?

I also have a display problem in game but this will come later :)

Thanks for the help

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Lange Ringnacht 2022 / December 17Th 2022

01 Dec 2022

Posted by lalb2001 in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"


Hi everyone,

This is the registration thread of the Long Night of the Ring 2022. Posted Image We meet at 19:00h CET on Saturday 17 December 2022 in the EOLC chatroom.

At Nürburgring, we'll drive 7 races of 3 laps each (INT mode), followed by a Grand Prix of 15 laps (PRO mode) if there are enough drivers left.

We have one grid. The maximum number of drivers in GPL is 19 per grid.

Registration is not needed, it is just convenient for me (because of the tool that creates the grid) if you register with your GPL name.

Please note: I can't guarantee I will host this event, but I intend to.

Best regards,

Sign up here (or leave a message in this SRMZ thread if you are interested):

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Gpl, Linux And Th8

01 Dec 2022

Posted by Christian Dauger in GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL"
Since my last attempts to switch completely to Linux ;) , I changed my hardware.
I am now with a T300rs and the TH8 shifter
The FFB is now ok, I still have to get the TH8 recognized !
Gplshifter seems insensitive to the modification that I can enter in the .ini

Who can use the TH8 under Linux and help me ?!

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