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Best Cpu For Gpl Without Cpu Speed Fix?

Yesterday, 11:53 AM

Hi folks,

I was obviously around at the time and think I had a Pentium II at something like 166Mhz, but what is the literal best CPU that wouldn't require the speed fix?

I'm not aware why the CPU fix was actually needed - what the technicality was that made it required - maybe knowing that would have helped. ;) It seems like most of the written information about the fix is 'opt-in' where it says to apply the fix if it runs fast - but never says why it would.

My current retro build uses a Pentium 4 with Windows 98 and I have to run a CPU 'kill' utility which takes 90% of the CPU up whenever I want to run anything that requires a CPU fix. It gets hot. :) I'd like to build one that most games, including GPL, would run on without a CPU fix, but want the best...

Anyone remember the technicalities enough to let me know the best of the worst?!



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Fanatec Gear And Gplshift

06 Aug 2022

Posted by The Pegger in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
First off my gear: CSL DD with Clubsport RS wheel
   SQ shifter 1.5
   CSL Elite LC pedals (older pedals) connected via usb

I'm finally getting around to setting up my CSL DD in GPL. Everything works except getting GPLshift to use the right buttons. Gears are mapped to buttons in the wheel (buttons 0-5) instead of the shifter (13-18 with button 12 being reverse). Would having to the pedals plugged into the wheelbase instead of USB make a difference or is there a setting in the GPLshift.ini to manually map which buttons are for gears? I tried fairshift but there's problems with the clutch like in this thread:


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Farm Road 29 Objects For Gplv1.000

06 Aug 2022

Posted by Monkeyape in GPL-Track Addons
Farm Road 29 Objects Read Mev1.000

After I saw what was possible, with object conversion with the NR2003 Zanarkand and track, it inspired me to do my own conversions. I know any conversion is now possible to NR2003/GPL, especially since it not even a windows game, and was extracted via a PS2/3 emulator.

This came about by working out: how I can use a ready-made object for NR2003/GPL.

All my objects and materials are free to use, as they were free in the first place.

-Never seen before objects in NR2003 or GPL (See Images), including the first 3D cow and horse (horse is a Bonus Related Object)

-Already well mapped (There are no bits of transparent areas sticking out).

-Low Polygon count under the limit (MTMs might be much lower) this does not mean a reduction of quality.

-Priority is upped to 4, for a sharper image via WinMip2, and seen at all distances is ticked. (NR2003 Only) I have kept the original encrypted file name for posterity.

-Mip files with same 3do where possible (name easier to find).

-Some bonus objects including a horse and extra telephone poles (original Readme’s are kept inside of folder to give credit to makers).

Examples in 3D Sim Ed
Attached File  3D Horse.jpg   45.38K   6 downloads
Attached File  Box Car 1.jpg   99.27K   10 downloads
Attached File  Box Car 2.jpg   96.48K   5 downloads
Attached File  Cow.jpg   47.5K   5 downloads
Attached File  Farm Road Barn.jpg   102.11K   4 downloads
Attached File  Frchk1.jpg   23.34K   2 downloads
Attached File  Frchk2.jpg   24.4K   0 downloads
Attached File  Frchk3.jpg   22.47K   1 downloads
Attached File  Frchk4.jpg   22.39K   2 downloads
Attached File  Frchk5.jpg   23.73K   4 downloads
Attached File  Front Train.jpg   103.9K   5 downloads
Attached File  Phone Poles.jpg   15.47K   4 downloads
Attached File  Rail Road Sign v1.jpg   18.67K   2 downloads
Attached File  Rail Road Sign v2.jpg   14.17K   2 downloads
Attached File  Tanker.jpg   64.38K   3 downloads
Attached File  TP8 Right Fence Post.jpg   22.02K   2 downloads
Attached File  TP8 Right Fence.jpg   37.04K   1 downloads
Attached File  Tp8fc1.jpg   58.38K   2 downloads
Attached File  TP8TR1.jpg   111.66K   2 downloads
Attached File  TP8TR2.jpg   115.44K   2 downloads
Attached File  Tpole2.jpg   18.02K   1 downloads
Attached File  Tpole2d.jpg   15.1K   1 downloads
Attached File  Tpole3.jpg   17.38K   2 downloads
Attached File  Tpole3d.jpg   15.47K   3 downloads
Attached File  Tpole4.jpg   21.77K   4 downloads
Attached File  Tpole4d.jpg   18.72K   3 downloads
Attached File  Water Tower.jpg   31.07K   3 downloads

Notes on Start Lights
-I have decided not to include these because they are mostly the same for every track so most will be repeated. Also, I do not know how to do switch state descriptors (a mip that changes its state in caution) so I will include these separately with the inferno pool caution light to stick into them for now. It is likely I will ask for help with these in a technical tip thread.

-2D objects have decided to work in 3D Sim Ed and is included.

Track Textures
-I have not released the surface track textures as they are in hundreds of tiny 28x28 squares and if I do end up recreating a circuit from the game, it is likely that I may use different ones. When enlarged they are in a low quality. This does not happen in the game itself.


-Horses’ eyes are barely visible but at least it is the first 3D one for NR2003/GPL.

How I did my objects

I used Mystical’s tutorials; I watched mainly parts II -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LawB374lyA0 (Part 2) and III -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkJKu8kYXDs (Part 3) which was the most important, save to 3do format. I worked out that I did not need to make an object from scratch; I just needed to learn to save it to the correct format.

I also had Zmodellerv1.07b, which turns out to extracts .bin models into 3DS files, which is very readable by 3D Sim Ed.
If you are a MTM track maker, it is good that all the models already have a vertices limit so it is nowhere near 3000~ or so vertices.

I will release a full tutorial on how I did it in the future forum, under Tips Tutorials and How To, including a FREE 3D Sim Ed 3 to use (sorry if you have already purchased it).

-https://www.youtube....h?v=oAXIP6as-Sc (Use To Get Free 3D SimEd (Search was 3D sim Ed Crack))

Please read the comments.

Let me know if the objects are not working correctly and I will try to redo them. I will include them in an update. Any help on anything concerning these objects is appreciated.

Enjoy them!

-Crankshaft (Telephone Poles)
-Dave Noonan (3D Sim Ed)
-Mystical (AD Designs)
-ProJektCarModZ (3D Sim Ed Crack)
-Terminal Reality
-Vega15 (Horse)
-WinMip 2

GPL Version Available Here
Attached File  Farm Road 29 Objects GPL.7z   512.56K   7 downloads

NR2003 Download available on Efr and Stunod, Here
https://efr1.forumot...03v1-000#126637 (EFR)
https://stunodracing...r-nr2003.14869/ (Stunod)

Thanks for downloading, and I will catch you in the next one.



More coming soon! :)

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Choose Your Sky

03 Aug 2022

Many years ago in the earlier days of GPL there was a utility to enable you to choose the sky at any circuit.  Go to the track today under a clear sky, but tomorrow it might be gloomy with rain threatening - just like real life !   The utility came packaged with the Bray'd Hill fantasy track and was called GPLSkyM.   I've tried to extract it from that track folder but cannot make it work as a stand-alone patch.
I live within half an hour of the site of the now defunct Surfers Paradise Road Circuit ("surferpa" in GPL) and love racing around a track I used to know well as a spectator but the experience is enhanced greatly by that track also having similar visual choices for the condiition of the sky.  I prefer the one which shows a storm looming over the hinterland hills which is absolutely true to the weather patterns there at certain times of the year.  I also love the beautiful red sunset sky at Long Beach.  Because the sky constitutes a large proportion of the visual look of any track it would be an enormous asset to be able to choose what it looks like.   Does anyone know how to make this utility work for any track or is there another one out there which I don't know about ?

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Abandoned Tracks, Old And New

02 Aug 2022

Posted by jgf in Motorsport Chat
"nobody dares to use" is a bit odd, some of these are public roads which, aside from Lemans, are no longer used for racing;  others are crumbing remains you wouldn't even take a bicycle on;
I was amazed at how many new circuits, depicted in recent sims, are already in disrepair.


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