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06 Dec 2019

Posted by snafu in Off Topic Chat
I'm probably the only person in the whole world who wasn't aware of this place. :confused:

But just in case there is someone else as well...

609 pages (At time of posting) of motor sport pictures.


Something for all tastes.


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Why Does Track Building Have To This Hard?

05 Dec 2019

So me: a younger person who's barely played GPL for over month and already I love the game to the point that I wanna try and create my own tracks. Sadly my issue stems from the fact that the tutorial is very difficult to follow. For me, the issue begins with walls and traces. While I'm not trying to say that his info is bad, I have honestly had trouble following it well. It got frustrating to the point I had to stop.

I hope there's more resources out there for learning with the GPL track editor, because from what I've seen. A lot of this information is outdated as I learn that there are more "in-date" and better software to use, of which I know nothing about or learn of sporadically. There's not a single spot on the forums that truly helps in all regards unless you're talking about threads that are almost 10 years old filled with dead links. I hope there will eventually be a single stickied thread that is updated constantly to provide the latest versions of editing software for this game to help newer players to GPL understand how making new tracks work and provide the necessary tools in a single thread. So far, I'm relegated to the hopes that an administrator will respond to me on an inquiry I may have about a vital piece of software I need. This will lead to me having being sent to a 5+ year old thread where the download for what I need is on the 10th post.

Hopefully someone can understand my plight. I see this community wanting new content creators, heck just newer players in general. Yet when it comes to trying to make tracks, it is a difficult task just to get what you need to get started. I'm not trying to trash anyone, but from a new community member's perspective, it's tiresome to have to deal with going to the GPL links website to find that a lot of what you want is outdated or it leads to a forum post that then leads to a dead link to a editing tool's website. Heck, even the GPLlinks.org website doesn't even have the 1967 Sports Cars mod updated to the newer version that came out last year.

Again, I'm not trying to say this community is horrible. Far from it. You people are more than welcoming to new members, and from what I've seen, any piece of content someone makes out of their love for this game, the rest of the community praises that new content, no matter if it seems amateurish. Simply because this is content made by the GPL community itself and from what I've seen, you all value each member thoroughly as if this entire site is a family on it's own. I feel as if a 14 year old could make the most ugly or worst track possible, yet I bet someone would try and break a "world record" for fastest lap on that same track. Even more so when veteran track makers begin to throw praises about how he made a good start and shower him with advice to help nurture that experience he gains from every bad to not so good track he makes to finally make that track where he can fully feel proud of himself.

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07 Dec 2019

I've just been linking up with two groups to drive F1 2019 and Project Cars 2 online. This will be (if I decide to do so) on my PS4 console with my race seat and wheel. Guess it's a kind of E Sport thing 🤔 There is also others for games like Assetto Corsa.

The programme they use for online races is called Discord. I believe it can also be used on a PC too.


Now I know we have Vroc and Igor for GPL,but would Discord be a good idea and a possible fit and would it work for an updated GPL online 🤔

What I like about it is, it as live chat room features, games and news rooms, banter rooms and a way to create invites for races as well as seasons and leagues.

What are people's thoughts. All feedback welcome 😁🤭

TP: 🏁

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Ping Value To Gpl Brasil Server

06 Dec 2019

Posted by Pedro L Ramalho in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Hi everybody,

I would like to have some help regarding connection problems. I participate in some GPL Brasil races but I frequently loose the connection during the races. I am located in Europe (Portugal). I noticed in my IGOR main panel that the ping value for this server, in the "Ping" column, is very different when compared with the values of the other servers (see screenshot attached). It's 9999. Is this normal? Could this number be related with the connection problems that I experience with this server? If yes, is there anything that can be done?

Thank you very much, everybody.
Pedro Ramalho

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How To Edit Carset? Add, Remove Or Rename Cars?

06 Dec 2019


I want to edit an existing carset namely to rename the existing generic folders (honda, coventry, ferrari, c10...etc) to give the cars proper names but I have no idea where to start, I searched the forum but nothing came up. Of course renaming them does make the game crash, so I believe there must be something I must edit in the layout folder to make this changes apparent for GPL but I don't know how to proceed. This is just for me of course as I don't plan on using it online and I want to learn a bit more about GPL's file structure. Basically, I'm looking to do something similar to the Legends of GPL mod.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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