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Editing Data Shown In The Letterbox

02 Jul 2022

Posted by quattr020V in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
When in training mode in GPL55, I see track sector times but not complete lap times. How do I see the lap times, and is it possible to save these to a file?
How do I change the font colour of the tyre temperatures?

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Unreleased Converted Ovals

Today, 03:36 AM

Posted by DHosein in GPL-Track & Carset Upload Zone
I have a number of Ovals converted from N2/N3/NL/ICR2 with Dave Noonan's converter from waaaay back in the day that for reasons never made it to the official DB.

Just variations on existing conversions - so, day/night or 70s versions of tracks that are already available.

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Looking For Track Authors To Get Permission To Use Tracks In A Png Mod

30 Jun 2022

Any idea how to contact these guys to get permission to use their tracks in a mod?

Tracking over at RaceDepartment.com: https://www.racedepa...n-a-mod.240286/

Request: I am looking for 1960s-90s decade appropriate tracks for the British Racing Saloon/Touring Car Championship (BRSCC) and 1960s-90s decade appropriate tracks for the European Touring Car Championship (ETCC). Please message me if you have a link to a track download.  BRSCC circuits: http://touringcarrac...Pages/BSCC.html ETCC circuits: http://touringcarrac...Pages/ETCC.html Thank you!

Phil Rob [Received Permission 6/30/22]

Motorfx [Received Permission 6/30/22 via Phil Rob]

Bill Guillaume [Received Permission 6/30/22 via Phil Rob]

N2LO [Received Permissions 6/30/22 via Phil Rob]

Zwiss [Received Permission 6/30/22]



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Server Doesn't Work When Dedicated

30 Jun 2022

Hi all

We're trying to configure a new server and it works perfectly to host into gpl, whether entering it directly from GEM or when we configure everything in Igor and enter GPL to choose the track.

However, when we tick on "dedicated server" in igor, to select the track and configure loops from there, it host apparently well, but gpl doesn't allow any driver to enter it, showing the "time out" message.

We tried many things but nothing worked. Does anybody have some clue to solve it?

Thanks in advance!


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Oao Targa 22

29 Jun 2022

Posted by Michkov in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"
As per usual oAo will take to the roads of Sicily for a staggered 2 lap dash around the island. If you got nothing to do next Saturday (July 9th) you are more than welcome to join us for the race.


Targa 2022

When: 9.7.2022
Time: 16:30 CEST*
Where:   Targa Florio
Mod:    1967 Sportscar extra
Distance: 2 laps
Shift-R: unlimited +30 seconds per use added to race time
Damage: Int
IGOR chatroom: oAo

Same as every year. The server will run a 2 hours practice session. Drivers will wait in the chat until they are called on by the starter (that's me) and then released in 30 second intervals. Drivers have to complete 2 consecutive laps to be classified. If a disco happens before the first split, you are allowed to try again, rejoin the server and wait until everyone is gone. If the starter is already on track, you can leave immediately, else wait to be called onto the track. Shift-Rs are unlimited, but carry a penalty of 30s per use. The result is the sum of the two laptimes plus the number of resets times 30 seconds. Please report any resets you may have had in the post race thread, this is the hardest track to spot resets in the replay.

Starting order will be random, so be aware that cars directly behind you are at least 30s ahead of you on the clock. That doesn't mean you have to pull over and let them immediately through. Any car has the same right of way, and it is up to the faster driver to safely navigate the overtake. Being at least 30s faster, it should be no problem to overtake the slower one car if both parties play by the usual rules. With a track as narrow and twisty and poor rear visibility of the cars patience is by far the better approach when it comes to overtaking than a bump and run at the first opportunity.

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread, so post any questions in here. Tell your friends, everyone is welcome come raceday.

*Click link for conversion to your local timezone.

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