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I'm Looking For Nurburg Gammaworx Alternate Sky

Yesterday, 09:30 AM

Posted by db312 in GPL Request Area
Hello everybody,

As the title said, I'm looking for an alternate sky made by Gammaworx for his Nurburgring update 65 to 69 era.

Here is the post where I watch it : http://srmz.net/inde...t=45#entry84794

Thank you in advance :)

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Unable To Export Race Results

Today, 03:12 AM

Posted by Millennium in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
I recently started my first Championship with the 1965 mod, the first four races I was able to export the results and the replays after the race. But after doing my fifth race everytime I try to export the results it's gives an error message and it won't export the results.

I'm doing Short Intermediate races.

Exporting replays still works though.

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Attn: Adc Admin And Hello To Everyone Else

21 Jun 2017


My name is Andrew Hutchinson and I'm trying to learn to right foot brake.

I rediscovered GPL about three weeks ago and my mind is still blown at the amount of work that community members have undertaken. It is truly amazing. A tip of the hat to everyone involved.

Now the issue I'm having in the ADC is that I can't post to speedgeezers which makes it hard to apologize or even introduce myself to the people I am racing against. The issue must be that I hurriedly  typed in the wrong email address or something along those lines because I can't get my account operable. The forum says it is validated and that the email is sent to my account but I can't find it anywhere in any folder in any account. My hope in posting here is that perhaps Bob Simpson or Tom Johnston(sp) might see this and be able to contact me and override whatever the issue is. There is a contact link but it seems to want to invoke microsoft to do microsoft stuff rather than just giving me an email to contact. That or it could be more Win 10 that I need to learn.

Other than that I'm really enjoying racing against other people. I'm pretty slow especially with the computer and that has meant I missed last Wednesday's ADC at Bremgarten. In fact I only figured out iGor with about 6 mins to go in practice on Friday. To the person who passed me with a couple minutes to go in the session I apologize if I balked your Q lap - it was my second lap ever at Bremgarten and I was still learning where to duck and hide. Tonigh'ts '71 CAN-AM race was much the same. The 19 laps I completed were my first in CAN-AM and first at Brainerd.  I only got it downloaded with enough time to create a player and for some reason it gave me a Mclaren rather than a Porsche, so I was pretty surprised at turn one! I made one pass and promptly spun off in front of them half a lap later. I also probably own David Fletcher an apology - I misjudged his closing speed between T1-T2  two laps from the end and when I got the blue approaching T2 I wasn't where I wanted to be in order to let him through nicely. In the end I just drove off the circuit - which solved the problem somewhat - but I'll do better next time out to pick a side early.
Bit of a ramble.


Andrew Hutchinson

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Mirrors Show Ski Or Road Surface

23 Jun 2017

Hi all,

In my GPL 1966-mod, the mirrors show the sky or road surface (not sure which one). It is as if they point up or downwards, making them unusable.

I installed the GPL 2004-demo in a seperate install. Then patched it with GPL Shift to get my shifter working. Then installed the GPL 1.3 patch and then installed the 66 mod. I think the problem occured after having installed either GPL Shift or the GPL 1.3 Patch.

I have uploaded a short replay to Youtube to illustrate the issue here: https://www.youtube....h?v=uVN2gSeVoX0

I already found that this is reported with nvidia cards under Open GL. However I run D3D and have an ATI R9 200 series. I run Windows 10.

My 65-install does not have this issue.

Any ideas?



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F1 1955 Argentinian Grand Prix

22 Jun 2017

Posted by Ralonso in News & Announcements
Hello Guys!


Back with some racing action!

AND you won't believe it! ;): It's with Grand Prix Legends this time!!!!!

I've testet out a little the 1955 mod, last late night, driving a short GP with the Gordini in Argentina!

It was a great thing to do, and a lot of fun!

If you wanna see how it was, go over here to watch it: https://www.youtube....h?v=KHlMWDf4zS4

So enjoy!

Greetings from Ralonso

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