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Converting NR2003 tracks > GTP

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Posted Mar 01 2005 - 08:09 AM

So, here's how it goes....
Step 1: Copy the track folder from Nascar Racing 2003/tracks folder (or the .zip file of the track you want to install) into the Program Files/Redline GTP/trackD folder.

Step 2: Copy the 5 files attached to this post into the track folder. The 5 files are:


Step 3: The last step involves adding two sections to the track.ini file that's in the track's folder. This is a simple process, you can't mess it up, so here goes.

Open the track.ini file using notepad, and you will see several sections pertaining to the track's parameters concerning tire grip for mods, green flag drop region, pit stall locations and so forth. You can enter the following information easily into the track.ini anywhere except before the first section or after the pitting stall info at the end of the file. Copy and paste the following somewhere in the middle of the file between existing sections: cup, cts, pta, etc.


[ track_gtp ]
track_tire_heat = 0.97
track_tire_wear = 1.30 ;> 1.0 means more wear, i.e. 2.0 is twice normal wear, 0.5 is half normal wear
track_tire_wear_loss = 0.11 ; percentage of grip lost at full tire wear
track_tire_wear_exp = 1.05 ; > 1.0 gives a bigger fall off later in run < 1.0 gives a bigger fall off early in run
track_asphalt_grip = 1.06

[ ai_track_gtp ]
ai_accel_modifier = 0.88 ; acceleration grip efficiency
ai_decel_modifier = 1.00 ; braking grip efficiency
ai_fuel_use = 0.99 ; > 1.0 = more fuel consumed
ai_grip_modifier = 1.035 ; > 1.0 = more grip
ai_drag_modifier = 1.03 ; > 1.0 = more drag, which is slower
ai_line_modifier = 1.0 ; dangerous hack, don't use unless you are a trained professional
ai_qual_modifier = 1.0 ; > 1.0 = faster during qualifying
ai_tire_wear_left = 0.24 ; left tire wear adjuster for ai
ai_tire_wear_right = 0.20 ; right tire wear adjuster for ai
ai_pacing_distance = 2.0 ; car lengths behind while pacing
ai_bunching_distance = 1.9 ; car lengths behind while bunching for start
ai_drafting_distance = 1.19 ; car lengths behind while racing
ai_panic_decel = 5 ; G's of extra deceleration inducing panic
ai_dlongpad_scale = 3 ; scales padding in braking zones (smaller = more scaling)
ai_dlat_pad = 0.82
ai_squeeze_pcnt = 0.00
ai_wall_offset = 100
ai_inverse_slipcurve_k = 0.75 ; how much slip angle AI need to corner. smaller = more, more = increased drag

After you do this and save the track.ini file for that track, you can now get into the mod, pick the track and away you go.

It's that simple guys. You can do this to ANY road course file as far as I know, as long as you do it in the trackD folder, and NOT in the trackN folder. Redline was planning on posting information on changing tracks from daytime to night...and until that's available we can only do this do daytime tracks.

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#2 sheepherder


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Posted Mar 01 2005 - 09:08 AM

Walt - I have no argument with your instructs above; however...   :rolleyes:

I had tried a similar mod as you describe (maybe the same one) on the long Spa track, it didn't work...(Got the "Would not load" msg)...

Jumi2 posted a slightly different .INI addition here -  http://gplmz.speedge...?showtopic=1332   which *included* -

[ gtp ]
record_lap_time =
record_holder =

Using this plus the [track_gtp] and [ai_track_gtp] settings similar to what you describe above (and the 5 fast files) worked; Spa [long track] is now my favorite GTP track.   :thumbup:


In a totally unrelated happening, I was starting a race at Spa [converted long course] and on the first lap there was an incident in the inner loop (there is *always* an incident in the inner loop) and when I came around the corner, about 8 cars were jumping up and down on the track...Pretty funny!...   :lol:

Later, when I needed to restart, I was just pulling out of the pits when in my mirror I could see a car fall out of the sky and then take off after me...   :D

This mod definately has entertainment value never envisioned by its creators...   :thumbup:  ;)  :lol:  :P  :blink:

Edited by sheepherder, Mar 01 2005 - 09:17 AM.

#3 sheepherder


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Posted Mar 01 2005 - 09:20 AM

Quattro, on Mar 1 2005, 02:09 PM, said:

Step 2: Copy the 5 files attached to this post into the track folder.

...Attached???...   :blink:

... :lol: ...Alzheimer's an SOB, ain't it???...   :lol:

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Posted Feb 23 2015 - 03:19 PM

Regarding the AI setup files needed for the tracks, I've updated them so the AI can drive faster but without being too extreme a setup that it will lose control. It will work well basically everywhere, I had made specific Le Mans setups but these should suffice.

Look for GTP Track Files

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