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I May Be Crazy... I'm Racing A Full Championship

Today, 11:36 AM

Hey All,

As the title reads, I may be crazy. I realized in all my years playing GPL that I have never run full grand prix races. I set out to change that and run a full championship in the original way Papyrus designed it.

I just finished up Monaco, and WOW, what a headache that is. I can only imagine what it was like if you didn't have a pause button to take a stroll to the bathroom every 30 laps. Almost every car had a bad day, so I wound up second some two laps behind Amon.

It's very fulfilling to set up your own car and try to get the best qualifying time you can. I am treating every second I am in the garage as a minute out of my practice. So once I finish making changes I advance the session for how many "minutes" i was in the garage. Really adds a sense of urgency to it as well. Learning the circuit, tuning the car, setting a qualifying lap, making sure it's going to be comfortable for the race... too much to do!

Next up is Zandvoort and I'm not sure how 90 laps around here is going to feel...

Almost 20 years old and she still brings a smile to my face!

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Road America - Elkhart Lake

Yesterday, 01:53 AM

Posted by ginetto in GPL-Track Database
Road America - Elkhart Lake ver. 1.0
for Grand Prix Legends

Made by ginetto and Remy Roesz.
Attached File  PITS.jpg   68.49K   123 downloads
Track Location: Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin USA
Track Type: Real Race Track
Track Length: 6514km.- 4.048mi.
Track Num. Turns: 14
Track Year: 1971 - 1966

Track Editors : ginetto - Remy Roesz

This track reproduces Elkhart Lake's Road America in 1971 with the option, for the Can-Am 66 MOD, of using the pre-70 version with no armco barriers around most of the track and billboards that depict year 1966.

The pre-70 version can also be used for other MODS by copy/paste and changing the extension of 2 files included in the folder:
  • roadamer.tCB
  • roadamer.3CB
as an example, for 65 MOD, change extension to:
  • roadamer.t65
  • roadamer.365
and for 67 F2 MOD, to:
  • roadamer.tF2
  • roadamer.3F2
Attached File  T5.jpg   78.9K   158 downloads

A 32bits (type 7) Horizon is included as a 7zip file; just extract the contents into the folder to use it. Remember that it will only work if use any of the v.2 rasterizers.

Included are files that have sound along the main straight; just extract the ZIP into the track folder to have that option.

GEM picture shows the 1971 Can-Am race program; if you want to have the 66 version you can extract the proper zip into the track folder

As a small "Easter Egg', if you have the '66 Can-Am Mod installed, when you go to Road America you will have a race/track specific carset for the 1966 Road America '500'.
This carset is courtesy of G.Spinning and Greg Liebzeit .

Also a 1966 USRRC option for the page1 and event of the menu is in its own zip file.

You will find 3 INI files included for the CA71 Historic Add-on, (the dr71CA.7z file). Only use these with the CA71 Historical Add-On carset. The files add the correct entrants with correct lap times of the 1971 Road America Can-Am Race, (all entrants or only the cars that were present at the start, Plus one with the entrants for the race but with a GPL weighted performance.
Attached File  SFsraight.jpg   119.18K   125 downloads

Historical Notes:
Road America was designed and built by avid racing enthusiast and highway engineer Clif Tufte, whose sand and gravel company owned the land on which Road America was built. Seed financing came from members of the local community and regional SCCA chapters.

The natural topography of the Kettle Moraine area was utilized for the track, which sweeps over the tops of rolling hills and plunges down through bottom land then up the steep narrow ravine known as Thunder Valley. The track is 4.048 miles in length with 14 turns. Except for recent re-modeling work on Turn 1 that changed it very slightly, the track is the same today as when it was first laid out.

Construction of the track began in April 1955.

A very nice history of Road America is available here:

By September 10, 1955, five months after breaking ground, the track's first SCCA national race weekend was held.

Great video about the first race, won by Phil Hill:
Moment In Time

Onboard video from 1975:

1967 CanAm race (121 MB):

Nice Story About Andretti and Rahal families and Road America

Regarding the project:
Began working on this project in 2013 using all the info and pictures that Richard Neville collected long time before, (after having it on “to do list” since 2010),

Initially the track was to be a '67 recreation, but the release of Can-Am 71 MOD brought us to the decision of going for a replica as of 1971.

Lost all my work in 2014. After a few months, so the adventure could go on, decided to recreate the build files from the last version saved on the private forum.

At this point Remy asked if he could help and after many many hours of work he delivered a fantastic set of textures and gave me the spirit to finish this beauty.
Most of the textures, the horizon and object placements are by Remy Roesz.
Attached File  T13.jpg   107.19K   117 downloads
Kept working on layout and elevation refinement with help from John Woods, who visited the track two times to drive the circuit and report his findings back to me. A few weeks before release, John spoke briefly by phone with a senior vice president at Road America, asking whether a scan of the track might be available.

According to John, the track official commented a scan would only be accurate at the time it was produced as the track surface, resting on enormous Ice Age glacial sand dunes, changes constantly and year-to-year with the seasons. The official said it had been since 2012 that anyone had scanned the track. It was surveyed by Road America in 2016, which is why the official said the current 2017 Competitor Map is only certified accurate as of the date of the survey.

John also showed the track to a veteran Road America racer and made the following report:

"Just a few minutes ago got back from finally getting out to visit long time friend Bo D. He raced Road America for 15 years beginning in 1959 and still goes up once a year or so. He was an early regional SCCA chapter official here and was there when the chapter purchased a charter share in Road America. So he goes way back to the beginnings.

Showed him a three lap video of me racing AI.

After the first time thru asked if anything struck him as incorrect, (besides commenting on my driving!), and he couldn't think of anything, so we watched it again and I asked him again and he said, "no, its amazing."

Couldn't find a thing wrong.
He said amazing a few more times after that.
We watched it three maybe four times.
He confirmed the track surface changes year to year.
So nice big thumbs up from Bo."
Attached File  T14.jpg   91.86K   105 downloads


John Woods: lots of research, advising, testing.

Greg Liebzeit: CAM file, MOD INI files, and for helping a lot.

Pavel: AI and search material.

Gaus: car 3DOs and search material.

Stefano Zampedri: truck 3DOs.

The whole CanAm team: beta testing.

The GPL Repository: hosting the private forum.

Stefan Roess: hosting the track.

Special thanks to:
  • All the community for giving us the enthusiastic support for doing this!
  • All the special guys that developed the tools for editing every GPL related thing!
  • The notorious Papyrus for giving us lots of fun!

yours GINETTO and REMY

Italy, 24 Feb 2017


Who's in need of a Server version, can find it  HERE

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Something Everyone Should Know?

Today, 11:45 AM

Greetings to all. I'm back to GPL from 10 years away and first and foremost must compliment the contributors of this community for their AMAZING! accomplishments. It will take me awhile to get caught up. I will have a hard time expressing the true appreciation they deserve.

To my point. In the past, I had used the little utility that most may be aware of. That is GPL_Glance.
Thought it was cool to look where I was steering. While getting familiar with all things GPL, I found settings in Glance that have made it an absolute must have for me.

Instead of using Steering Wheel Input, I only used Side Forces with the Reverse Glance Direction box checked.

The result is normal driving view until you start to slide or drift. It then views  where you are going, not where your steering. I think just like I would if I was sliding or drifting for real. To watch that fence approach as I'm about to hit it, you know.
It provides a sense of when your approaching the limit, just starting to break loose and a much better chance of recovering when the limit of adhesion is exceeded.

(side note - I remember Murray Walker (F1 commentator) saying " His enthusiasm exceeded his adhesion")
This is true of me so very, very often.

The Effect and Damping I'm currently using are 25 and 40, respectively.

It will start from GEM and should be effective for all mods.

It all adds up to another layer of realism that makes it harder and harder to do anything  else but drive.

This little gem was there, under my nose so to speak, for many, many frustrating laps trying to learn how to drive GPL. I post this so those who haven't tried it, do try it, and see what you think.

Again, a huge Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! to all that contribute.

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+++ New Track: Road America

Yesterday, 01:56 AM

Get it
Attached File  Start.jpg   88.58K   56 downloads

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Trembling Cars!

Yesterday, 01:43 PM

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