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Steer-Lock How To Change?

19 Nov 2018

Hi, I tried various combinations in the Logitech Profile but when I start GPL nothing happens, the game is always set to 560° circa
For example, when I change value (in Logitech profile before to start the game) at the 400° the wheel works fine and is block it's set correctly at 400°, but in game I have 560°
Any idea?

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1965 F1 Mod High Resolution Dash Gauge Fixes

Yesterday, 07:11 AM

Posted by Lee200 in GPL-65 Mod
These files fix the 1965 F1 mod gauge needles for the optional high resolution dashes that can be installed by Bernd's v2.0.2 installer found here:


1.  Lotus 33--the mod physics settings cause the oil temperature needle to rotate backwards.  Also, other gauge needles are misaligned.  The 1965 Lotus 33 Gauge Fix patch overrides these settings.
2.  Cooper T77--the gauge needles are in the wrong position which requires a new coventry.3do file.  Also, gauge needles are misaligned.  The 1965 Cooper T77 Gauge Fix patch overrides these settings.
3.  Honda RA272--All the gauge needles are misaligned.  The 1965 Honda RA272 Gauge Fix patch overrides these settings.
4.  Ferrari 1512 high resolution dash gauge needles are OK.
5.  Brabham BT7, BT11, and BRM P262 low resolution dash gauge needles are OK.

To use these files:
1.  Copy the coventry.3do file into the mod installation/cars/full65/coventry directory and allow overwrite.
2.  Copy the three Gauge Fix patches into the mod Installation/Mods/GEM+/gpl65/Options directory.
3.  Delete the existing gplc65.exe.
4.  Start GEM+, select the 1965 F1 mod, and check the three Gauge Fix patches.
5.  Hit the green button and let GEM+ rebuild the mod .exe.


Doh!  I forgot to fix the Honda RA272 tach tell tale.  New .zip file posted.

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1965 F1 Mod Brabham Bt11 Hq Dash Update

Yesterday, 04:02 PM

Posted by orlinos in GPL-65 Mod
The Pascal Celton update is still missing high quality versions of skins for few Brabham BT11 cars: Siffert, Gardner, Anderson and Hawkins.

The Pascal Celton update is found here:

Myself, I cannot make whole skins, but I managed to clumsily copy parts of the HQ dash for the player's car over the original black dash files used by the AI cars:

INSTALL: copy two .mip files to the folder

Now, all BT11 Brabhams will have high quality dashes!

All the credit goes to Pascal Celton who created the skins and to Remy who uploaded his files to http://srmz.net/
All the blame for the clumsy copy-pasting goes to me. ;-)

Attached File  Brabham BT11 black dash HQ.zip   738.38K   11 downloads

Here is how it looks at East London:
Attached File  HQ Brabham BT11 dash.jpg   230.24K   43 downloads

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1965 F1 Mod High Resolution Dash Gauge Fixes

Yesterday, 07:24 AM

Recently, I updated my 1965 F1 mod installation using Bernd's great v2.0.2 installer found here:


As many of you know, the installer includes optional high resolution dashes for four of the cars.  The Lotus 33 in particular has a bug where the oil pressure needle rotates backwards.  In addition, some of the other car gauges are misaligned.

In 2012, Remy made a patch that corrected the Lotus 33 oil pressure bug, but my new patches fix the other cars as well.

See here:



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Force Feedback Clarification With Gpl- Quick Question

18 Nov 2018


I went through several of the FFB topics to get a good understanding how to setup and get it working.  

I have FFB turned on and taken some settings used in another topic. All works Good far as feeling
the force when the wheel is turning the car in the corners.

The thing i dont feel is when I hit curbs, grass or bumpy track. Should i feel those also?
I do feel the bump when I hit a wall head on.

I have a Thrustmaster TMX wheel. Went in thrustmaster control panel and adjusted the gain to get
the wheel force mentioned above.

my settings
allow_force_feedback = 1   
force_feedback_damping = 60.0000000   
force_feedback_latency = 0.0850000
max_steering_torque = 550.000000   


Ignore my question:  seems I have to play around with the settings. I can now feel most everything on
the track to some extent.  I now have these settings, but are not finalized. Seems to be a happy balance
to be able to feel everything on the track as i am driving. Settings I now have are:

my settings
allow_force_feedback = 1   
force_feedback_damping = 30.0000000   
force_feedback_latency = 0.1250000
max_steering_torque = 200.000000  had to bump this up from 145 cause steering force was too much.    

thank you,

Dave Thayer

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