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Ac Mod?

Today, 09:12 AM

Posted by Pete Gaimari in I Wanna talk about other Sims or Games
What is this? Are these GPL cars?


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'67 Spa, Haystacks, Hollowell Memorial - The Unlikely Thread

Yesterday, 03:25 PM

Hello guys,

There was/is a discussion going on in the Autosport Nostalgia Forum about the historical Spa track and a forum member lauded rfactor2's recreation of 60s Spa.
Of course, stupid as I am, I had to step into the discussion and share the GPL's team masterpiece that is the '67 Spa track.

One of the ensuing replies questioned the presence of haystacks on the track's surroundings, but those do feature in footage of the 67 race ...

A more interesting remark, given it might be fruitful, consisted about the absence of the Billy Hollowell Memorial.
Just as a curiiosity, or even as suggestion for a future update, but was the Memorial still present on the '67 track?

Here's the original discussion:


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G27 Logitech Steering Wheel Issues

23 Feb 2018

Posted by Elijahroberson in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Not sure if this falls into the proper category, but I was trying to get my steering wheel setup for GPL today. I made sure everything was plugged in, etc. Then I plugged in the cord to the computer and the computer made the noise to tell you something was plugged in, and the gear shift lit up, but then went dim. That's it. The wheel didn't attempt to calibrate or anything. Nothing would work on it. I opened GEM+ to see if maybe it was just waiting for a program, but still nothing. Not sure what I did wrong, perhaps user error. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Parnelli Kicks Butt At Riverside

Yesterday, 10:40 AM

Posted by John Woods in Motorsport Chat
From the book Parnelli a story of auto racing by Bill Libby, c1969 Dutton Books.

Parnelli started out racing home-built jalopies he liked to flip over for fun.
Some races paid a premium for "best crash."


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Assetto Corsa Competizione

21 Feb 2018

From Assetto Corsa web page

Assetto Corsa Competizione is the new official Blancpain GT Series videogame.
Thanks to the extraordinary quality of simulation, the game will allow you to experience the real atmosphere of the FIA ​​GT3 homologated championship, competing against official drivers, teams, cars and circuits, reproduced in-game with the highest level of accuracy ever achieved.
Sprint, Endurance and Spa 24 Hours races will come to life with an incredible level of realism, in both single and multiplayer modes.

Assetto Corsa Competizione is designed to faithfully recreate the performance and the driving experience of real Blancpain GT Series cars through a sophisticated mathematical model that accurately replicates tyre grip, aerodynamic impact, engine parameters, suspensions and electronics systems that determine vehicle balance, as well as the influence of mechanical damage on the car's drivability.

Thanks to Laserscan technology, every official circuit is recreated with the utmost accuracy: all curbs and details perfectly fit their real counterparts to grant a gaming experience as faithful to reality as possible.

And more on https://www.assettoc...t/competizione/

Looks very promising. What do you think guys? :)

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