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Anderstorp 1973 Scandinavian Raceway

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Posted May 12 2009 - 11:45 AM

Anderstorp  1973   Scandinavian Raceway  
Country:  Sweden
Circuit Type:  Airfield
Track Type: Real Track
Track Authors:  Martin Granberg, Jonas Mattson, Fredrik Nornemark
Released:  January 25, 2001
Turns  8
Meters  4019
Miles  2.491
Track Folder Name:  atorp
Track State  (FINAL)


Grand Prix racing in Sweden began in 1955, when the Swedish Grand Prix for sports cars took place on a road course called Råbelöfsbanan near Kristianstad. This event was held for a few years with Juan Manuel Fangio, Jean Behra, Phil Hill and Stirling Moss among the winners.

In 1967, construction work began on a Grand Prix Circuit on a marsh about a hundred miles south-east of Gothenburg. The project was pioneered by three local racing enthusiasts, Sven "Smokey" Åsberg, Bertil Sanell and Åke "Rörkrökarn" Bengtsson. Track length would be just over 4km, the minimum limit for a Formula One Grand Prix circuit.

In April 1968, after a very short construction time, the track was finished.

Smokey claimed at the time that "in five years World Championship races will be held here". Few believed him.

In June the same year the first official races took place. Jo Bonnier, Paul Hawkins, Ronnie Peterson and Reine Wisell were among the drivers taking part

From 1968 to 1972 several Sports Car, Formula 3 and international Road Racing races were held at Anderstorp.

With Ronnie Peterson and Reine Wisell doing well on the international racing scene, the timing was right to stage a Formula One race in Sweden. From 1973 to 1978 the Formula One circus visited the track, often producing odd results. Dennis Hulme won the inaugural race in 1973, Jody Schekter in 1974, Niki Lauda in 1975, Jody Schekter again the winner in 1976, Jacques Laffite in 1977 and then one of the most controversial wins in Grand Prix history by Niki Lauda in 1978.

Lauda won that race in the brand new Brabham BT46-Alfa Romeo, perhaps better known as the "Fan Car". The fan, which official purpose was to cool the radiators, also happened to suck air from under the car and therefore increasing its downforce. It was to be theÊ one and only race for the fan car as it was banned directly after the Swedish Grand Prix.

After 1978 no more Formula One races took place. Both Ronnie Peterson and Gunnar Nilsson sadly died in 1978 and sponsors were hard to find. During the Eighties World Championship Road Racing was the most prestigious races held at Anderstorp. Some international GT races were held during the Nineties, but the track was mostly used for national races in Formula 3, Touring Car and various motorcycle events. These are the type of events staged today at Anderstorp.

Anderstorp has the feel of an airfield circuit, is relatively flat and has wide open grassy runoff zones. It is a tight and twisty circuit but includes a 30m wide and 1km long straight which is also used as a runway. Several of its corners are very banked, an unusual characteristic for a road course. Another distinct feature of Anderstorp is that the Start/Finish line is not located near the pits.

We have recreated the 1973 configuration of the track. Due to a surprising lack of advertising in 1973 we have taken the artistic liberty to add authentic Anderstorp ads from it's F1 years 1973-1978. Without it the track would have looked far too bland.

Look here for a large aerial view of Anderstorp (Please note. This photo does not depict the configuration we have recreated)

The Anderstorp track for GPL was made by Martin Granberg, Jonas Matton and Fredrik Nornemark.
You can email us here anderstorp@nornemark.com.

All graphics and 3DO objects are Anderstorp originals with the exception of “groove.mip” (GPLEA) and a modified “horiz.3do” (Papyrus).

None of the Anderstorp files should be included in any other track or graphics package without asking the authors first.

Lead testdriver and AI role model: Roland Ehnström

Graphics inspiration & brainstorming: Jens Martin
Web site design: Håkan Wergeni & Fredrik Nornemark

We would like to thank the following people for their help with information and/or tools: Phil "Guru" Flack and GPLEA, Nigel Pattinson, Paul Hoad, Klaus Hörbrand, Joachim Blum, Sabre Team, David Noonan and Peter Prochazka.

Also a big Thank You to all the test drivers!

Finally - thanks to David Kaemmer and Papyrus for giving us Grand Prix Legends.

We're providing two different versions of Anderstorp, one normal and one light version. Both come with a handy installer to make installation as easy as possible for you.

During the design of Anderstorp we've always had FPS in mind. This means we have killed a few darling ideas of ours in favour of maintaining high quality FPS. We think we have succeeded and that most people should be able to run the normal version without problems.

However, since 36 FPS is crucial online we also made a light version with more blocky corners, fewer 3d objects, etc.

Both versions are exactly the same concerning physics - the only difference is in the appearance.

Please Observe!
The AI is pretty aggressive as it is. This means that you should not use any AI-tweaker. If you do, the AI will go positively mad.
Sometimes one or two (on occasion more) of the AI cars won't bother to qualify. This is normal for Anderstorp. A special thank you to Sabre Team for helping out getting the AI cars to qualify at all.The track works fine in GPL Software Mode. And there are no track specific problems for non 3d-card servers.

Default setups are based on setups made by Roland Ehnström.
You can also download Rolands Anderstorp setups using 60/x differential. You can only get them at this site as they are not included in the install program. You'll find them below.

As an option, we've also included the current Anderstorp World Record lap in the installer. The laptime is 1:33.81 and was set by Patrik Gårdewall.

Attached File  anderstorp_normal.zip   2.93MB   1522 downloads
(Sorry, I never got the light version so only the 16bit available.)

Attached File  RE_setups.zip   1.7K   424 downloads

Attached File  track.ini.zip   1.44K   556 downloads


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Posted Mar 30 2010 - 04:01 PM

Another update for Atorp,this one Voodoo card compatible. Non-accurate but still geared towards the reality of a Scandanavian boreal forest track location. I think the results came out fairly well as Atorp looks a little different with a cleaned-up groove. I love the banked turns.

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#3 Stefan Roess

Stefan Roess

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Posted Jan 17 2013 - 05:47 PM

View Postdangermouse, on May 12 2009 - 11:45 AM, said:

(Sorry, I never got the light version so only the 16bit available.)

Well, here is the light version :)

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