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Spinning Newspaper Using Ogl - Fix

Yesterday, 09:33 AM

Posted by gliebzeit in GPL-Misc' Addons
For those of you that use OGL and get the extremely slow 'spinning newspaper' between finishing a race and seeing the static newspaper with results image - I found a way around the slow-down.

By replacing the 28 varied images of the 'spinning newspaper' with 'blank' pbf images, the animation of spinning is bypassed.  On completing a race, and after clicking on the green flag to go to the newspaper with results, you now go directly to the newspaper.

I am supplying this 'fix' in two methods.  One method is to extract the 28 blank pbf files into your layout folder.  The other method is a layout.DAT file that I have substituted the 28 newspaper pbf files with blanks.  This second method is more manageable when using separate installs for each mod.  Please, note that you only need ONE of these D/L to get the spinning newspaper bypass.

I hope this is found useful.  Posted Image

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A Belated Thank You

25 Apr 2018

Posted by arny56 in Member Feedback
I recently reloaded GPL on a new win 10 machine (after 20 years it's still one of my favorite games) and came here first to see if anything had changed. I couldn't believe all the new content that had been added in the few years I've been away. And not just the quantity of it but also the quality of the new maps, car skins and the new installer simply amazed me after all these years.
Is there any other community brought together by a game (or sim if you prefer) that has had such an enduring and active history? I don't think so.

In any event, the reason I'm posting this is to offer a big (and probably long overdue) Thank You to SRMZ and to all who have contributed over the years and in some small way show my appreciation for all the time and effort you have put in for our benefit.

All the best:

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Jim Clark

22 Apr 2018

A look at why Jim was so fast and above the other drivers.


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1969 Mod Patch?

21 Apr 2018

dis interring GPL after getting new PC..
cant get 1969 mod patch down from SRMZ as it needs a captcha which is apparently doesnt now work.
can anyone direct me to an alternative site for the patch (or fix the captcha?)

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Changing Gear Hand Animation

21 Apr 2018

Posted by ElefantinoRosso in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Hello guys,

I tried to search for this issue but didn´t find nothing.

I´m using a Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback + TH8 Shifter, and also Fairshift 2.1.

When i change gears on the H SHifter, it works, but no hand animation is shown, neither that "click" sound that you hear when you change gear.

The only way for that to happen is configuring the "Shift Up" and "Shift Down" on the Options, to use the Wheel Shifter Paddles. But then it becames a sequential gear box.....not a H pattern like I wanted.

Can you give me some lights?

Thank you very much!

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