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Ranking The Gpl Mods By Physics Accuracy

26 Sep 2020

How would you rank the following mods according to the accuracy of the physics:
1955, 1965, 1966, 1966 can am, 1967, 1967x, 1967 F2, 1967 sportscars, 1967 Formula Libre, 1968, 1969x, 1971 can am?

Also, how does the rFactor 2 Brabham BT20 compare in accuracy to the GPL mods?


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Pc To Pc Over Local Lan - Can It Be Done?

26 Sep 2020

Posted by Tobodestroyer2020 in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
I have a PC for GPL :)

My son also has a PC for GPL :)

We are in the same house and connected to the same router :)

BIG question... Can we play GPL together, and if so, how?

Iv'e tried hosting and entering IP addresses etc. but everything just times out. Sure this must be possible. If so, could someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.


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Adac 24H Nurburgring

26 Sep 2020

Posted by fajanko in Motorsport Chat
It's already underway!

Live streams: https://www.youtube....7nsDsDEKKMc9bKA

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Grand Prix 4 Performance Problems Win10

25 Sep 2020

Posted by eiderdausisnemaus in Off Topic Chat

HIGH END (2018) win10 pc

NEC Multisync LCD 1760NX

GP4 have Performance Problems.

Do you know how to fix this ?


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Accessing Other Windows Without Leaving Gpl

25 Sep 2020

Maybe this is useless trivia or should be placed under the heading “Who cares?” I’m not sure if anyone knows or has tried this, but I found a way to access other programs without leaving GPL – something like using alt-tab in a regular Windows session. I’m using Windows 10 but I suspect it’s the same in other Windows versions.

You have to have a second monitor running off your GPU which shows the desktop and not GPL when you’re running GPL.

Before starting GPL, open the programs that you want to access and move them to the second monitor. I like to see the Replay Analyzer, Setup Manager and the spreadsheets I use to list my PBs etc.

After starting GPL, just hit ctrl-alt-delete which brings up the green screen where you will select Task Manager.

At that point you can move the cursor back and forth between the both monitors. But whenever you hit either the esc or green button in GPL, you’ll have to do the ctrl-alt-delete > Task Manager again to access the 2nd monitor again. If the cursor seems to not go back to GPL menu screens, remember that the menus are 640x480 and virtually located in the top left of the GPL monitor. Crossing the cursor near the top of the 2nd monitor will allow the cursor back to GPL. Hmm, this might only work if your 2nd monitor is showing on the right side of the main monitor. Oddly, in my display settings > Display, I show Display 1 on the left and Display 2 on the right. You may have to play around with this.

If you’re in the Race Weekend menu, you’ll see the cursor move back and forth between monitors. If you’re in-car you won’t see the cursor, but when you think it’s over GPL, click either mouse button to bring the sound back. Without sound, you can actually drive the car, and at the same time be able to access the other programs.

In a replay, the cursor can be moved back and forth visibly and clicking in GPL will bring the sound back.

In GPL you can create a replay and analyze it without leaving GPL which can be a real time saver. For setups, you can create a new setup in the GPL Setup Manager and it’ll appear in-game the next time you open the Setup menu.

However, if you modify an already created setup, the changes will not appear until you go from the Race Weekend menu to the Track Selection menu and come back to that track.

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