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Gpl Laptime Lister - Updated For 1967 Sports/gt Extra Mod

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Posted May 09 2019 - 09:51 AM

Hi all. Here is an updated version of my GPL lap time listing utility, which can now include your laps from the 1967 Sports/GT Extra mod.

What does the utility do?

It reads in all of your GPL lap times, from all the tracks and all the mods you have installed, and sorts them to produce a number of text file listings. These lists can show (for example) your fastest and slowest laps of all time, your oldest and newest lap records, the circuits where your average speed is fastest and slowest, and many other things. It's a stats freak's dream! :D If you have all the GPL mods installed, there can be around 57 of these listing files, but they are quite small and only take a few seconds to generate, so you can simply ignore the ones that you don't want.

So how do I install and run this?

Simply download the ZIP file and unzip it to an empty directory anywhere on your computer. (In the following examples, I will use "D:\Laplists\" as an example name.) This directory will then become the working directory, and it will be the place where the text listing files will be generated.

You will then need to edit the "GPLStats.ini" file to tell the utility where to find its information. The INI file contains helpful comments so you can find the files that it needs, and the options are also explained in the ReadMe file.

Once you've done this, simply double-click on the GPLStats55.exe file to run it. You should see a black command-line window open up, some status messages will whizz by, then the window will close and you will find the text listings in the D:\LapLists\ directory.

Note: A new feature in version 52 onwards means that if the program detects any errors while it is running, it should pause automatically and keep the command-line window open so that you can make a note of any error messages (denoted by asterisks "**") before pressing a key to close it down.

The listing file names show the order in which the lap times are displayed. Files including the word "test" only list lap times set in testing mode, for hotlappers and crazy TotalRankers like me. Other listings look at all your lap records (testing, practice and race), and select the best time as your "lap record" at that track. Many of the listing files will list lap times from all mods, but if a file name ends with a mod abbreviation (for example "67F2"), then that list will only contain lap times from that one mod.

The listing files are formatted in columns, so to read the information properly your text viewer/editor should used a monospaced font, such as Consolas, Courier New, Lucida Sans or something similar.

Please note: This utility is completely non-invasive. It doesn't need an installer, it doesn't make any changes to your Windows registry, and it doesn't change your GPL installation in any way. All it does is read your GPL player.ini files. If you want to uninstall it at any time, simply delete the directory where you unzipped it, and your computer will be back exactly as it was before.

There is more detail in the ReadMe file, including suggestions to try if the program doesn't seem to work properly for you.

Not many of us are stats freaks like me, but for those of you who might find this useful, I hope you enjoy it! :)

If you get any problems, or wish to make any comments or suggestions about the utility, please post in this thread. I will try to check it and help out as often as I can.

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