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1967 Honda Team And Player Screens

Today, 08:50 PM

Hello folks,

A stupid question given how long I have been messing around with GPL, but when using the 1967 carset should you be able to switch between the RA273 and the RA300 in GEM and/or in the GPL player menus? I did a complete fresh install using gplinstall 1.08, copying over my players, setups, and tracks. I chose the RA273 in the installer, and indeed those were the in-game car graphics displayed, but the menus in GEM and the game only showed the RA300.

I had a few other bugs to work out, mostly some outdated driver.ini files in some of my tracks, but otherwise all seems well. Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.

Many thanks!

Charlie "Otho" Fox

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Gpl Nearly Working Again ...

Yesterday, 03:57 PM

In the immortal words of Andy Capp ( as he falls in the canal again on his way home from the pub)
How can something I love so much be so cruel to me...

Posted Image

I changed nothing in my prefectly functioning win 7 install.
Got could not load track and hourglass stuck so had to task manager to get out
desktop now 640x
GEM then said fatal error.
tried starting gpl.exe got the missing glide error
deleted the rast3dfx.dll and renddll.dll
CTD and 640x continues
but GEM starts !
noticed GEM had chaged rasteriser to software.
changed to D3Dv2 no change
changed to OGL v2 and YES!!! get to track offline and looking good.

Try Igor and on joining a green it goes to the GPL multiplayer page rather than straight in...
The box for putting in IP number is not active...sigh.

running out of ideas now.
I normally just reinstall from scratch when this sort of thing happens
but I loaned out my original CD

any help much appreciated !

Posted Image

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Heusinkveld Pedal Compatibility

Yesterday, 05:47 AM

Has anyone used Heusinkveld pedals with GPL?
I read they are not immediately plug and play. Need calibration first with something called DIW which I am not familiar with.


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Jackseller Car Files

18 Feb 2019

Posted by webfoot in GPL- '67 Car Addons
With the demise of the f1legends site, here are Jackseller's files that I have in my archive.

eag_mcl_online.zip Replace player's Eagle with Mclaren 02/06/2012
brab_cockpit_skins.exe   Brabham BT24 & BT20 hi-res cockpits 24/05/2011
jack_lotus43_cockpit.zip Lotus 43 cockpit   11/11/2010
jack_cooper_cockpit.zip   Cooper T81 cockpit 11/11/2010
lotus_cockpit_jack_f1legends.zip Lotus 49 (GPLEA) cockpit update    25/09/2009
eag_cockpit_jack_f1legends.zip   Eagle cockpit update    08/03/2009
driving_suits_4bits.zip Driver Suits 4-bit   14/03/2008
driving_suits_4bits_voodoo.zip Driver Suits 4-bit (Voodoo/OpenGL)   14/03/2008

The dates refer to when I downloaded the file not necessarily when it was originally created.  All credits go to Jackseller.

Attached File  eag_mcl_online.zip   720.09K   4 downloads
Attached File  brab_cockpit_skins.7z   4.56MB   6 downloads
Attached File  jack_lotus43_cockpit.zip   976.65K   3 downloads
Attached File  jack_cooper_cockpit.zip   2.52MB   6 downloads
Attached File  lotus_cockpit_jack_f1legends.zip   970.43K   5 downloads
Attached File  eag_cockpit_jack_f1legends.zip   1.92MB   4 downloads
Attached File  driving_suits_4bits.zip   997.64K   3 downloads
Attached File  driving_suits_4bits_voodoo.zip   478.27K   1 downloads

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Silverstone Graphic Update By Jackseller

17 Feb 2019

Posted by Stefan Roess in GPL-Track Addons
As F1Legends is shut down here are Jackseller`s files:

I don`t have any screenshots of this update.
If you have some please post them here.


Silverstone graphic update for Grand Prix Legends ( 01/06/2004 )
By Jackseller

Silverstone was old and needed a new face, so i decided to update it with high resolution and big sized textures.
Pictures and movies helped me to stay the most historicaly accurate possible ( well... i hope ;) ).
I always used 512 x 512 max textures except for two files ( 1024 x 512 grandstand ).
This work took me several months of works, so i hope you will like this update ! ;)
Have fun !


Extract the content of the .rar archive and copy/paste all the files in your .../tracks/silver folder.


Klas ( GPL TODAY ) for the 3do additional files and adverts.
GPLEA for the adverts.
Simon Stobbart for his original horizon textures.
BAPOM for the program cover set.
Alan Dickeson for the 3do grandstand files.
GPLMAG ( http://www.gplmag.net ) and Juju_Zero for their great Silverstone movies and pictures.

Many thanks to them !


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