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Gpl World Masters - 2019 - Road To...

10 Oct 2019

Posted by ROOKIE4EVER in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"
This year the championship season ends on 18.12.2019 in Bathurst with the Clandestine championship. :checkeredflag:

Also, to close the year, I propose a race on the last Sunday before Christmas, December 22nd. A race where some drivers who never ride together (example : Fleurke Vs Joao, Farina, Palud, Dulima, Sosa, Gardner or Fierroford) could, for once, oppose each other. :boxing:

At a time when there were still 5 French-speaking championships, from 2007 to 2013, I proposed a race resulting from the "MultiGPLigues challenge".

Also, this year, I would like to renew with this period by proposing you an invitational race that I would call "GPL World Masters".

These invitations concern the drivers I consider to be the best of this year 2019, those ranked in the top 16 places in the "GPL World Ranking".

The format of the race would be as follows :

.16 places
.Date : Sunday, 22.12.2019
.Vroc : 20h15, French time (GMT+1) - Training : 20h20 - Race: 20h50
[Another hour can be discussed (as long as it doesn't lead us into an endless debate).]
.Track : TBA
.Training : 30 mn
.Race : 1h - the number of laps will be specified when the name of the track is announced.
.Cars : F1 1967, free chassis.
.No shift-r.
.36 or 60 fps (To be specified).

For the moment, the Top 16 ranking is as follows, at the end of September:

1 Robert Fleurke
2 Joao Marcon - Jonny O
3 Enrique Farina
4 Miguel Palud - Alboretto
5 Eduardo Lima
6 Frank Miele
7 Tristan Bot
8 Pablo Sosa
9 Ulrich Hofmann

10 Paul Skingley
11 Clive Gardner - EvilClive
12 Claudio Callipo
13 José Fierroford
14 Yannick Verheijen
15 David Rainier
16 Tim Roedl

Seeing the current (points &) ranking, we can consider that the top 9 are already almost certain to finish in the Top 16.

Obviously this ranking will still evolve and, if it will be definitively closed after 18.12, we will already have a very precise idea at the end of November.

In the meantime, to be sure that this race can take place, I need to know if a good number of the drivers concerned are interested in participating.

The top 16 will be directly qualified to participate.

If there are pilots who cannot or will not participate (which is obvious), the next ones, from place 17 to 30, will be reservists.

They will therefore be able to complete the grid.

Here are those, who currently could be reservists if their ranking is maintained.

17 Iestyn Davies
18 Ricardo Silva
19 Donnie Yourth - Lance DeBoyle
20 Tames Oud
21 Axel Cookie
22 Clive Loynes
23 Roy van Drunen
24 Andreas Gebhardt
25 Patrick Cornu
26 Mario Wilhelm
27 Eric Bilodeau
28 Andres Oggero
29 Alain Maurice
30 Andre Jahren

Future qualified or reservists, if you are interested, please let me know here, indicating at the same time, the track(s) (Papy, a number of 3, max) on which you would like to see this race compete (and if you prefer 36 or 60 fps).

It is your vote that will determine the choice of the track.

Here, if you are reading this subject, do not hesitate to report it to other drivers you know in your leagues who would be concerned.

The success of this initiative will surely depend on other proposals I would like to make to you for next year.


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11 Oct 2019

Hi there Looks like my GPL exe is corrupted.
I cant start GEM+ or GPL Set up Manager anymore, since my System reset last week.
How can I fix this


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Spa 1969 Race

12 Oct 2019

I'm trying to run a hypothetical 1969 Belgian GP at Spa67 using the 69x mod. But it crashes every time 3 1/2 mins into the practice session. I can usually run Spa67 with no problems. Has anyone else managed to run a 69x race at Spa?

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Mod 65 2.0.2 : Clipping In Menus

12 Oct 2019

Posted by steph_d in GPL-65 Mod
I installed the last update for the mod 65.
Unfortunatly i have a small issue : there is non stopping clipping in menu screens, but the game session are ok.
Someone has the same trouble and jnows to fix it?
It s just in the 65 mod :(

And what does mean 65mod FG and FD dor carset ?

Thank you for answers

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Zandvoort And F2 Problem

10 Oct 2019

i dont understand i did a couple of F2 race with the 67 and 68 carset  in zandvoort  without problem but now and i didnt change anything the AI behave abnormaly ,at the beginning of the quali they are park on the midlle of  the track  not in the pit ,i had the same problem at silclub , secondly  i notice a while ago a srb problem at two place on the track,is it possible thats its cause because they are in front of each other

heres the pic

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