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Gpl-67F2 Mod Released

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#1 Remy


    Matra boy

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Posted Dec 23 2011 - 02:05 PM

1967F2 Mod for Grand Prix Legends

In order to allow the community to begin enjoying this mod without further delay, we have decided to release the 1967 F2 mod in two parts.
Originally, it was intended that this mod would utilise the facility to have race specific track.ini files, as used in the 66, 69 extra and GT mods, in order
to recreate the 10 rounds of the 1967 European Formula Two Championship. However, the extra work required to achieve this will still take a number of months
to complete, and so it has been decided that since the physics for this mod are complete and because we have a full working generic carset for the mod for
both AI and online use, there is no need to delay the release of this mod while these other files are prepared.

Due to the way in which this mod is constructed, these additional AI files can be released after the mod as an add-on without affecting the operation of the
mod itself.

Along with these race-specific AI, it is also intended that we will update and improve some details of the various car models and car skins, but again this
is not possible on the time scale of a Christmas 2011 initial release. In particular, the Ferrari car model needs some work in order to complete it to the
standard of the other car models. Since the Ferrari 166 was not extensively raced during the 1967 Formula Two season, and when it was used it was fairly
uncompetitive, and since none of the generic AI is assigned to use that car, we do not feel that the use of the current Ferrari model as a place holder until
the final version can be completed detracts particularly from the mod as presented here.

The driver line up in the generic AI that we are shipping with the mod represents a spectrum of the drivers who regularly competed in the 1967 European
Formula Two Championship rounds, and has also been chosen to utilise the range of available cars within the mod, while not over representing some of the more
successful models above some of the privateer teams. All of the AI drivers have also been selected to use a car number, car model and car skin that each
selected driver did actually use during the 1967 European F2 championship. Even with the future release of the track specific car skins for all ten European
F2 rounds, this generic AI line up will remain in place for any other tracks selected to race this mod on where a dedicated track.ini does not exist.

We hope that the community can understand that while this release is not the "final" or "complete" version of this mod, the mod itself is "finished" in terms
of physics and usability and all future updates will be graphical and cosmetic to improve the visual appearance of this mod while not affecting its use in
any way.

1967F2 Mod credit list


Charles Mark
Richard Cooke
Remy Roesz
Paul Skingley
Lee Bowden
Tommie van Ostade
Martin E. Huiskes
Francesco Molteni
Rob Hunter
Martin Hunt

Gilles Maltais, who worked on the very early version

1967F2 expert and info provider

Michel Vigneres


Michel Vigneres
Arturo Pereira


Wolfgang Buthe

Additionnal info providers

Swen Beuchert
Duncan S

Default setups

John Roberts

Additional testers

Stuart Bartosiak
Stefan Roess
Andreas Gebhardt
Bob Simpson
Julien Mondragon

Special thanks to Stefan Roess and Paul Whitfield for hosting the Mod and building the F2 Website

Promotion video

Absolutely stunnig video by the Master : Rudolf Goertz aka Slowmoe

Tracks :

First, we recommend you install the following add-on tracks,  the installer will add mod specific program covers. It's not mandatory, but the track folders will be created and stay almost empty  


Get Enna track here :


Installation :

1/ Run the installer, check the path for installation is correct.Vista and W7 users may have to run it as "administrator" and will probably have to reboot,
even if it isn't a GPL requirement, sorry for that.

2/ Launch Gpl.exe from your GPL install and create your F2 driver

3/Start gem/carsets and activate "GPLF2" Make sure "GPLF2" physics are selected.

4/Select your 67F2 mod player and select "1967 Formula 2" for the player. Check that "carsF2" has been selected.

5/Exit Gem and a gplcf2.exe will be created.

Ingame, don't forget to select the Formula 2 level and adjust graphics, sounds and other features to your taste


Have a look at the cars subfolders, you'll find many Type7 dashboards (Rast V2 required) and several player options

The F2 Mod Team, December 2011

GPL67F2 Site

Have fun!

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#2 Remy


    Matra boy

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Posted Dec 23 2011 - 02:08 PM

Bug fixes and other add-ons :

- New AI driver suits and other stuff by G.Spinning
AI driver suits

- Brabham BT23 Type7 dashboard files got a conversion issue, right files attached hereafter.
- Brabham BT23 Standard (brad.3do) car dashboard fix

Attached Files

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#3 saampjes


    Denny Hulme

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Posted Dec 23 2011 - 02:16 PM


Thanks, thanks, thanks! 60s open wheelers galore. A nice holiday to you all.


#4 il_lupo_mannaro


    Fabio Locarno

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Posted Dec 23 2011 - 02:35 PM

Thx to all the people involved!!
:party: :party: :party: :party: :party:

Absolutely the best Xmas gift :thumbup: :thumbup:

#5 Stefan Roess

Stefan Roess

    Denny Hulme

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Posted Dec 23 2011 - 02:36 PM

Thx to all involved!

Great teamwork!


#6 paul skingley

paul skingley

    Denny Hulme

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Posted Dec 23 2011 - 02:38 PM

Well done F2 mod team  :thumbup:


#7 Cookie


    Chris Amon Fan

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Posted Dec 23 2011 - 02:41 PM


Thanks for this Christmas gift! :hat-tip:

#8 rcb


    Denny Hulme

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Posted Dec 23 2011 - 02:41 PM

Thank you to the mod team and best wishes for the holidays.


#9 Ghost Dog

Ghost Dog

    Ludovico Scarfiotti

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Posted Dec 23 2011 - 02:48 PM

Wonderful news, thanks to all involved in the mod ! The greatest season of Formula 2 racing ever, on the greatest racing simulation ever :cool: !

#10 DLogan


    Jochen Rindt

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Posted Dec 23 2011 - 02:50 PM

Holidays now a bit happier - thanks to mod team for your efforts  :clap2:

#11 Brian Speake

Brian Speake

    Denny Hulme

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Posted Dec 23 2011 - 02:52 PM

Many thanks to all involved in getting the mod out to us, your efforts as always much appreciated.

#12 Pedro



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    Money :-)
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Posted Dec 23 2011 - 02:56 PM

Big thanks :yipee2:

Indeed much appreciated :friends:

#13 simmer



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Posted Dec 23 2011 - 02:57 PM

Thanks to all that helped... Wonderful  I may be stuck here for a while... :band:

#14 gringocordoba


    Denny Hulme

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Posted Dec 23 2011 - 03:06 PM

MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS AMIGOS GPLEROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!   :clap2:   :artist:

#15 robin_j


    Denny Hulme

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Posted Dec 23 2011 - 03:07 PM

Thanks to the Team and all involved, Merry Christmas Guys.


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