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Gpl Test At 7680 X 1440 / 144 Hz / Ips Triple Screen : A New Game !

17 Feb 2020

.. or the end of the 36 fps / 60 fps dispute

Thanks goes to One2fwee for his advices about running GPL on triple screen and his FOV calculations. He warned me and on the topics here that GPL isn't triple screens compatible.To make it simple, he means you will have the objects elongation on the side screens.  Unlike other sims, multi view isn't possible.Triple screen is activated by extanding the desktop using NVidia Surround or using Eyefinity for AMD graphic cards. Pics attached of what you see on a starting grid, with cars on each side,  to illustrate.Anyway, triple screen advantages are  setting the FOV  at higher degrees numbers,and at the same time keeping the gain of a super ultra wide possibility to see the cars coming on each side, and a bettered sense of speed.

Thanks to Philippe ( KARTM) for your hardware selection that saved the painful job of selecting one after one from scratch

  I installed the triple screens today with my new rig. this new stuff is dedicated to the Great Game only ...Was wondering if those 7680 X 1440  wldn't be too much demanding for the hardware.A little anxious about the results

here the specs used, an average recent hardware gaming solution, not at all an high end :

Motherboard : Asus  Prime H310 M
CPU : i5 9600 K ( 6 cores) - 3.7Ghz / 4.6Ghz
CPU cooling : Cooler Master side fan.
GFX : Zotac GTX 1660 Ti / 6GB / DDR6 Amp
RAM : 16 Gb DDR 4/3000 Mhz
500 GB SSD M2 NvMe - all GPL stuff and utilities Installed on this SSD drive.( connection to M2 and NvMe pipelines is faster than on a SATA port)
Power supply : Corsair 750 W
OS : Win 10 64 bits
Monitors : 3 Acer Predator  27 " / 2560X1440 / IPS (  exist also with a TN)
first tests with those display settings :

NVidia G Sync monitor native enabled
resolution : 144 Hz - later, did test at 120 Hz and 60 hz, and 144 Hz is the smoothest.( 36 fps X 4 = 144 )
NVidia Surround enabled .GEM tweaked to display on center monitor is easy

1 - GPL menu display the 7680 X 1440 resolution and as soon you enter the game, the three monitors run flawlessly without any extra tweak.I set the bezel correction in Nvidia control panel, and it calculated the new 7768 compensation resolution ( see pic). I will  go back to a strictly flat screen in line arrangement , but here I tested with side screens little angled.Will perform tests with various other angles to see if the driving immersion is different

2 - 36 fps and 60 fps are easily displayed whatever carsets/ Tracks ( Spa 67, I O M ect..)/High reso textured cars used at the Back Of the Grid / Full grid

3 - Overall impression is 36 fps is now smooth as silk : 7680 /144 HZ/ G Sync enabled is a winning formula; really entering a new 36 fps experience ! There is no more interest to display the game at 60 fps and its AI's behaviour problems( at least if you play with a full grid of AI's or online).Stuttering has gone forever.Luckily, I have read that G Sync is effective for games with variable or fixed FPS starting at 35 fps ( ouf !! :up: )to 165 fps on those monitors.

Didn't expected so much, that 's like discovering GPL again and again. Eyes never get tired, the game is a new immersive experience, everything moves and come to the eyes smoothly, cleanly and sharp .IPS does the job about color and contrast renderings.

  G Sync is efficient and do the job. Honestly, 60 fps various patches with that kind of configuration are  things of the past....

I can honestly say if you use a similar hardware/ monitor config, this is the end of the 36 fps versus 60 fps dispute.

If you have enough room at home, go for it !! some pics attached of my new config.As usual, my little camera shots are bad to render what is really displayed.

Cockpit view aside, all GPL default or edited cameras are in a serious need to be edited again and replaced with more suitable ones.Pics attached of the pits camera view at Spa 67.

Will post later various cameras view. In many places, you see less of the action, of the surroundings, and cars are far too BIG !

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Tool To Searching For Esc/enter In Quali

Today, 10:47 AM

Posted by Olaf Lehmann in GPL-Tools/Utilities
I have written a tool which could be interesting for admins/race comissioners.
In some leagues ESC/Enter and rejoining after that is forbidden in qualification - except ESC/Enter was in pitlane.
The tool GPL_ESCinQ detects for that. It produces a text file with drivernames, the ESC/Enter time and the rejoining time in case drivers had made ESC/Enter outside the pitlane.
With an ini file it's possible to deactivate the last minutes, because some league (i.e. OAO) allows rejoining in the last minutes.
Also the ini file could be prepaired that only drivers will be detected which had absolved a specific waiting time (i.e. 5 or 10 minutes). The such rules would be possible because it is now verifiable.

In the unzipped folder are three other tools which could be interesting for league admins:
GPL_ Protest detects for colissions in race.
GPL_ShiftR detects for ShiftRs and make an Appendix if the ShiftR was in pitlane (it could be intersting for leagues which allows ShiftR only in pits, because it finds more ShiftRs than RA - otherwise in some cases wrong messages).
GPL_Stops is made to detect for pitstops (refuel/repair/tire change). Repair/tire change is only


with dirtgearpatch.

Here is the link to the tools:


The tools can save time and Trouble for race comissionars I think...

BR Olaf

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The Future Of F1!

Yesterday, 03:53 PM

Posted by Ralonso in News & Announcements
Hey, Guys! :up:

Yesterday I did some test laps with the new F1 Hybdrid X 2021 Car for Assetto Corsa in Catalunya to get into the mood of the upcoming new F1 Season :fireworks2: :new2: !

Just to Point out one thing: the engine sound alone is just mindblowing!

If you wanna see, what the near future of F1 may be, than go here and watch the video :https://www.youtube....uFUbU5P8&t=266s.

Thank you everybody and enjoy!


from Ralonso

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1967 Sports Car Extra Mod Brake Lights

19 Feb 2020

Here is the link to the thread where you can get the new Brake Lights patch for the 1967 Sports Cars Extra mod.


This is a new patch that adds operating brake lights to all 1967 Sports Car Extra mod cars.  AFAIK, this is the first ever patch that provides extra animation to the cars while GPL is running.

Please post comments to that thread.

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