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What Is "Power&Glory"?

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Posted Mar 05 2009 - 06:05 AM

Making a "sticky" with this info, as there have been some questions on forums about what is P&G, what is it going for, etc...

________________ BACKGROUND __________________

When GT Legends was announced in 2005, Simbin/Blimey's decision to base the sim on the FIA Historic racing championship threw many people, as other sim-racing games (ex: Grand Prix Legends) had been based on historical seasons...

Realistically, there was no way Simbin/Blimey could have reproduced a 60s or 70s championship.
Doing so would involve getting licenses from each driver, each team, each manufacturer, each track and for each advert. There's too many entities, brands and personalities involved, many are already gone, making legality issues for such a commercial project too complicated.
Another issue was probably tracks, producing accurate tracks as they were 40 years ago is a nightmare.

But although Simbin's choice of the FIA Historic series was very clever, giving a far wider range of cars than any championship from the 60s or 70s, it does leave a gap for someone to fill...

...and that's where we at GTLW get in, with the Power&Glory project. Posted Image

________________ AIM OF THE TEAM ________________

The aim of the GT Legends Workshop is to try to fill that gap, even if only partially - to produce the cars as close as we can to the way they were in the 60s and 70s.

While in the longer term it would be great to focus on specific championships, we are currently somewhat limited by the lack of tracks from the period.
Also while the range of cars included in GT Legends is impressive, there are cars required for specific championships which are not currently available.

The name chosen for the overall project is 'Power and Glory'.
This project will be released in stages, and in a sense each stage could be considered as a stand-alone mod.

Eventually all (or almost all) the cars in GTL will be included, and heavily modified depending on model and limitations. We intend to also accurately recreate the sub-variations and different versions for each of those 60s and 70s cars, as seen in their era, where applicable and possible (here is a list of the featured cars).
These cars will have completely new physics and sounds, along with the extensive textures and 3D modifications.
We also hope to include some of the extra cars produced for GTL (with the permission of their creators of course).

The Power&Glory mod for GTR2 is also intended to run separately from GTR2 (so, as standalone), featuring new menus as such, even dedicated OST.
It is to be, as many usually call it, an "expansion" for GTR2. Almost like a separate, new game title.

If you wish to read more about specific details, we suggest taking a look at the articles listed HERE.
We also have "WIP" screenshots and videos being showcased, in HERE.

________________ CHOICE OF PLATFORM ____________

We believe that our mods will mainly appeal to those who already have the sim they are based on - GT Legends.
However, the team's primary focus for its mods is GTR2 as this offers the options of weather and custom championships, as well as improvements in other areas such as on-line, game fluidity (better fps) and refined menu system.

For the past versions of P&G you needed a GT Legends disk to install the mod in GTR2.
This has changed for P&G version 3, and now only GTR2 is needed to install it.

>> Power&Glory v3.0 download <<

OFFICIAL P&G WEBSITE: www.gtlw.co.uk

__________________ ACCOLADES ____________________

Power&Glory V1.02:
- 2nd Best mod of the year 2007 award SimHQ

Power&Glory V2.0:
- Best mod of the year 2008 award SimHQ
- Best mod of the year 2008 award AutoSimSport

Power&Glory V3.0:
- Best mod of the year 2012 award SimHQ
- Best mod of the year 2012 award Level Games Magazine

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