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Removing Spectators For Tracks...

Today, 06:22 PM

I like to turn off "crowds" during practice sessions - which is mostly how I enjoy GPL. Unclicking "crowds" works pretty well to create the desired forlorn and deserted track feeling for the original Papy tracks, but lots of custom tracks are loaded with long ribbons and of avid spectators. Are there empty mip files that can be dropped into the track folder to make them go away? Is there a consistent naming convention for crowds and spectators?

Ooops that should read "From" in the thread title

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Spa67 Question

Today, 06:16 AM

Posted by Bsmooth1234 in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
I installed the standard version last night, and it is amazing. Only problem is even with just me on the track it ran very slowly.
I know there is a lower texture patch and Lite 3D patch. Can you use them both though ?
I just wonder which has the most effect, so I could try the one with the most effect first and then maybe I won't need to use both.
I only have 6GB of memory so I'm not sure If the 4GB patch would be of much help.

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Possible To Edit Ai Car Acceleration From Standing Start?

Yesterday, 09:01 AM

Kindof a weird question but here goes.

I've used the 1969 mod low wing cars in some Formula 5000 carsets I've been assembling.  Graphically everything is fine--the various AI cars look great, I have a large percentage of the applicable tracks, etc.  The problem is with the AI physics of two cars--the BRM and the Matra/Murasama.  They are intolerably slow accelerating from the standing starts, especially since I'm using them as stand-ins for other car types prevalent in F5000 ca. late 60's and early 70's.  I know this must be a specific car physics problem because in other mods these cars don't behave the same way.  Is there anyone familiar with the physics that can point me in the right direction--a specific file within the .DAT or somewhere else?

Thank you for any help.

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What Is The Best Version Of Reims ?

Yesterday, 10:31 AM

I found the Peta and Dave Allem version, and that looks the best from what I can see. But i also saw there is a Thomas Laechele update or addon. Is that worth putting in, and If so how do you install the update ?

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Which Brands Hatch For Historic Rank?

12 Jul 2020

Posted by Tobodestroyer2020 in GPL Rank
Do I need Brands or Brands67 for my Historic Rank Season File? Somehow I've messed up all of my Season Files and I need to spend time rebuilding them. So frustrating.

EDIT: Sorry... typing late at night is never a good thing. I meant the Challenge Rank.

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