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Hand Controller

Today, 09:19 AM

Posted by twinpotter in Your rig or Manufacturer's stuff
Thought this was interesting enough to post here.
See what you think.



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Dabbled In Gpl In The Past, Always Got Frustrated, How To Get Into The Sim?

Yesterday, 06:23 PM

Ok, so I've dabbled in GPL over the years (I even have both the big box and soldout.uk version on my shelf). However, I always end up flying off the track even after practicing for a few hours and get frustrated.

Yet, I'm not a full newbie. I can compete decently against the AI in most other sims (R3E, AMS1, NR2003, Dirt, etc) at 97-99% (not the fastest but fairly respectable, IMO).

I've given up right now on setting up my clutch so will be doing sequential shifting using a G920 and G920 pedals on a Bodnar Cable with a GTEye spring (no rubber in the pedal). I've always been fascinated by older cars since GTLegends and how they are so much more "alive" than modern GT3 and up cars.

So any advice on how to start? Maybe the 1965 cars to get used to the mechanical only handling on tracks like Monza, Lime Rock, and Kyalami (short but semi technical)?

Any must have mods that do not come with the installer? I'm avoiding thet 60 FPS patch as I had issues in the past.

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Gem Carset Questions?

Yesterday, 04:56 PM

I've been trying to get GPL setup after being away from it for a while.

When installing GEM+ and some of the patches, I noticed the following carsets:
GPLES (1967 FL)
GPLFG (1967 FG)
GPLFV (1967 FV)
GPLFD (1967 FD)

What are these cars, where did they come from? If I want to run the updated (not 1967 Historic mod but the mod that updated the original cars/physics) which carset should I use? None of the carsets appear to say "default 67".


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[Patch] 1955 Mod Understeering Ai Fix

24 Jan 2021

Posted by PTRACER in GPL-55 Mod
GPL 1955's AI cars use too much steering lock in the turns, giving the impression they are constantly understeering. They do this in fast turns and slow turns alike.
This mod remaps the AI's steering ratio to reduce this effect (see below)

It does not affect AI or player physics and is safe to be used online with players who do not have the patch.

Thank you.

Posted Image

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Cpu/gpu Repast With Grizzly Conductonaut : Warning

23 Jan 2021

Posted by Alekhine in Off Topic Chat

I am sharing this bad experience in the hope that other players will notice the problem.

My gaming laptop was very hot, in gaming I had a PROCHOT throttling (CPU 90° C).
So I looked for an effective solution to rebuild the CPU and GPU (nvidia).

Grizzly Conductonaut is a liquid metal that is very efficient at dissipating heat in the cooling system.
Indeed I had gained -12° C !
But this product can spread...
I had put a special varnish around the electronic components, that was not enough: a micro-drop rolled a little further, there was a short circuit, the nvidia GPU s  'is broken.

I managed to restart the PC by disabling the nvidia component, now I have the other integrated Intel Graphic GPU left.  It's a disaster for the GPL, D3Dv2 doesn't load big tracks, and opengl flickering in the menus ...
It was a very expensive gaming PC, I'm really disappointed :(



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