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1965 Mod Too Easy

13 Jul 2019

In the 1965 mod for gpl, get the pole in every track by a huge margin and I use pro long and the fastest car. Any sort of patch or fix of this?

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[Fun Race] Isle Of Man - F1 1965 Mod - 23.07.2019

Yesterday, 09:54 AM

Posted by Stefan Roess in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"

Isle of Man

F1 1965 Mod

Posted Image

- Date: 23.07.2019 (Tuesday)
- Time: 20:00 CET (19:00 UK)
- Mode: Intermediate -> Shift-R (no limit, no pit stop)
- Track: Isle of Man
- Mod: F1 1965
- iGOR Chatroom: #GPLRACER

Time Trail with "Rally-Start":
The server will be set to 2 hours training/qualifying.
The drivers join the server when they get called-up by the race director in the iGOR GPLRACER chatroom.
The drivers wait on the server until the last driver (race director) has joined the server (that means no one gets into his car!)
The drivers start out of the pits when they get called-up by the race director by an interval of 1 minute (the race director will start last).
With 2 hours training/qualifying each driver can drive 3 laps (one lap takes about 25 minutes)
Shift-R is of course allowed :)
The winner is the driver with the fastest lap time.

If one driver gets cought up by a car he has to let the faster driver pass at the first safe opportunity
(normal blue flag rules).

Mod Download - F1 1965
GPL 1965 Mod Installer 2.0.2
GPLPS Track Installer for F1 1965 season

1965 Mod full graphics update 2018 by db312

Track Download - Isle of Man (full version by Jim Pearson)

Setups for F1 1965
Use a Nürburgring or Targa Florio setup

A practice server is now 24/7 online in iGOR

[Time Zones]:

Recommended Driver Behavior


Anmeldung [Sign up]
Please post here at GPLRACER or SRMZ forum if you want to race!


SRMZ Forum:

Good luck & fun!
Your GPLRACER admins

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Nascar Legends Installing Tracks Is Confusing

15 Jul 2019

You read the title. I dont get it. Its like some tracks work and other dont and way too inconsistent. I get trenton and it all works fine. but when I get smokey, i doesnt work. Im so impatient anyway because i cant find any sort of track .dat because all the sites are dead.

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Menu Letters-Images Distorded

15 Jul 2019

Hi,since yesterday that i upgraded my gpu to RX580 8gb i encountered strange menu letters-images.When driving everything
is fine,pribluda and all are fine.Didnt change anything in GEM or elsewhere.
Attached File  2019-07-14-0961.jpg   110.5K   34 downloads
Attached File  2019-07-14-0931.jpg   121.1K   42 downloads
Attached File  2019-07-14-0941.jpg   128.58K   29 downloads

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Pov In 69-Extra Mod

12 Jul 2019

Posted by Nicky Ickx in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Edit: I found a solution :up:
see note down below...

On my Race PC  POV back & forward doesnt work for me in  69-Extra mod ( uses gplx69.exe right ? )

Strange thing ; on my working PC  POV back & forward works in  69 Extra mod .

Regardless  starting via exe directly or via GEM+ . Even using no letterbox or not ...

The move is slow and stuttering , but it works.

I can deal with up & down dont work at all.

general question : whats the reason 69extra mod do handle POV different to old 69mod ?

Is there a patch  or newer version of gplshiftt , or are the modders working on that prob ?

BTW : Both PCs run WIN10 Home on same update level.

Any idears ?

note: Solotion to me :

-troublemaker was the version of gplshift-patch  did run on my Race PC ,which was v0771 Beta
-newest version v0790 , as well both older avaiable versiions v0760 Beta ,v0781 Beta did not work either ( http://www.gplshift....shift/index.htm )
-But version v0732 Alpha did the trick !  Strangley this version comes under the exe file called simply  `GPLpatch `.  I found in my GPL main folder of an old installation , together with GPLshift ini & GPLshift configuration file , belongs to this version.

Installation procedure execution:
1. run GPLshift Patch as admin and let it unpatch GPL. ( should be in the main GPL folder )
2. delete GPLshift patch , GPLshift.ini ,and GPLshiftt configuration file. ( Best to make a copy of those before , to be on save side  ).
3. copy GPLpatch together with its GPLshift ini & GPLshift configuration file to the main folder of GPL.
4.run GPLpatch
5.configure GPLshift file to ya preferences and save it.
6. delete gplx69.exe  ( not sure if really needful , but guess GEM needs that to rebuild the changed exe right ).
7. run GEM  , jump into ya 69x car  and change the point of view to ya liking.

Contrary to the instruction inside GPLshift , the movements are done only via arrow keys without shift buttom at all !!!

Where to find that old gplpatch and its files ?

good question ....well I can collect mine in a 7zip and maybe Cookie could manage to make them downloadable here at SRMZ. I will ask him

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